Sprint Echo

Sprint's own website appears to have tipped what's likely in store for us at tonight's event. Confirming earlier reports, a search for the Kyocera Echo returns results for "The world's first dual-touchscreen smartphone" -- something the Samsung Continuum might raise an eyebrow at. The site describes it as:

The Kyocera Echo smashes the last barrier between you and the ultimate mobile experience. Its unique dual-touchscreen, pivot hinge design gives you all the space you need to run the apps that connect you to the people and information you need every day. Spread your work across all 4.7 inches of combined display or use each smaller display independently to run multiple apps. Closed, the Kyocera Echo is a pocket-friendly smartphone. Open it and expand your world.

So we've got a hinged display with a total of 4.7 inches of real estate, and you can use one screen at a time, or both. We'll find out tonight whether it's truly magical, or just a bunch of smoke and mirrors, so join us for the liveblog! Thanks, Sketch42!

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LOL Sprint you gotta do better than that

benthe1 says:

Good luck selling more than 1000 of those phones. Cool "concept", bad execution.

if it was made by HTC...maybe. But Kyocera??? Heeellllll noooo!!!

ben dover says:

next in line please...

Im feeling a little let down in a major way


onixblack says:

Ohh well Im hoping the EVO 2 is announced during CTIA

05 TypeS DC5 says:

wow, how lame, i feel so let down..... i was expecting something better. I would of been more excited if they came out and said we're bringing beepers back.

757boy says:

...i gotta use that one...LOL.

tim6253 says:

OS TypeS: *would've*

trenen says:

tim6253: *05 TypeS DC5*

tim6253 says:

Mine wasn't grammatical error. I have a limit on how many username characters I'll type.

trenen says:

'Mine wasn't A grammatical error.' Also, the fact that you missed characters within the name (05, not OS) means that your response is a crock. You could have copied and pasted anyway.

sracercelica says:

Major disappointment! I can also see this phone having major lag issues is using it to run two different apps in each screen

cav22 says:

Without seeing the device I will withold judgement, however, 4.7 total screen area is a letdown unless David Blain can magically make the 2 screens fuse into one without any noticable separation. The other specs will be interesting to hear as well. If the rumors of 3g only are true as well then I will be very disappointed.

BoulderJD10 says:

Wow. Total let down. Blah, Sprint.

WhitePhone says:

Wow!! So exciting! /sarcasm

nttdemented says:


Where's my dang snooze button?


Ahhh... I'll continue sleeping until July when my 1st year with the EVO is up and I'm ready for an upgrade. If they don't announce a dual-core super phone in their line-up to be released aroud that time frame I might make the economically piss poor and impulsive decision of paying my cancelation fee and heading to T-Mobile for and Optimus 2X or AT&T for an Atrix.

bbarend says:

Lame! I was hoping for dual core or Xperia Play. This sounds too much like a gimmick.

iPwn says:

Huh, I didn't expect to be the only one really interested in this phone. I'm curious to see if the hinge will be separated like Nintendo's DS is, or if the screens will be connected in some unique, never-before-seen way.

Spork1673 says:


kevlars9 says:

I'm with all of you. Huge disappointment, is it that hard to release a solid regular phone.

PortareAF says:

My Droid X and I our laughing at you sprint... What did you say...? VZW sucks and is screwing me with an 800 dollar Xoom....Oh yeah well...your stupid!

trenen says:

Technically that's Best Buy because VZW hasn't announced any pricing for the Xoom from their stores with or without a contract.

Dhamp2g says:

SO U REALLY EXPECT VZW to be cheaper at anything. Well don't hold your breath ROTFL!!!!!!!!!! Why would u think that?

dwd3885 says:

I'll wait to post judgment until I actually see what Sprint announces tonight. There could be more. The Kyocera phone could also be intriguing as well, just wait and see. I'm sure we would like to see a high end HTC, Motorola or LG phone on Sprint, but that may come tonight as well.

Dark_Blu says:

YAWN. Women might find this dual screen hinged design an interesting conversation piece (or maybe not). Sprint is going to have to do better than that to surpass the EVO when AT&T is offering dual core phones.

hoosiercub says:

LOL.. If this turns out to be the big 'thing'. I can't say that I'll be shocked. It is afterall Sprint, the EVO was kind of a hiccup.

derryj3 says:

LMAO dual touchscreen? blahhh
I'll be waiting for galaxy s 2 announcement

derryj3 says:

Im not worried though, as long as we SPRINT get an EVO 2 and Galaxy S 2....all will be forgiven

Depending on specs, how it plays with the OS (stock, custom UI?), and the slider mechanism, this could be cool... almost a semi-tablet / phone. I am interested in the tri-fold phone design concept phone that was going around. Yet, I'm still somewhat disappointed, but I'll wait till I see the specs and such to make final judgment.

Dhamp2g says:

Specs. Or no specs. It's a fkn KIA-SARAH LOL

verks says:


I'm truly disappointed. I sure hope they will announce more then just this gimmick.

Cornhockey18 says:

There is no way this is the main device they are announcing. If it is why would david blain be the entertainment? It has to be that LG 3D phone that was leaked about a week ago.

