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Even though many users have been seeing it before now, today marks a momentous occasion for Sprint. Today, July 15, sees the official launch of their LTE network in Kansas City, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta. 

We reported yesterday that various Android Central forums users have been seeing their LTE data light up ahead of time, and while speeds seem to be varying across the board, on the whole everyone seems pleased thus far. 

Let us know what kind of data speeds your seeing in the comments below, or head on over to the Android Central forums where the discussions are sure to carry on for some time yet. 

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Reader comments

Sprint's LTE network officially launched today


I'm in Overland Park, on the Kansas side of KC, and I have yet to see 4G light up on my phone and I've been from the extreme south to the extreme north, however all on the Kansas side.

Gonna get the GNex at the beginning of next month. We'll see how well the network is then or I'm sticking with my Evo 3D.

same here in DFW....i live in far north Carrollton(nothing)....I come to work thru Coppell(nada).....and am now in Las Colinas(still nada)

I'm on the far South end of Houston. I have been seeing average speeds of 16-24 Mbps download, and 3-5 Mbps upload. I have also seen speeds as low as 3 Mbps download. I assume the gap in speed has something to do with the amount of network traffic as more people turn on their LTE. Just excited to finally have LTE! It's about time!

Saw it for about a minute in OP by JCCC two days ago. Have yet to see it anywhere downtown Kansas City, which sucks because that's where I live.

I'm in Atlanta Ga (Midtown) visiting friends & still waiting for signs of that LTE signal. Tomorrow I go back home (Houston) so we will see how things are in the Downtown Medical Center Area... A little dissapointed right now. :(

I live in north atlanta and I have a g nex. Last night, I was averaging 11 down and 6 up. Today, I am averaging 10 and 10 up. I am pleased with these speeds. I averaged about 8 down and 2 up on wimax.

No lte in dallas either getting 0.44 Mbps up and 0.02 Mbps down ping 118 ms now this morning it was 0.07 Mbps up and 0.15 Mbps down ping 1058ms

I see zero in Far North Dallas even though a friend of mines is averaging around 20mbs in West End Dallas.

I live in Raytown (Kansas City area) and the coverage map says I should be knee deep in LTE!! No such luck, no signs of LTE here, whats up Sprint? Read they said it is mainly out of doors use right now? I have WiMax in my house and my wife's ET4G has a great signal. I sure hope that by the end of the day my phone is faster than hers!

Well, SPRINT, how about getting some of that LTE here to Phoenix?

Near downtown phoenix az last night I was getting 15kbps down and 253kbps up.

I thought, what a wast of a powerful EVO LTE on a shitty network.

Hope sprint gets their act together soon enough.

I am with ya. I live in the greater phx are as well. Customer service for me has always been great, but coverage here is way behind the other major carriers. I have an evo 3d and would love to upgrade to the new phones, but I don't see the point if they are not capable of upgrading the network here. It just seems to me they are content with the fact that they cannot compete here. As a matter of a fact I have to use an airave in my house in the middle of Scottsdale. I just don't understand why phx has gotten the shaft for so long. After 14 happy years with Sprint, I will be reluctantly looking elsewhere for service. I do not want to, but I have a business to run now and need to have mobile data for out of office appointments.

I live in Independence, MO, about 5-10 miles east of Kansas City, I haven't seen my 4G light up. NO LTE here! Sprint is a scamming company! Out of all of the carriers, Sprint has the worse service.

How dare Sprint in the infancy of their LTE network make sure you don't have LTE from the get go. Damn scammers! We better call the Better Business Bureau.

Dude... They said "Kansas City", not "Kansas City and every little town within 20 miles". Might be time to think about switching to decaf.

Hell, I wish for those of us that can't get LTE where we live, would get half way decent 3G speeds. I feel like I'm surfin' the net on dialup!

I hear you... I wanted to throw my phone in the trash last night, but I knew it was not the phone's fault. I couldn't even load a page. I was getting only 15kbps down. Sucks.

I live west of Detroit, MI area and I get over 1.2Mbps download out door on Sprint 3G, inside I`m using their AirAve which I get close to 2Mbps and sometime I pass it. And where I`m working we all using WI-FI. I`m happy with what I have. Which I might never see 4G or Lte in Detroit, MI area for anther year if we`re luck.

>"Hell, I wish for those of us that can't get LTE where we live, would get half way decent 3G speeds."

They are working on that too. Around here, one by one the towers are being 3G upgraded and the speeds are finally getting much, much faster. Sprint Vision is more than just LTE, they are overhauling 3G too, and not just in the LTE areas...

