Sprint Nexus S 4G training

Dunno from whom or where this came, but it sure looks like someone's about to get all trained up on the Sprint Nexus S 4G. (See our hands-on at CTIA.) And it sure does look like it could see an April 18 launch. The Nexus S 4G, as you'll remember, is the same as the original Nexus S, with a Wimax radio thrown in for good measure. It'll cost you $199 on-contract whenever it does launch, and you'll have to shell out extra for the Wifi hotspot. Submitted via the official Android Central app

[Update: Got a tip that this is sort of a soft training launch from the rewards site that announces the trainings, and that we could see the consumer launch a week or two later. The source guesses on or about April 24.]


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Sprint's Nexus S 4G launching April 18? [Update: Just a training launch?]


crappy hardware? Samsung is the best in the business when it comes to hardware. I think you meant it the other way, who wants moto with their crappy hardware?

You morons need to put your peckers back in your pants and get over yourselves. Both Moto and Samsung make great hardware. Moto's downfall is the bootloader and Samsung's downfall is their complete and epic failure at keeping their software updated.

I've got an X with the leaked and rooted gingerbread on it as my personal phone and I'll be getting a Nexus S 4G as my work phone when it comes out in a few weeks.

This Moto vs Samsung vs HTC vs etc etc etc has got to stop. We've all got an awesome operating system that is beating the competition into submission and all you idiots are worried about whipping it out to have a measuring contest.

Freaking children.

We are the children for giving opinions? But you are the one calling us all morons, idiots, and talking about peckers. Who needs to grow up?? This is a place where we are all allowed to give opinions. There's no reason for name calling or attacking.

No, he's right. The manufacturer fanboyism/anti-fanboyism is annoying and childish, an it's my least favorite thing about the Android community. We're like Linux users, or (no offense meant) some religious people, so very little makes us different from one another in the big picture, but we're always bitching and fighting with each other over whose better. I guess it's fitting we act like Linux users, because technically, we are.

Opinions can be wrong, opinions can be childish, opinions can be stupid, and when they're fueled by fanboyism, they usually are. There's absolutely no reason things should devolve into "blah blah blah x manufacturer sucks blah blah blah my lg chocolate touch is so much better trolololo~". That's not how mature discussions work. Respect other's opinion when you express your own.


Even rabid fanboyism between OS is immature & silly. Believe it or not, I know an iPhone user and she's a perfectly normal, nice, intelligent person. ;)

Mature discussions don't use the knee jerk expression "fanboy" to characterize someone with a contrary opinion.

In my experience, the build quality of most Samsung smartphones is less robust than those from Motorola or HTC. I've played with the Tmo Nexus S in a Best Buy before it was rumored for Sprint. The construction was definitely not as solid as my Evo. I'll still wind up getting it, but I would've preferred it if a bad been manufactured by HTC. At least it won't have Sense or TouchWiz.

A "fanboy" doesn't have to have a contrary opinion. A "fanboy" is someone who takes their support of a company/product to an almost cultish level.

I like Android, but I like Apple too. I'm not a Fanboy.

John likes Android, but he also thinks anything else is inferior no matter what and without trying it first, spending more time bashing non-Android on various blogs than he does working. John is a Fanboy.

We both like Android, but one of us takes it too far.

So yeah...a person can use the term "fanboy" and still be mature.

You seemed to have forgotten the context of the original "fanboy" argument, which defended a comment that lead with "You morons need to put your peckers back in your pants and get over yourselves. Both Moto and Samsung make great hardware."

It's easy to call someone you disagree with a fanboy, since there's no standard of proof needed to characterize someones position as extreme, cultish, etc. It's intellectually lazy, and has no place in serious conversations. Obvously you disagree, and I'm OK with that.

Is it theoretically possible to call someone a fanboy in a mature context? Sure, but the same applies to calling someone a moron or any other pejorative without qualification.

interesting...whats that HTC on the bottom. Talked to a sprint rep they said evo 3d is coming out May sometime. But he might be lying to keep me around.

It's just the promotional period for the sales team to win prizes for the HTC Arrive. See the link to the full picture higher up in the comment thread.

It is per phone. The incentives change every month. You can earn extra dollars for selling certain phones on top of what you already make.

I so hope this is real! I am coming over from a palm pre and I want a nexus to be my first android experience.

So a question I have to ask is...do we have to automatically pay for the wi-fi hotspot, even if we are not planning on using it?

Damn it, that a few days after the $125 ETF credit deal ends. Guess I'll have to get the EVO and then trade it in a week later cause I really want the NS4G.

Am I crazy for considering ditching my Evo? The Evo is a great phone and mine is rooted and running CM7, but I really want to support the Nexus line of phones. I fear if people do not buy the Nexus S Sprint will never bring another Nexus branded phone to their network.

What do you all think?

Real picture, but everyone is taking it the wrong way. This is just a flyer for training on devices. It's simply stating the Nexus S TRAINING will begin on 4/18/2011. All the dates on this flyer refer to web-based trainings.

Read this whole thing carefully, I disagree that this is just advertising a training. If you read it all it says to take the quiz and sell the device to earn extra money. You can not do the second part without having a phone there to sell. all the dates are not referring to training they are referring to promotional stuff through April

Whatever I still think it comes out close to that date. I still pre ordered with Best buy yesterday, and I am happy about it