After a good amount of time being tested under a "beta" tag, Tether for Android has finally been released. While we all know that the tethering option does come included on some devices, Tether has been built in such a way that it works with all Android devices.

That's right, no Froyo is needed to be able to use Tether and no extra data plan is required from your carrier. You can use your already existing data plan with Tether and not have to worry about having another "add on" placed on your account.

As part of the launch celebrations, you can now get Tether for only $24.99 up until November 19th. After that time, it will go back to it's regular pricing of $29.99. If you want to learn more be sure to check out their website. [Tether]


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Tether for Android out of beta and now on sale


Compared to EasyTether and PDANet, I can't see why anyone would get this. They advertise that it's faster, including a YouTube video, but anyone with half a mind would realize that's false (and that the YouTube video was rigged, they used different servers to benchmark their software on!).

It's not really any different than PDANet. In their video on Youtube, they state that there's one click on the computer and one click on the phone to enable the wired tether. Meh.

Uh, different from PDANet or Free WiFi tether or (can't remember what it's called) how? More expensive, at least. Not worth the electricity to report on.

Not worth the electricity... unless they're getting paid to post this. Think that's a possibility?

This morning I received a unsolicited email from the creators of Tether for Android. Thanks a freaking lot for selling my e-mail address Android Central. Jerks! I'm out of here.

You do realize that this has been in the works for months, right? I got an email from Tether too.. because I registered about the beta MONTHS ago (like, when 2.1 still wasn't on the OG Droid)

No. Wireless hotspot is a different function than simply tethering your phone. With wireless hotspot you are turning your phone into a wireless access point router for multiple devices...just as if you had one of those MyFi devices that allow several people in the car or room to get on the Internet at the same time.

Tether and PDANet only link your phone to ONE device. Big difference if you intend to share your connection.

the creators of this app must assume there is a lot of stupid people out there. PDA net does this for free, and if you simply root your phone you can go to and DL the free WiFi tethering app that turns your phone into a hotspot.

Both circumvent your carrier's tethering addon.

Hold on there partner PDANet is NOT free. If you want to use secure sites you have to pay for the full version. And playing down the need for HTTPS is not realalistice.

I downloaded PDAnet on my Evo and it's working great! I'm going to use it all day tomorrow and if it works just as fast as the wireless Hot spot that I'm paying Sprint $30 a month for then I'm making a call to Sprint to cancel that option. Thanks for the feedback storino03!!!

Well you might think 25 is cheap or expensive depending on how often you need this type of thing.

PDAnet is about the same price, except the arrival of this app has forced their price down to 16 bucks.

(PDANet disables https unless you pay for it.)

Nexus One, or Rooted Phone? You don't need either of these apps.

I'm wondering when they'll have a version of the desktop software for Mac (PowerPC)? I know, I should have an Intel Mac by now, but my PowerBook G4 is still working like a champ. :D
I've yet to find a working tether/wifi sharing solution for my Samsung Epic that will work with a Mac. Anyone??

Root your Epic and get Wireless Tether for Root Users from The top one is the newest one. It says it's experimental, but I have an older version on my rooted Epic, and it works great when I need to use it.

Make sure under Settings ==> Applications ==> Development Unknown Sources is ENABLED. Otherwise, it'll only allow you to get apps from the Market. It's a security thing, but for this app to install you need it on. Run the APK off of your SD Card, and it should install fine.

This is the best solution because you don't need any proprietary software for it to work (like with "Tether" or PDANet. The phone becomes a free WiFi hotspot and OS X's WiFi can connect to it just fine, CPU Architecture/Operating System independant.

Have fun!

Good callout. I lost this link a ways back and was about to Google it but you beat me to it.

If you're rooted and running a compatible device, this is the way to go.

Wow. I can't believe I've gone this long without knowing about that. Thanks so much, Shiggitay. It works like a charm. Guess I don't need Tether after all. With the app set on secure, I was able to get 2.15 Mbps with this app, which is what my phone usually gets. So much for Tether's claims that they're faster and better.
Thanks again!

