ThunderBolt Gingerbread

Here she be, folks. Verizon's posted the changelog for the ThunderBolt Gingerbread update. It'll be build 2.11.605.3, and includes:

  • New download manager app
  • New app and power management details
  • New desktop UI, including widgets, icons and screens
  • New customizable dock icons

Plus all the other fixes and updates in Gingerbread, and more you can see in the screen above.

Source: Verizon (pdf)
More in the HTC ThunderBolt forums

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soccerfon711 says:

I remember the last changelog that said the Thunderbolt was going to get some features that the update never gave. I will believe it when I see it.

Droid Stew says:

Ditto. I'll believe it when I see it.

botero says:

Well... At least I know that the radio I've been using is official. Works great with OMFGB nightlies.

Volbeat says:

I don't think the sms bug is actually fixed. I've had some strange issues with mine.

droid83 says:

At least they didn't drop the ball on GB this time. I need this like NOW!!

Digiflame says:

yay, finally gingerbread goes back to tbolt with cm7.

Firespyer says:


dannychaos says:

I'm crying from happiness right now! Lol Finally! This update wait must be some kind of a record.

jediman says:

Droid 2 has you beat there..

Ricksta760 says:

Will it have Google Talk Video Though?

EvanGMan says:

Can anyone get the .apk? The large OTA updates can take a while to appear.

jcastag says:

this is the same build that leaked the other day, and the VM notification does not work!! how can they release this?

Firespyer says:

Cause google voice works fine

lloydbeatz says:

anyone know when this is happening?

BrianTufo says:

Finally but too bad the vast majority of us have been on GB for months now!

I'm glad it here show some love to the thunderbolt I hope push today on my phone fix a lot stuff

richardpandy says:

lol @ sending the text message to the right person. That crap drove me nuts. The bolt was prob the worst phone I have ever have. Now that Vigor is coming out and the specs look great but I'm so hesitant on getting another HTC phone.

nikkisharif says:

It's not HTC it Verizon that held this up. I've had numerous timely updates, including GB which I had since early July, on my OG Evo & the phone is EOL next month!!

hmackenz says:

This. As much as I like sense, I never once felt slighted with my OG Droid. I feel the hurt every day with this thing. As cool as the Vigor sounds, it's on to the next manufacturer for me. Samsung's really been looking good lately.

EvanGMan says:

Whoops -- this is listed as "Coming Soon." So it's not even rolling out yet. Guess we shouldn't be surprised.

Floss82 says:

Hmm usually when they (Verizon and other carriers) send this out and these sites post this pdf usually means you guys will either see this update today like in another few hours or this week for sure. So be patient a little more guys lol

Brainfart says:

At least when this pushes the devs can cook this into some more stable roms. I lost confidence in Verizon's updates so I rooted and running BAMF Forever and haven't looked back sens.

HTCUSA HTC USA @PaulVarts It is still scehduled to be released before October Paul. Thanks for being patient

So its official we are getting it..... But when exactly...

angiebugg says:

On the HTC Facebook page, they said this in response to a user asking WHEN...

HTC Scott - We are still committed to releasing the update by the end of the month. Thanks for being so patient. Learn more about it here:

Now, the "month" that Sept or Oct? Hopefully Sept.



Where did you guys get the PDF that says

2.11.605.3 ?

afgasparo says:

Does this mean better gingerbread ROMs?