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The Acer Iconia A500 is getting a pretty widespread system update this evening -- actually it's getting two.  Users are reporting that they receive the first (7.014.01), and it's quickly followed by version7.014.02.  Both are small (less than 10MB) files, and neither are Ice Cream Sandwich.  What the updates are bringing is welcome though, namely a change to the latest 3.4.4 version of the Android Market and it's corresponding widget, and improved UI speeds -- including the keyboard.  The full changelog hasn't hit Acer's website as of the time of this writing, so it's possible there may be more goodies inside and we'll find them as we go along. 

As for root, the jury is still out if these updates will remove it and/or make the current methods to root stop working.  If you're on the root train, maybe you should wait for your favorite developer to catch up.

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Acer Iconia update


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System update rolling out for the Acer Iconia, brings a market update and improved UI speed


I got the first one very early this morning and the second one midafternoon. Other than the market change I really don't notice anything different. (not rooted)

Woohoo that's my pic! but anyway I did try install this, I was rooted with just a very basic rom running and obviously no luck installing it. It just got to the recovery logo and stopped I may return to stock and try but not sure what if anything is better in this update.

Several others have reported problems installing this update while running the pre-rooted rom that has been floating around.

Allegedly, that rom is virgin other than being rooted, but such is not the case, as there is a size difference and the patches don't line up.

Wait for ICS, which is supposedly coming in January and will be a complete replacement.

Speed is much improved as is the market, and it will tether to an ad-hoc router in your phone. (Not tried that myself, just reports i'm seeing).

People getting all excited about browser crashes, but clearing cache solves that.

i got the two updates... there really was a change to the market app, but i didnt notice much else. SHamefully, i thought it was an early ICS xmas gift. sniff, sigh.

My speed is better and I could tell right away after the second update but not the first.
Not using stock keyboard so can't comment on that, but even swiping between homescreens is much smoother. The stutter I used to see is gone.

i have 2 playbooks and 2 acers and let me tell you the acers are head and shoulders better than the playbooks. the acers just work smooth and appear somewhat faster tban the playbooms. i just finished downloading the ver .02 on one and the other is running now. both my acers will be as current as possible in another few minutes. the 10in form factor makes them somewhat more peasurable to use and read the screen. anyway so far so good with the updates and i believe it is faster and smoother . UI and browser run better