For many reasons, be it environmental, minimalist, etc., phone boxes have become bland and basic. Thankfully, it looks like T-Mobile has eschewed those type of simple boxes for packaging that is downright cool--the myTouch Slide is housed in a nicely designed, silver briefcase. 

Obviously, what's inside the box counts more than the box itself but it's clear that if this is the retail packaging for the myTouch Slide, that T-Mobile cares very much about the device. In non-box news, the guys at the Droid Sector have unboxed the myTouch Slide and played around with it, concluding that it's very fast. We'll judge for ourselves when we review it but in the meantime hit the jump for some pictures of the myTouch Slide!


Reader comments

T-Mobile myTouch Slide gets unboxed


decent phone. If i had to stay on tmobile i guess i would get this. Butt thank god i am switching carriers this month.

i have one in hand and the phone is definitely not flimsy. very well made structure wise. feels strong and the OS is quite responsive. i've already loaded it up with all the apps i used to have on my mytouch and the phone shows no signs of sluggishness. obviously its no droid, evo, or nexus, but it definitely gets the job done very well in the mid range IMO

why does Tmobile insist on having crappy android phones, I'd love to see the Droid incredible on board....yea yea there's the Nexus one, but that doesnt count as it's not an exclusive Tmobile phone