It must be the holiday spirit (or end of the year desperation), because T-Mobile is joining Verizon in offering BOGO specials. Yep, that's buy-one-get-one-free. T-Mobile is expected to give BOGO to all smartphones, meaning you can mix and match if you so please. Buy a Motorola CLIQ, get a myTouch 3G. Buy a myTouch 3G, get a T-Mobile G1. Or buy a Blackberry, get an Android phone free. Basically buy 1 smartphone, get 1 smartphone free, however you want. Awesome, right?

If you prefer shopping on Amazon, they've got the Motorola Cliq for $99, myTouch 3G for $98, and T-Mobile G1 for $49. Take your pick.

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T-Mobile Joins The Fun, Offers Buy One Get One Free Too


Shouldn't it be BOGOF rather than BOGO?

I'd prefer if they offered discounts on hardware rather than having to tie in to another contract to get the 'free one'