EggoEspada says:

No surprise here. I knew this was just hype for something super gimmicky. Its also by a low end manufacturer, which makes this worse.
I'm tired of lack of innovation.

enzofall says:

let down

bobaka says:

sprint is pathetic... please replace top management

joek1971 says:

This is a pile of CROCK, SPRINT you have to much better then this, no need to make such hype about this.
What a waste of an event, we can skip this. Sprint has to do better then this, iphone 5 with WiMax and now that be a event or HTC flagship phone with WiMax with LTE on top, i totally speechless about this event. Looking forward to HP event now, is next. I hope this is not all Sprint has to offer otherwise this is huge huge waste of time. Major LET DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orion78 says:

So this is it? This is what it's all about? You have the other carriers dropping big bombs and this is what Sprint has up their sleeve? lol I'm going to give them the benefit of a doubt and assume this is not all they will announce. Oh well. In the end of the day, I'm just waiting for CTIA and for the announcement of the EVO 2.

oh God, it's back---The Kin fiasco!

exp launch date: June 1, 2011
exp clearance date: June 2, 2011

.let down. seriously. this better not be the main attraction---not even Darth Vader could make this phone look cool.

yeah, i said it. my lack of faith is NOT disturbing.

eye4ni says:

Okay, in Sprint's defense I will say that we have yet to see this "event" and that this Kyocera cannot be the main attraction tonight. There is something much bigger than this coming tonight. If Sprint dipped out on CES to hold their own special even to show us a Kyocera, then someone needs to lose their job at Sprint, and it needs to happen tonight.

I will reserve my opinions until after the "event"

Dhamp2g says:

LOL too freakn tru this can't be it. U all sound like my wife after sex. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

svargas05 says:

I was holding out for something better.... :(

Im not even mad, im just disappointed. Evo it is for the next year I guess.

I have faith in you, Sprint. Dont you die on us now!

ienjoysoup08 says:

I am not going to judge a phone before I even see it. who knows this phone could be a gingerbread, dual core, 1080p recording masterpeice. The only thing I am worried about is the screens size. are they both going to be the same size because if so thats pretty small. and how is this hidge going to work. I hope a slider that pops up to make the big screen then I would buy this phone.

buggyman says:

I agree. 4.7 inches in not much for a dual screen. Heck my Evo is 4.3, I don't think I could even tell the difference in screen size.

Just give me F**kin' Froyo on my Epic 4g that was promised eons ago!

buggyman says:

I will hold judgement until I see the phone. But I was wanting more. I hate to say it but the only way that SPrint can come out way ahead financially is if they get the Iphone. THe Verizon Iphone first day sell out to Verizon's current customers showed us that.

HeadOffice says:

I hope there's a new MIFI in this announcement...

rem_kujawa says:

I hope its a cover up or distraction.

H13 says:

Kyocera is japanese for crapola. PASS. I will stick with the EVO.

If this is really what they called the press in to see, Fared Adib should start sending out his resume.

romma says:

From Dual-Core, to Dual-Bore... Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!!!

shaps6 says:

I'm withholding judgment until the official announcement is made. Why is everyone just assuming that Sprint has only one phone they're planning on announcing tonight. Let's just keep it together and let them give everyone a reason to be upset with them.

I will say, however, that I chose not to upgrade my phone last month when I heard about this rumor. If there are no exciting options presented at this event, I have no qualms just jumping ship and heading over to Verizon.

dchawk81 says:

I like how people are getting down right mad as if their crack dealer got arrested.

Lighten up, people. It's just a phone.

chance1117 says:

I hope thats not it!

How about a dual OS Phone? Android wants to be on everything and Microsoft would still get paid for a license.

lmao people complaining about a device that no one has seen yet, it funny

This is a cool concept and i look forward to seeing more about it

MikeDroid says:

maybe their anouncing a partnership with nintendo to play ds games? that better be the case because otherwise this is a epic fail

paga912 says:

i hope this is a trick to get us mad and they surprise us with some crazy phone that s**ts on the evo…that would be nice

ProCision says:

What a major let down if this is all they have for tonight. I want out of this Pre- I have and now all I can do is wait for Palm/HP's night. WTF are they thinking.

eye4ni says:

People are not getting pissed about a phone they haven't seen yet, they are getting pissed because they have been holding out hoping for a Mercedes, then finding out that it is really just a Ford Festiva. Doesn't matter how loaded the car is, it is still.... a Festiva.

mustangboy88 says:

Well Sprint is exactly the Mercedes of carriers. And they don't charge Mercedes prices for service.

Gator352 says:

Maybe it's a dual-screen phone with a built in Kyocera printer??

Ike313 says:

I held from upgrading for a kyocera. I'm fed up with Sprint.

dtblair24 says:

ha, WOW. I am seriously hoping they have something else up their sleeve. If they are having a big event and that guy David Blain is showing up, I expect more than this. If this is it, I hope it fails miserably and maybe then, Sprint will get their act together.

keebler0617 says:

Really Sprint? Last year you introduced the Evo, which is totally f**kin cool, then this crap? LOL!!

"What do ya got a team of monkeys workin' around the clock?"

- Hockney(The Usual Suspects)

JayCudi says:

You gotta be kidding me?
I refuse to believe this is the ONLY thing Sprint hyped the event for...