T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile has issued a statement over the supposed rollout of an update to the G2 that enables Wifi calling and tethering: "What update?" OK, that's the translation. What T-Mobile actually told Phonescoop was this:

"Wi-Fi Calling and tethering/Wi-Fi sharing are not currently supported on the T-Mobile G2. T-Mobile knows these features are important to consumers and we're working to deliver them to G2 users in the future. We have nothing further to announce at this time."

In other words, yeah, a couple of people seem to have gotten the update. That's how these things work. A few may get it as a test, and the rest of us have to wait. And wait we shall. [Phonescoop]

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T-Mobile: What G2 update?


People that freak out that they aren't getting the update are the same people who would lynch T-Mobile if they released an update that bricked our phones. It's coming people, they're testing it on a few, and when there are no problems they will release it to the masses. You want a perfect product, than freak out that the product they had to rush to get to you isn't perfect. Give them time.

I don't think it's the not getting the update as much as they are blatantly lying to their customers about no current update. We already know that some users are receiving updates, yet they insult our intelligence by saying there currently is no update.

A little honesty would go a long way. Something along the lines of, "Yes we are currently working on an update, which some users have received in order to test the update. When we feel it is stable after this testing period, we will start a full release." So nothing too specific that would corner them if they need more time, but at least a little peek into the status of what's going on with their update.

Didn't T-Mobile already issue this statement just before the G2 came out?

I have heard of a few people getting stuck stuck in a reboot and hanging, having to do a battery pull. I don't know if that's related to this update, but it would be nice if T-Mo would just fess up. I won't get started on what they put me through before giving me a G2 with a functioning hinge...

Maybe they'll fix the audio streaming drop issue that a lot of G2 users seem to be having, oh wait that's right there is no update...