New T-Mobile data pricing structure

Earlier this month, T-Mobile reduced its "unlimited" data cap to 5GB, but took the unusual (and welcome!) step of merely throttling users that go over this limit, rather than charging them fines. It seems that change was in preparation for a whole slew of bigger ones at America's number four carrier -- tiered data is in. Phones will now be put into one of three categories with the following data plans:

  • Feature phones: (nothing running Android will fall under this category) no data plan required, 200MB or 5GB optional
  • Standard smartphones: (think Motorola Charm) 200MB plan minimum, 5GB plan optional
  • Premium smartphones: - (G2, myTouch 4G, etc) 5GB "unlimited" plan required

As for pricing, the 200MB plan will run you just $10 per month for both Even More and Even More Plus plan holders. For the 5GB plan, Even More users will fork over $30 per month, while Even More Plus owners will get a slight discount at $25 per month. [TmoNews]


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T-Mobile to introduce tiered data pricing


Well isn't that what the unlimited plan has always been? "Unlimited" with a 5GB soft cap? I'm a pretty heavy data user, no less that 3GB but I've never hit 4GB. Then again that's only 3G(on sprint), what's going to happen when T-Mobile has Hspa+ everywhere? Looks like they are playing defense early

Naw it was actually 10gb and tmobile just lowered it to 5gb. Sprint has the best data network and services right now and at a much better price! Verizon att and tmobile have all switched to tiered Pricing while Sprint still offer unlimited plans and Sprint has more 3g coverage then att and tmobile

As an Even More Plus user who mostly uses WiFi for data I like the idea of a discount on my data service. From 59.99 to 54.99 makes me like this a whole lot more.

I applaud you guys, of all the people reporting this your site is the ONLY one that doesn't misrepresent it. The only thing different here is more choices, that's it, nothing lost. And as we all know, choice is a good thing. Every other site reporting these "tiered" rates, though I'm not really sure they qualify for that title, make it appear T-Mobile is charging more for less. Quite the opposite actually. I'm grandfathered on my myTouch from about a month before they released "Project Dark (The Even More/+ plans) and when I started this contract, data was even then require for android and I pay 35 a month. 5 more than current plans. Yet everyone on the other sites are crying about this? Really?

I imagine they will be grandfathered in. AT&T & Verizon both grandfather in their customers current plans.

So this means that if you get a G2 or mytouch or w/ are forced into the unlimited data tier? which is....does it say $30 a month?! Thats $5 more than it used to be right? $5 more and they cut the data cap in half? Wth...

-Mytouch 3G on tmobile, soon to be G2