HTC One S launch date (Source: TmoNews)

The HTC One S may be going on sale in some parts of Europe as early as next Monday, but the phone's U.S. launch might not be far behind. ​TmoNews​ obtained the T-Mobile internal screenshot you see above, which references a launch date of April 22, just over three weeks from now. The image shows the T-Mobile version of the device, alongside a countdown clock displaying the purported date.

As ever, carrier launch plans are subject to change change -- just ask anyone who tried to buy a Verizon Galaxy Nexus last November. So this is no guarantee that the One S will be arriving in Tmo stores on this date, but it's probably safe to say T-Mobile's first Android 4.0 device isn't far off. Keep it locked to AC for all the latest on the One S as release approaches.

Source: TmoNews


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T-Mobile HTC One S may launch April 22, leaked screen suggests


but t-mobile failed me by not getting a one X, XL, G One, whatever carrier branded One X they want to make.

will give credit to HTC it seems like they are introducing and rolling these out timely. Now lets see Samsung's launch

The device hasnt even been released yet. How can they have "failed" you with something thats not even out yet? Tmobile is rumored to be getting the One x Tegra3 cpu version. You should prolly research a bit more before commenting like this way.

Why wouldn't they be announcing the X on the same leak as the S if they were in fact getting the X?

The X is going to be released in the EU next monday (4 days from today) according to Engadget, and also here on AC.

If its being be sold on monday, you can bet its already in the EU carriers inventory today. Id say its been "Released". So maybe you should follow your own advice and do some research before posting.

Same phone would work on T-Mo, although I'm sure T-Mo will take the extra two weeks to build in carrier lock downs, etc.

Recent benchmarks showed the dual core One X out-pacing the Tegra 3 Transformer Prime. I'm not sure I'd want the Tegra, given that. Is it more efficient, maybe?

Tegra thinks its more battery friendly because of the low-power 5th cpu core that does just about everything when the phone is asleep.

But nobody has benched that yet.

The S4 carries the penalty of the LTE radio, which is said to be pretty battery hungry from what I am reading.

I really like the One X's screen size, but I REALLY like the One S's metal body, AMOLED, and simply 3G-only chipset (as opposed to battery draining LTE).

I'm ideally wanting and waiting for the S4 quadcore version of this device(One X).And the screen size is pretty nice as well.I want to see how the quad core version of this chip does against the Tegra3.

That wouldn't be a fair fight.

Although 4 cores are coming, S4 will get a better GPU before it gets 4 cores.

Qualcom designs their own ARM processors, rather than just packaging reference designs like Nvidia. If Qcom can beat Nvidia with two cores (and no screen-off 5th core) then it probably doesn't need 4 cores as much as it needs the a better GPU to take the last few gaming crowns from Tegra 3.

The S4 Pro chip (due out soon) swaps the Adreno 225 GPU found in the “standard” S4 for a new and faster Adreno 320 chip. You can read about it Here.

Lol a post about the HTC One S and EVERY comment but one is talking about the One X. Go comment on a One X post. There's way more of them out there. FINALLY get some news about the One S and it's all One X comments. Can't wait for this device. Finally a sleek, premium feeling device with a unibody aluminum frame that won't feel like a brick in your pocket with an unnecessarily gargantuan screen. Can't wait for this to replace my GSII.

Ok, about the S then...

Will it be a real aluminum unibody, or the powdered metal embedded in ceramic that HTC has used before?

Most of these so called metal unibodies will not pass an electrical current from one point to another.