Any web-site that begins with https:// (note the "s" after the normal http). The best example of this is probably your online banking account site or gmail can also do it. Think of it as any secure web-site that you need a username and password to log into that may have personal information.

Secure sites would be any https site. banks, emails, most anything with a login. Easy Tether is only $10. Works great. It can be had 4 free, in that shared place. Wink.

Tether was a great solution for BlackBerries, but they took way too long to release an Android version. You can tether for free on a stock Droid X anyway. On top of that, I'm rooted. Wifi AP all the way, now.

Way to be way too late to the game, Tether.

Yes, but tether for BB was $50 and PDANet was $29. Personally I'd go with PDANet all the way.

Yeah. This app is a ripoff. Wireless Tether for Root Users all the way. Or, if you must, PDANet if you want/need wired tethering. Works quite well as well.

(You can tether for free on a stock Droid X anyway)
I just got my Droid X so can I ask how you can teher it for free.

Does "Tether" require root? If not, that is significant. As far as I am aware you cannot tether an Evo on Sprint with any existing application out there until you root...

You must be new.

I use PDAnet for my laptop all day long and I haven't rooted my phone. Was using Hotspot until I found out about PDAnet. Saves me $30/month.

Easy Tether is 10 bucks, not free.

Easy Tether light is free but you can't visit secure sites because they block https.

Please compare apples to apples.

for the first time I read something on this site and thought "What the F***?" Somebody please restore my faith in the site and tell me why I would drop $30 on an app that does what a free app does? I really am confused.

Tether was the biggest app for blackberry rooting for a long time. It also had it's first android preview WELL before there were any real free (or even pay) alternatives around besides PDANet which used to cost the same as this. Unless your rooted, your free app doesn't give you secure site access. Is $25 expensive? Yes. Does that mean it should be reported on when it launches? No.

It also had it's first android preview WELL before there were any real free (or even pay) alternatives around besides PDANet

That's not true.
EasyTether was released much earlier than the first android preview of that tether app.

On my Moto Droid X I have been using Barnacle and it is free. It also does require that your phone be rooted but it has worked flawlessly for me.

I am rooted and love WiFi Tether for free. Rooting takes only a few minutes and worth it for this feature alone. Unrevoked is great.

well said, when I saw that $25 pricetag on this thing i made a big *gasp* But as others have stated if you experience moronic thoughts when it comes to rooting and the such then this may be just the app for you.

This works wirelessly/via WiFi LIKE the Hotspot feature from Verizon, right?

Do any of the other cheaper, non-roor requiring alternatives work this way as well? I'm pretty sure PDANet requied cabling, but I haven't used it in a while, so maybe it has changed...?

i downloaded the 7 day free trial a couple hours ago and am using it now. seems to be a little inconsistent but it could just be at&t (grr!) i have an aria so no froyo and i still havent decided on rooting yet so, as of right now, this is my only option. i tested the speed on cnet 5 times and got 2402, 2092, 1953, 2147, and 1806 kbps. but if it keeps working how it has been ill be buying it.

just downloaded a song on frostwire and it took less than a minute. and now that i have a full signal its working GREAT.

Holy crap!

EasyTether was released 9 months ago. You did not write a single word about that app. By the way, EasyTether has 50,000-250,000 paid downloads from the Android Market alone.
EasyTether Lite does not block https, it allows secure sites for two or three weeks.

EasyTether does not require root.
EasyTether supports Ubuntu, Mac OS X (even 10.4) and Windows.
EasyTether is and always was only 10 dollars.

>EasyTether supports Ubuntu, Mac OS X (even 10.4) and Windows.

Probably one of the best points, not everyone runs Windows.

Ok this may be a bit of a idiot questions. I run with ATT and a Samsung captivate I also have one of the old unlimited data plans on the phone. Tell me if I download and sideload one of these programs can I use it and will it or will it not raise my phone bill do to the teathering?