Availabile both in-store and online, pricing remains unchanged at $99 down

Responding to a rather random post on Twitter, the official @TmobileHelp Twitter account has confirmed an April 24th launch date for the HTC One on T-Mobile. This lines up directly with the leaks we saw yesterday, which pegged the launch for "select stores" on that date. In a subsequent reply it also confirms that the device will be available both in-store and online at the 24th, which is important.

No changes to pricing are given, but we've known for a while now that the HTC One will carry the same $99 down and monthly installments (in this case $20/month for 24 months) as all of T-Mobile's new high-end devices. The total cost of ownership still works out to just $579 -- not bad.

Source: @TMobileHelp


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T-Mobile confirms HTC One launch date of April 24


I just ordered a tpu case for the S4 that I plan on getting. For some reason I am torn between this and the S4 still...*sigh

I wonder why Samsung hasn't shipped review units to editors even now so close to release. Perhaps they are still working out bugs. Maybe Samsung is afraid of comparative reviews with the HTC One units shipped to reviewers nearly a month ago.

The reality is HTC got those review units out as soon as they could became HTC is lying on its back looking up. HTC is at critical mass at this moment and they need as much positive early press as they can get. Getting review units out in hopes of generating early buz.
Samsung wears the crown. They don't need to create hype anymore. They've already laid that groundwork. Samsung is firmly set in millions of customers minds. The S4 is gonna move millions of units on name alone, much the way Iphone has for years. HTC is light years from possessing that luxury.

Nah.. Needledork! I doubt it is Samsung's strategy to sit on their laurels by not shipping a hundred review units before launch because they think they're so bad ass.

Obviously something has gone wrong and Samsung hopes their lemmings will follow them off the cliff before they realize. Kind of like iPhone-atics.

Samsung seems to fear HTC's clearly superior and differentiating technology both hardware and software so much they don't want comparative reviews before initial release.

In fact Samsung appears to be so concerned about HTC's superior offering, Samsung is resorting to law breaking marketing tactics employing phoney bloggers to trump up their nothing new same old boring GS4 with baseless trashing of HTC's One like a schoolyard bully.

Already tons of reviews available. There is nothing you will ever need to read if you read those. Basically all types of tests have been performed on both Qualcomm and Exynos version.

Really? ... Tons of GS4 reviews? I think you, rd_nest, may be characteristically Samsung delusional.
If not then please simply reply with links to 3 sources of GS4 reviewed among the tons available.

Same.. I'm honestly really torn, more than I've been for any previous gen. I got the One X and it was an easy decision for me at the time, but not this round.

The S4 has superior software support, more software features (big ones to me are the widgets in drop down, the 2-windows in 1 thing, reading mode.. as well as a few more), as well as the fact that my One X is laggier than my gf's GSII.

The hardware is mixed.. the One has far superior build and quality, which is huge, far superior speakers, and the camera may be better in low light. The Samsung has superior buttons IMO (power on the side, and a home button), as well as a superior notification LED, and of course swappable battery, which has higher capacity.

Also is the fact that the One just looks damn good, while the S4 looks like an S3

Uhg, such hard decision between this and the S4. I really like both. I think I just decided on HTC because it's becoming available first (on tmobile), and I dont mind helping out HTC especially for such an awesome piece of hardware :)