Moto Mods exist, and they seem pretty useful.

We've heard rumors of the Moto line going modular this year, and it looks like those rumors are true. Called Moto Mods, accessories designed to connect to the back of your Moto Z and offer additional functionality without dramatically altering the look and feel of your phone.

That sounds great, but what do these mods actually do? Here's a quick breakdown of what you can expect at launch.

Moto Mods

  • JBL SoundBoost Speaker — Like a BoomBox strapped to the back of your phone, this Mod includes a kickstand and its own battery to offer up to 10 hours of booming sound at significantly louder volumes than the phone's regular speaker. You can also use this Mod as a speakerphone, just in case you need whomever you are talking with to be nice and loud.

  • Moto Insta-Share Projector — This is exactly what it sounds like: a pico projector you connect to the back of your Moto Z. With its integrated kickstand and built-in battery to give you an hour of extra projector power, you can prop your phone up in a dark room and get up to a 70-inch screen.

  • Power Packs — These Moto Mods claim to offer an extra 22 hours of battery without compromising on the look and feel of your phone. They also come in TUMI and Kate Spade New York designs, which will probably look nicer than a battery backup in your pocket.

  • Moto Style Shell — Magnetic snapbacks that add real wood, leather, and other unique personalizations to the back of your phone.

Motorola promises more Mods soon, thanks to partnerships with existing brands, and the announcement of the Moto Mod Developer Kit. Potentially more interesting, Motorola promises these Mods are designed to work with future Moto Z phones so you won't need to buy new versions next year if you feel compelled to upgrade.

As modular ideas go, these Moto Mods are fairly tame. It's a neat start, and the designs look nice, but hopefully Motorola can expand this list of Mods quickly. Do you have a favorite in this short list? Sound off in the comments!