You might have never guessed it. But the T-Mobile G1 is the biggest money making device for T-Mobile. According to a comScore report (via electronista), the G1 brings in the largest profit for T-Mobile while only being the 8th best selling T-Mobile device.

How is this possible? Well, the 'required' monthly data plan definitely juices up the numbers and puts profit into T-Mobile's pockets and of course selling the device for $179.99 (while other phones are free) doesn't hurt either.

For the other carriers: the iPhone and Blackberry Storm are the cash cows for AT&T and Verizon, respectively. So it looks like touch screen makes customers come out in droves and smartphones (with data plan) are the easiest way for carriers to make a buck.

Anyone, anyone at all, surprised that the G1 is T-Mobile's most profitable device?


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T-Mobile G1 is a Cash Cow for T-Mobile


I am not surprised at all. The truth is people don't like bully's. As more and more people realized that Apple was trying to take over and in a selfish manner, they started to crave something different. But at the same time in par with the technology of the iPhone. Hence, the G1 came out at the perfect time (don't know if it was intentional on Google's part.. most likely) So, now people have an option to trade in their shackles and be free with an open operating system!

Makes sense. Their best selling phone is probably just that - a phone that makes calls. Clearly there's not a lot of profit in that with all these discount carriers popping up everywhere. The G1 is the only phone they offer with a robust user experience that also requires a data plan.But given enough time, I see it taking the No. 1 spot. Or at least a little higher up the chain than 8.

Man, you guys listen. I know you were excited when Tmobile and HTC announced the G1. It had high expectations, especially since the Iphone was named device of the decade. Also, other phones were hot to hit tha market, like the HTC Touch Pro/Diamond. I was excited to. I was once with AT&T and really liked their service but hard times hit and tmobile is a bit more inexpensive. I was so excited when I found out about the G1. Touch screen with a keyboard...awesome. The data plan includes unlimited data and text messages. Awesome because the iphone is $30 just for data....what about unlimited text messages...I have to pay $50 for a legitimate unlimited data/text plan.......AARRRRRGGGGGGGGGG..I hate you AT&T/Apple. So I was thrilled when I got my G1. Of course it is open source, which means for a lot of people that does not understand that the open source code is just out their floating and any legitimate developer or person that wants to call themselves a developer. Every common person thinks in terms of, more apps, less control by the company that produced the device. With the iphone, Apple has to approve of the apps before they hit the market. So free apps by the G1 market was so awesome. Then the day came that set the Apple Iphone away from the G1, proving that it will never catch up unless there is some breaking news very soon. The market started displaying apps that cost money, ridiculous money (in my opinion anyway). The apps were costing money but yet not producing consistent productivity. People were still complaining about apps force closing, not working as they described or what the apps should have been. I think this is well not worth the money for. I have heard stories of people not buying apps for a while now because of either apps costing too much or just not working. If you say this is just people you know, well what about the many comments that are left on apps on the G1 market. Another thing, the Iphone has been out for about 2 years and about 3 months. Iphone did have over 15000 apps. Now at the 2 year 3 month mark they have announced that by mid summer, it will have over 25000 apps. So G1 has some catching up to do and a lot. People only say that G1 will be the leading device because they expect Apple to slow down. The flaws that the iphone once had, they are ridding of. I expect G1 to do the same to stay competitive. So in one year's time there should be an improvement and in two years they should be right where Apple should be. Competition may take its toll on the G1 because Sprint and Palm are about to release the Palm Pre which has already said to expound on features the Apple Iphone and G1 lack. Case 3, Tmobile's network needs to get stronger. News articles and magazines list them as the struggling number 4 cell phone service provider. I stay in ATL, when I went outside of ATL to TENN and the network speed decreased drastically. When I was in Memphis, I could barely check my email, it was ridiculous and very frustrating. I also talked to a friend of mine that said, when she bought her G1 the 3g was always on, always reliable and fast. Now, it seems that the 3 disappears more often and goes to Edge, not good Tmobile. Anway, I think I will stick with my G1 for the 2 years and give it a chance. I am very patient and think the phone has so much potential but only time will tell.