T-Mobile is really pushing the customizable nature of the myTouch 3G--custom gel skins, custom cases, custom straps, custom holsters, battery extenders, and docking ports. It really seems that the myTouch 3G's biggest feature is that customizability and it'll be very interesting to see how consumers react to it.

Is this type of customization something consumers are interested in? The iPhone is wildly popular but there is zero customization (other than color choice) offered by Apple. Is T-Mobile specifically pitting the customizable myTouch 3G against the iPhone? Will consumers fork over more money just so they can have that nifty myTouch commuter mug?

Let us know what you think about the myTouch 3G's customizable nature in the comments!

[via engadget]


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T-Mobile Has a Ton of Accessories for the myTouch 3G


I think its a great Idea, When I had my Iphone the only way to set them apart was to Jailbreak it and thats when all customizing was open which was great. But now I have Curve 8900 and I hoping that the myTouch suits me cause it will be my first adroid phone. And to me customizing is a good selling point, because I know adroid is solid.

I think T-mobile is pretty smart. In a world where little dogs are accessories; having "trinkets to go along with your phone" is a good move. How much could producing those trinkets actually cost? Vs. the price they'll be sold for you're in the black.