And it is finally official. The T-Mobile myTouch 3G aka HTC Magic aka Google Ion has been formally announced as T-Mobile's Second Android Device with pre-orders starting July 8th and an expected August release date. The myTouch 3G packs a 3.2" HVGA touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera, T-Mobile 3G, quadband Edge, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth (A2DP as well), and of course Android 1.5 Cupcake and your usual Android suite of Google applications.

What makes the myTouch 3G different is that it'll include official Exchange support, a first for an Android device in the states. And though other Exchange-supported Android devices are custom built HTC devices without Google branding, we spy 'with Google' branding on the myTouch 3G. Is this the best of both worlds? Exchange support and Google approval? Score!

Pre-orders start July 8th with three different color options: white, black, and the much anticipated merlot. So how about it guys, are you going to jump to myTouch 3G or is your T-Mobile G1 good enough? Still holding out for a Samsung Galaxy? Let us know in the comments!

Find more information about the T-Mobile myTouch 3G at T-Mobile or hit the jump to see the key features of the myTouch 3G!

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T-Mobile myTouch 3G Announced, Pre-Orders Start July 8th


exactly, have fun with your not-so-customizable-on-rails-dumbed-down-for-the-user-who-can't-put-two-and-two-together phones.

Android is already making leaps and bounds and it is still in its infancy. Add in GV and Wave integration and game over.

This is very cool. I like its design and features. I’m planning to buy a new phone by July 2009. Hope this would be a great phone to have. Looking forward to its launching.

I truly can't decide whether I'm going to keep my g1. I feel like I've got little justification except for the FAR sleeker look, which I love. But, my g1 feels as customized and loaded as my laptop; I'd feel a bit like I was starting from scratch here.

The factors that will influence my decision are whether the battery life proves to be much improved. The exchange support will make a huge difference for me, also; I use three different gmail accounts and a combination of shortcuts to labels in the native 'mail' app and a shortcut to the regular inbox using the gmail app sometime leave things "unrefreshed".

Had this been announced as HTC Magic - featuring a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a better battery life, I think you'd be hardpressed to find a g1-er with the cash who wouldn't go. In that case I'd sell off my iPod Touch.

I hate to be a second-wave adopter, but I'll let the battery life forum posts come before the pre-order.

The only thing I am wondering is if this is indeed branded "with Google" ND supports Exchange, can we expect a software update to the G1 to support Exchange?

I'm in the UK and ready to order a new phone. I've decided it's Android next for me.

I'm TRYING to hold out for the Samsung Galaxy (i7500) as the specs are better than the Magic, but so far there's been no launch date or which network/s it'll be on!!! SO annoying!!! Seems like we've been waiting months and months!! Last week Samsung showed off the Jet, and within a week it was released on Vodafone UK!!!

What's occuring!?

My fingers are twitching...much longer and I'll be ordering the Magic, no doubt the day before the Samsung is released!!! lol

It's a chicken & egg problem with cell phones in the U.S. Unless there's a demand for android devices, carriers don't want to bring them here. But people won't buy them if there aren't any good devices. Right now since t-mobile is the only one taking a chance with it, they can take things as slowly as they want because they're the monopoly. As soon as other carriers get a android devices, the competition will heat up.

Has anyone heard if the next build of Android will have Exchange functionality? I wouldn't think that this phone will have any specific capability that the G1 does not have.

Man I really like the design and its much smaller then the g1. And reading early reviews the battery is supposed to be much better. Plus is really don't mind using the on screen keyboard and even find myself using it over physical on my g1.

I think I'll be putting my g1 up on ebay tomorrow so i can the most money for it before the mytouch is released. Getting the red one for sure!

Yes, I am still holding out for the Samsung Galaxy (i7500), I just hope they will be making an announcement soon on a release date and pricing.

nice looking sleek phone, but not for me without a physical keyboard.
I love me some real keyboard, cupcake's virtual is nice, but I like the options afforded by real keys (nes emu for example)
I guess you cant have it both ways.
Ill be keeping my G1.....
but my wife will probably get this one so we'll both be android synched. (the merlot looks great)

I'm decideing on keeping my G1 r getting the new one. But why the phone looks like two different modles. On android central the modle I way better then tmobile is showing in the picture.... well I don't know well see when it gets in stores