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Here's one of those good news/bad news things, which we're going to tell in reverse. The bad news is that Swype, the uber-popular third-party keyboard that lets you trace your finger from letter to letter instead of pecking, still isn't ready for Ice Cream Sandwich devices, never mind that they've been available for a few months now.  The good news is that ICS is still only on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S. (Officially, anyway.)

The gooder news is that Swype's got an update waiting in the wings that will finally enable it on the latest version of the Android operating system. It's "only days away," Swype says on Twitter. And along with the Ice Cream Sandwich support, Swype's promising "more goodies" as well.

Here's to hoping one of those goodies is a release in the Android Market. While we understand Swype's decision to stick with a business model where it's preloaded onto devices by the carriers and not available in the Android Market, it's getting a little old. Having to run to the Swype website to get our "beta" copy (nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean?) hasn't gotten any more fun. We're not going to bet that we'll see a shift in that sometime soon, but we can certainly hope. 

Anyhoo, stay tuned. Swype for Ice Cream Sandwich is on the way.

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NavyVet420 says:

What about those of us who got the packaged deal with the Samsung Inspire 2.3.6 Gb update? Seriously there is a major bug in there when I type, even though I have word hints turned off I am still getting word hints and my messaging blinks every time I swype a word and since its pre-installed I can't uninstall nor update..

Will I be able to update? Swype doesn't seem to like to respond to users.

nbell978 says:

root your phone and delete it

The beta issue is starting to get a bit ridiculous. I don't know if this is the case with all phones but the ones I had basically forced you to root your phone in order to get a newer version of Swype. Very annoying to be stuck on a 1 1/2 year version of a program just because it was preloaded.

frozencloud says:

Right on Mr. Cat

Dear Swype - when it's time to ugprade, please DON'T BREAK MY CURRENT VERSION. Last time this happened it refused to let me actually swype to enter text because it saw a new version available. Really? That's a bad way to punch your customers.

nbell978 says:

swype updates automatically now, you don't keep having to go back to the beta site...

ScottJ says:

Doesn't matter. I use {insert competing product here} instead of Swype. It's better. It has {insert novel but superfluous feature}, which is essential. I tried Swype for {insert ridiculously short amount of time} and hated it.

MowDownJoe says:

It is honestly getting old. I mean, preloaded apps can be updated through the market. Why not just do it all through the market?

frozencloud says:

At least other preloaded apps can get updated...this damn app can only update if u root and get the beta version.

karnoff says:

I've been using Swype on ICS for over a month now. No bother to me.

curtisas says:

yup, me too! there was a thread where someone said that it was up for the galaxy nexus, and so I deleted it and tried to get the official one... Ya, there wasn't one. Luckily I still had the APK so it was NBD :)

I got it off G+, but if anyone wants it, let me know!

t-bone-fl says:

Wonder if it will work on the Xoom.

Mobius360 says:

Swype beta works fine on my Xoom. I have the 4G version. I'm not sure how it's currently working on the wifi version.

Dan29466 says:

I sideloaded Swype on my Galaxy Nexus the day I got it. That was only four weeks ago, but I Swype a few dozen, fairly long emails and 40 or 50 SMS each day. Swype has never had a glitch or caused a problem for me.

WindRunner says:

Yeah, I don't understand what functionality they think it's missing on ICS. Running it on my Captivate with ICS for about a month now, no problems whatsoever. I'll be eager to get the upgrade nonetheless, of course.

baykes says:

wtf is up with swype...who develops an app that never comes out of beta...only updates the beta version...and breaks itself if you attempt to install the "beta" over the "release" version?

dumbest...that makes no sense to me.

The version on my 4.0.2 Galaxy Nexus is working just fine. The same as my swift key I have three keyboards on my Galaxy Nexus and they are all lovely...I change up often...

rmeden says:

The HHGTTG states that the secret to flying is falling and forgetting to hit the ground.

I've been using Swipe BETA on my ICS Passion loaded Vibrant for a few weeks now without incident. I guess I didn't know it would not work. I look forward to doing what I've been doing when it's ready.


You always forget the XOOM and the fact that it is running ICS nicely and officially. It is not just the nexus phones...

jmadrigal says:

Didn't realize that this could be holding up ICS upgrades on phones like the Bionic. How about the RAZR - does it also come pre-loaded with SWYPE?

going_home says:

Swype ?
What Swype ?

Just go to the market and get the TouchPal keyboard .
Same thing but IMHO better .


dimsdale says:

Well, it's not out yet...