XLTE ready HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5

So, you're wondering if your Verizon device works with that shiny new XLTE network that just went live in your area? Well, here's a list of Android devices that can currently take advantage of the added speed from AWS spectrum. Of course as new phones and tablets come out, we can expect that they'll support Verizon's XLTE network.

You can get the full list of XLTE-enabled Verizon phones over here in their online store. Were you in one of the XLTE launch areas? Also a Verizon customer? Let us know if you're seeing an appreciable difference in data speeds. Are you stuck with a device that doesn't support XLTE? The rest of y'all, would you be willing to switch to Verizon to get in on XLTE?

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ronnypoo says:

I'm quite disappointed seeing the S4 get it yet the One m7 isn't even on the list.

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canikony says:

... I think its funny that your post says "Posted from VZW G2" but your concern is appreciate! lol!

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hbar98 says:

Ooooh, are we going to have a spinning icon to let us know that we are connected to XLTE?


ronnypoo says:

Nah we're gonna have a bright red Verizon XLTE logo that takes up 3/4 of the notification bar because Verizon loves reminding their consumers who somehow forget which service they are using on their own phone.
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hbar98 says:

And autoplaying ads to remind you how much faster you'll break through your data cap.

Hooray for unlimited.

tx_tuff says:

No, if you had read other articles about it you would know Verizon is not changing any of their icons for this.

jeddo45 says:

If you would have read his comment, there is an important word that you should see...

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hbar98 says:

You could say we had a... TX... problem...

(Just so there's no ambiguity, and to make sure the joke is taken as it was intended, in good humor, here's the explanation: TX is shorthand for transmission, just as RX is shorthand for receiving. Since the member who called out my post is named tx_tuff, and there was a transmission/reception problem with that particular post, I thought I would play off their name with a horrible, horrible, pun. Spider Robinson fans may want to exit the building.)

hbar98 says:

Please read my comment again, but in a sarcastic voice. I think you'll find the comment seeping with witty sarcasm.

Salt72 says:

Not sure what my speeds were before, but i just ran a speed test with the Ookla app on the west side of Indianapolis:
42.58 Mbps Download
17.16 Mbps Upload

appmy says:

Which phone? I'm not seeing difference with a Moto X on the NE side of Indy.

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That's because you're not in the 2-block radius that gets XLTE...which allows Verizon to say "Indianapolis, IN has XLTE coverage"...

Salt72 says:

I've got the LG G2. I'm inside the loop and just north of I-70 on the West side

CaptDigB says:

I have seen speeds as high as 99 mbps down and 40 mbps up in Chicago suburbs since Feb 23 . On my lg g2. But my average is around 30 down and 15 up.

That's odd. Why is the Droid Maxx and the Droid Mini on the list, but not the Droid Ultra?

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dpham00 says:

Droid ultra supports xlte. The list above is partial.


Might be 'cause they said to click the link to get the full list.

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l00natic71 says:

Reading an article before posting??? crazy talk!!!

carraser891 says:

21.3 Mbps down 11Mbps up on two bars of service

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timoseewho says:

No N5 love:(?

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No bc there is no N5 on vzw

judasmachine says:

The Nexus 5 doesn't work on VZW's network at all, as far as I know.

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timoseewho says:

Oh stupid me lol.

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You must not have one.

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TimeHunter says:

Yeah, not seeing it in the N Dallas areas still just poking along at apx 9.5ish dl, 2.0ish ul. Same as when I last tested in late April. DL was double that when I first got the phone on day one release.


Chondog says:

In Pittsburgh on my LG G2....First time = 38 down, 28 up

Second time = 20 down, 11 up

Third time = 29 down, 25 up

der00 says:

Great job vzw. Still running 5 down and 4 up on my G2 in Buffalo.
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Acroanidd says:

Buffalo for some reason has the worst speeds on Verizon I've ever seen. I visit there probably once a year and it's so bad that LTE there is slower than 3G in Scranton. (not an exaggeration)

geoff5093 says:

Huge improvements here in the Manchester, NH area. 50-60Mbps down consistently.

