We're a week removed from the Talk Mobile 2013 launch party in New York City. For those who were able to make it -- well, you know it was a bit of a rager, as the kids like to say. (And if they're not saying that, give it time. It'll catch on.) Just us and 600 of our closest smartphone nerd friends, men and women from all walks of life, coming together to hang out, have a couple beverages and swap a few smartphone stories.

Thank you for coming.

For those who weren't able to make it out, we present this highlights video, and we've got a proper gallery of pics if you keep on readin'. And be sure to check out our Week 1 recap on mobile gaming!


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Talk Mobile 2013 Launch Party in NYC - The Video!


...And, I'm envious! I wish I could have been there! Looks like everyone had a great time! BTW, you guys looked really nice all dressed up!

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Talk Mobile, where the lights are so distracting, and the music is so loud, you NEED to tweet/txt to communicate! J/k, looks like a crazy time! I'm curious if any phones got dropped and broke, considering the higher chance of it happening at an event like this that involves drinking lol. You might want to sell cases at the door...