T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

T-Mobile and HTC's upcoming HSPA+ phone, the myTouch 4G (previously known as the myTouch HD), has seen its ROM leaked all over the Internet. We are sure many of you ROM fans will have a great time digging through it to find any new features, so why not sound off in the Android Central Forums once you do? For the rest of us, the phone is still vaguely scheduled to land this holiday season. [911sniper via Android Guys]


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T-Mobile myTouch 4G ROM gets leaked


I was unaware another 4G device was working its way through the pipeline. Hopefully more 4G phones means more demand for 4G service, which will bring it to new places.

It is exciting that 4G is in Boston now, however the hour-long drive doesn't really seem worth the effort just to use 4G. Though if I go there for some reason soon, I will definitely try it out.

They need to shuffle some of that 4G from Boston to Worcester. Boston isn't the only populated city in Mass.

Just a little over 2 week until the expected release date of this new device... I'm actually looking at purchasing this new device.

Can't wait for someone to look at this new ROM over and talk about any cool features on the inside.

They have customers actually say their service is not 3g, so they are just branding it 4g so they can just agree... pretty stupid can't they get sued for that?

I'm sure there are areas that do not have good 3G speed, but I've tested the G2 over a good HSPA+ connection and it tested as good if not better than some Sprint 4G devices video's I've seen on the web using the same testing software.

And T-Mobile never claimed to have an actual 4G device, just HSPA+ speed which is faster than some 4G networks.

I don't think T-Mobile can get sued for that, but if they're implying that HSPA+ is 4G, then customers in the long run will probably get confused by this (especially if T-Mobile eventually gets LTE) and will probably lose trust in the carriers and their salespeople when they are being told what technologies their phone will have access to.

I absolutely will not believe that a plastic brick like this is the HTC Glacier. Plus, there's no way the phone can pull off the score we saw a while back on AlienBabelTech. Not possible.

Can someone tell me which skin this phone is using on the ROM? Espresso sense or the all powerful HTC Sense?