Ningboren says:

Faster speed huh? Still not as fast as the first day my HTC Thunderbolt received 4G service when it first turned on. The 4G speed went downhill since the first half year of big red's 4G deployment.

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Locbox says:

Yea when I had the Bolt i was pulling 88 down at least in Philly smbh

TallyHo says:

Except your battery died half way through the test :-)

shaytoon21 says:

just ran the test. getting 27 down, 13 up. using moto x, stock

DenverRalphy says:

In Denver CO, I'm seeing the speed doubled. Before it was consistently 20Mbs, now I'm getting 40Mbs average over 3 tests.

TallyHo says:

Where in Denver? Not working on the outskirts of town. I'll check when I get back into the city and home from work.

DenverRalphy says:

I was in South East Aurora when I ran my tests. I'm about to be downtown here shortly, and will run some more speed tests when I get there.

Paradocks says:

In downtown Pittsburgh using a Moto X. Went from 2.25 down and 1.15 up back in April (best result I could get) to 22.88 down and 9.94 up today. Multiple tests even went as high as 17.86 up! Much improved, and about time!

Chondog says:

You were only getting 2 down and 1 up in downtown Pitt? That's pretty bad. I'm at Point Park Univ and consistently got 12-15 down. It seems to have jumped up on my G2 to around 25-30 both ways today.

Paradocks says:

2 down and 1 up was the best result I could get at the time. It usually averaged much less than that. But as soon as I left the downtown area the speeds would go up dramatically. Downtown Pittsburgh was a huge black hole for many people when it came to lack of data speed. Finally glad they fixed the issue.

gozirra says:

Older phones should see an increase in speed as well, since all of the folks who get a new phone every 6 months will transit to the new service, freeing up bandwidth on the old LTE service for us poor folks. WIN!

Sdheller106 says:

i was thinking the same thing...didnt that happen to people who stayed on the 3G network when 4GLTE was initially rolled out

Sdheller106 says:

Kind of perplexed that the Galaxy Tab 2 of all devices is XLTE ready,and the Galaxy Note 2 is not...oh well at least the G Pad 8.3 LTE is...guess im going to be using my tablet more

DenverRalphy says:

The Note 2 may be. The list was generated by looking at the devices VZW is currently selling that specify "XLTE Ready". Given that the Note 2 isn't even listed as a device at all (guess they're not selling it anymore), there's an outside chance that it supports XLTE. Try running speedtest and see what you get.

Sdheller106 says:

thanks for the suggestion....download is 11.01 and upload is 4.08 in NYC...guess not XLTE

lr1517 says:

Just check the link above and most phones are supported, iPhones and Windows devices included, AC won't say it though, the question is, Is a software update to enable it required or automatic?

Ninjajack says:

Nice speed boost in Cambridge, MA

3 speedtest runs, average of 40mbps down and 3mbps up.
Galaxy Note 3.
I was lucky to see 30mbps down on a good day before :)

HornsUp says:

I started reading the list and then remembered im with Sprint :-(

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jeddo45 says:

This new service is bigger than Sprints LTE footprint already...

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Living in San Diego where it's available, having the HTC One M7 which doesn't support it :(

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bp3dots says:

Columbus on a Moto X 54-55 down and 7-9 up, with 2 bars of service.

bhop42 says:

I'm in Columbus as well but not seeing it near Grove City. What side or town are you on?

bp3dots says:

West, in the Grandview/UA area.

jlczl says:

Since I only get 1.25 gb of data a month I don't want to blow 100 mb of it just to run a speed test. :p

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lr1517 says:

Yeap that's the idea the faster the data the faster the caps are blown out, careful guys speed test is a data hog, 47 down and 9 up right now Reno, NV. I will keep my unlimited more than ever ;)

jorgeix says:

I live in Phoenix and I have a Note 3. My download speeds are the same as before 3 - 20 Mbps. Mostly any number in between. I had seen better download speeds 2 years ago when I switched to VZ. up to 39Mbps. Maybe not all their towers are up yet.

jlgraham says:

Verizon turned on AWS in San Jose, CA some time ago. It carriers over the hill into Santa Cruz on the coast as well. I live right on the Pacific ocean and I've been seeing speeds up to ~55Mbps down since early March '14.

mvp4him3 says:

I am in okc and I am not seeing any bit of increased speed on my Droid maxx

Posted via my DROID MAXX

ultravisitor says:

Verizon turned in AWS here in Chicago a long time ago. I was getting in the 60Mbps range back in January.

Unobtanium says:

I saw speeds as high as 90 in Atlanta starting last November, after an update for the Droid Maxx.

Posted from my XT1080M

Moo Cow says:

I'm in Eastern Hillsborough County (Tampa Bay area) and no difference on my MAXX. My FiOS 50/25 gives me faster Speedtest results. I'll have to check it out when I am closer to Tampa and see how it goes. It may just not stretch out this far from Tampa.

Moo Cow says:

Yeah as I went from Valrico to Brandon (heading west toward Tampa) I saw my speeds double to nearly 40/15. Approximate numbers but I could see it improved. Very nice!

scribe4food says:

Note 3, tested in Burbank CA., three tests in a row the final numbers are 33.53 download 22.41 upload using Ookla speedtest.
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matthwo8 says:

Charlotte NC I'm getting 55mbs and 17mbs.


Hunter Petit says:

I'm really interested in this, but I have no interest in Verizon.

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thamenacing1 says:

Note 3 tested in Nashville area (not Nashville proper). 38 down, 8 up with three bars of service. I'll try in Nashville downtown on the way home tonight.

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What part of Nashville? I'm in Dickson and I haven't noticed any change... I know that's a little far out, but we have always gotten network updates when Nashville does.

In Colorado Springs on the West side of town, 3 bars, 18/7. Not great. This is similar to where I was before looking back at my history on my Speedtest app.

Daniel Clary says:

I just ran a speed test in Tyler TX on my m7 and got 47 down and 4.7 up. I know the m7 isn't on the list but I have never gotten speeds that high.

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ilovemagic says:

I like that Verizon's speed is going up, but only because I'm fortunate to still be on unlimited. My view would be entirely different, if I was on a tiered data plan.

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NealJ777 says:

I live 20 miles away from Winchester, VA. I'll have to see if I notice any difference next time I'm in Winchester.

I work in Alexandria, which is right across the Potomac from DC. I'll have to see if notice any differences.

Stovicek says:

> The rest of y'all, would you be willing to switch to Verizon to get in on XLTE?

Not a chance. Quite happy on T-Mobile, tyvm.

S4Rs says:

That explains why I got 40 down and 11 up in greater Boston. What's more impressive is the 53 for latency. I could play ps3 on that.

It didn't increase signal strength though sadly. That figure was outside my office and inside I get nothing. Wash just in Hyannis too and signal was horrible.

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Quasar says:

The only way I would ever switch to Verizon is if they opened up their network so I could bring my own phone with a simple switch of a SIM card and if their prices were as good as T-Mobile with unlimited data. I'm pretty sure that will never happen.

tlo12duro says:

I'm looking at 49.56 downloads and 13.92 upload in CT. My service has even gotten better. Normally I'd be at two to three bars at home. The current test was done with five bars of service. Keep it up VZ! The only complaint Is that I miss having unlimited data and not having to worry about If I'm going over...

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devadri says:

CHARLOTTE!!! WOOO....thank God I left Sprint lol.at 36 Mbps up and 15 Mbps down...can't complain at all


owenrg says:

Just did a test with the GS5, got 7.3mbps down and 1.25mbps up in Denver... not the best numbers.

cybertec69 says:

Just did a speed test with my S4 in Manhattan on 65th Street and Madison Avenue , I have never seen this type of speed from Verizon, 56MB down and 28MB upload.

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