Swiftkey, one of the most popular Android keyboard replacements available, has released yet another great update for us to all enjoy. One of the most notable changes is the inclusion of two new visual styles, Sky (blue) and Fuchsia (pink), which the SwiftKey team is calling summer themes.

In addition to these visual changes, they have also added the ability to long press the comma key in order to launch dictation, for those who like to tap and talk. This update will also include support for Malay and Urdu, bringing the language count up to 44, which is pretty huge. Beyond these changes they have fixed a slew of bugs, made the experience better while using SwiftKey in Chrome, Google Talk, and many other applications.

If you're a current SwiftKey user be sure to grab the update today, and if you are not currently using it hop into Google Play and download it today!

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Swiftkey update brings new summer themes, voice typing and bug fixes


I live in Miami, Florida so I don't know when the seasons change. We have hot and not as hot. Or as Juana Peña said, "in Miami it's always summer"

And what's new about typing with your voice that's worked for the past year.

I typed this sentence by talking and I'm using the old version.
It seems that they really mean that with with onboard voice with onboard voice recognition. It does seem a little easier to compose a sentence with a new version now that I've done the update.

What's new is that it finally (Finally!) has ICS style type as you talk input instead of the terrible older record sound, send it off for processing and then give you 3 choices style it had before.

This has finally cemented SwiftKey as the best input out there.

No, the type as you talk input came around with ICS. JB added on device voice decoding to the mix for quicker input and the ability to work offline but did not really change how the voice input functioned.

If you have an ICS device you can always test this using the default Google voice typing input by going to Select input method -> Google voice typing. This is what I would do previously with SwiftKey because the old voice input was so bad. Its so much nicer now to long press a key instead of swipe, tap, tap to start voice input.


Swiftkey (as well as other keyboards) is still sending it to google for voice reco on the fly in ICS. They just hide the details.

Prove it to yourself by firing up some note taking app, pop to airplane mode, and see how well voice input works. Nada.

Not having JB, It remains to be seen how well voice typing will work using on-device decoding. But for now, Swiftkey is still sending it over the net for recognition and decoding according to your google voice profile.

While both GB older and ICS still send data to Google for decoding the way they do it is very different.

GB and previous recorded a whole voice audio file and then fired it off to Google for processing and got back a big block of text. This limited you on how long you could dictate at once, I know I had tried to use it for some longer messages a couple times and it just decides it has recorded enough part way though. The worst quirk I noticed about it was that it had trouble in noisy environments in that it would not want to stop recording when I was done talking because it was hearing enough it thought it needed to keep recording. This was annoying when I would try to say a couple word reply and it wanted to record for another 5-10 seconds before sending the whole thing off for processing.

ICS opens up an audio stream (or maybe fires off chunks of audio data, I honestly am not completely sure about the details) and sends back the decoded data in a live way so you can just keep dictating as long as you want and get to watch what you speak show up just moments after you say it. It also fixes the noisy environment issue because I can just end dictation once all the words I said pop up on the screen.

So while both are using Google's servers for voice processing how they do it makes a world of difference. If you read my previous statement to imply that ICS does not use Google servers for voice after the SwiftKey update that is not what I meant at all. Also your couple of edits to the original post have rather changed what it looks like I was replying to.

Check your Swiftkey settings,
make sure you have a current language pack (there is an updated English language file available as of today).

Make sure voice reco is turned on under advanced settings.

The improved "type as you speak" feature is pretty impressive, and so is the voice comprehension. I have a southern drawl and it's very accurate.

I hope they fixed the input glitch I've been getting 90% of the time when I try to make a Facebook mobile status on Chrome. In portrait view, it would constantly repeat the wrong word suggestion. Pressing the Delete key did the same thing and made it impossible to type anything.

Now if they would just put the arrow keys in the home keyboard on the the the tablet version so you don't have to "dig down" to them. They told us this feature was coming but here is a new release and they still aren't there.

Arrow keys are already in there.
Long press the Swiftkey key, Select Theme, check Arrow keys. Done.

Personally, on my HTC One X, positioning is so precise I don't really need these, and they take up a lot of space.

Still sucks with Chrome. Extremely slow. I have to use Keyboard Manager, flip the phone to portrait, and have it automatically go to the default android keyboard.

It might not be Chrome. Its just as likely whatever lame site you are typing into. The site is probably running a boatload of scripts that slow everything down.