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Same $660 up-front price or $27.50 monthly financing applies for later pre-orders

T-Mobile is pushing back the date you can pre-order a Galaxy S5 and still have it by launch day, giving everyone an extra week to get their orders in. When T-Mobile first gave details on its Galaxy S5 launch it had pre-orders available from March 24th to the 31st, and ordering in that week guaranteed delivery of the phone by April 11th. You'll now have all the way until April 6th to get that order in.

The phone will still set you back a full $660 if you want to buy it straight up, or $0 down and $27.50 per month with Simple Choice device financing. T-Mobile isn't making any indication of why it is expanding pre-orders, but we have a feeling that fewer than the purported 300,000 'pre-registrations' have turned into sales at this point.

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T-Mobile Galaxy S5 pre-order deadline pushed back, you still have time to get it on the 11th


According to the two T-Mobile reps I spoke to if you preorder you will only get it on launch day IF you choose the fastest, and most expensive, shipping option. Wish I would've known that before I placed my order because once you do they can't change it in any way. So misleading.

What happened? :-( If you order In store, they are offering A: Free FedEx and B: A loaner phone free of charge as well. Did you upgrade online? It sounds like you have a case to call Care & then Retentions and qualify for a credit.
I'm sorry this happened. Id be disappointed too!

It was a joke, lol.

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I think $70/mo is for 5gb then throttling, $80/mo should be the all you can eat. If you already have that plan you are grandfathered in, its a good plan and price.

IMO T-Mobile is the best Carrier in the USA. T-Mobile's HSPA+ speeds are faster than Verizon, AT&T and Sprint's LTE Network. T-Mobile's LTE speeds just blow all others away completely, just not even close. Thank You T-Mobile.

Depends on the area.

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Exactly. You get EDGE with T-Mobile where I live, even though both Verizon and AT&T have great 4G coverage. I could never switch to them. If I lived somewhere else I would give them a try though

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It all depends on the area and traffic. T-Mobile has less traffic on the average and that's why it came out to be faster on average speed. Now, to say that hspa+ is truly faster than LTE is very wrong. LTE is capable to push much more. If you happen to see tmo 3g faster than vzw or ATT 4g it's only bc of the congested traffic of the big 2.

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You said that Lte was truly faster than HSPA+. While that may be technically true if you're talking specs on paper, the actual reality is that there is no Lte network in the US that is faster than T-mobile's HSPA+ on a reliable basis.

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I pre ordered 2 on the 24th and on the 25th got an email stating they were on back order

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