^^ This

I live in Houston, and still sporting my Evo3D with WiMAX (so no LTE for me), but I'm seeing the 3G speeds improved *drastically* since this weekend. Before I was lucky to get 150kbps, but speed tests this morning are peeking at 900kbps and holding steady around 600kbps. That's pretty damn good for 3G. And it's noticeable on the phone, too.

I'm sure they'll be rolling out the new network to the rest of the country as fast as possible. Be patient, guys. Sprint has a lot of work ahead of them.

Live on Main street downtown Dallas. See nothing. Used to get full bars on 4g wimax with epic 4g.

Not getting any LTE in downtown or uptown Dallas. Can't figure out why Sprint wouldn't actually give reception in ya know...actual Dallas. People can use WiFi in the burbs at their homes. I was Looking for speeds outside of home to finally be reliable, such as work. I understand that reception through buildings has issues, but I thought we learned all of this when wimax came out. If you are going to have a rollout in a city, do it right. I'm sure now this means the entire country will get half-ass rollout before doing Dallas right.

Then don't get sprint. Go pay att or verizon an arm and leg for service. I may not have the best data speeds but I have great coverage and almost no dropped calls plus my bill is way less than if I was on att or big red. Instead of complaining just switch.

^^ +1 ^^ Not to mention *actually* unlimited data.

I love T-Mo's new radio commercial: "unlimited data for the first 250 megabytes."


The network was only released at 30-50% max, it's not going to be everywhere in the area the second they launch, towers still need to come online in some areas..........Relax people, smh

12M down & 13M up here in Olathe KS @ 5:15pm. I'd say LTE is shinning brightly here. But whay use it at home when wiFi is available? But it's nice to have it when our working in the yard and streaming some music.


Sprints Wimax 4G is crappy at best. Won't hold my breath for their flavor of LTE. Especially a network that is hemorrhaging customers and money. Good luck anyways...

Why are you saying that? Maybe you are in bad area, I had VZW and I dropped them, because their 4G Lte service in my area equal to Sprint, the different is just higher monthly bill on VZW. In my working place the people has T-Mobile use to make a joke on VZW inside the building, So not that mean the carriers bad or their network bad, it`s depend where you live, some area has better signal than the other, so stop all the non sense. I do carry to phone one from Sprint and one from AT&T, which has HSPA 4G in my area and Sprint has 3G, I didn`t see much of a different. SO I can`t see your point.

You are a dork?? LTE has nothing to do with WiMax. It is not a Sprint "flavor" of LTE, it is LTE.

Why would you even bring up wimax? Sprint stopped expanding that a long time ago. Wimax speed was around 6-8 which is decent but reason it was bad was due to expansion not continuing. Also, lte just started. Verizon lte wasn't as big as it was now couple months after activating. If you don't like sprint then don't get it, its that easy. I'll stick with sprint and their low monthly bills that don't force me to get a 2nd job just to pay it every month.

I got the signal in Frisco, TX off and on yesterday afternoon. Today? Not a damn thing. Looks like Dallas is getting nothing today after reports of being on yesterday.

I saw some lte out on 435 and I-70 in Kansas City, great speeds. Hope it gets to me soon!! Gotta be better then the WiMax! :-)

People relax the LTE just launched. They will improve 3g as well. Yes I know we been let down. But I think we will finally have the network. Sprint has the devices for sure. I'm sure by this time next year it will be much better.

Listen, we bought Galaxy S3s and HTC EVO 4G LTEs and pay premium prices for a reason. Sprint's coverage map show's that I should have 4G coverage and I have 2 bars of 3G instead. Don't show that on the map if it isn't true. Southeast Houston.

You don't pay any more any anyone else does.

Chill! And you might want to update your PRL each day while they work on the rollout.

It's day one of LTE where you live. At least you have it there. I live in Milwaukee, and never even got WiMax. Be happy it's "official" where you live- it WILL get better.

thank u^···New Orleans never got Wimax watching y'all bitch about not having lte on "roll out day" is ridiculous

JUST A REMINDER: Make sure you switch your network mode to CDMA/LTE, sounds like some people are forgetting that the S3 and every other LTE phone is by default set to CDMA only.

I don't understand all these complaints about lte not being in their city. People, lte for sprint just started 2 days ago, even verizon didn't have lte in all cities when it was first released. Just give it time. If by beginning of 2013 a lot of major cities still don't have lte then you can complain then, but sprint already said that most of their network will have lte coverage by end of 2013 and as a plus it will be introducing lte advanced which will be even faster.

I'm excited but a point of note. I'm not getting LTE inside my work place downtown KC but I do get it out in my heezy about 16 miles east. On another note, my wimax signal on my old 3d didn't happen inside my work building either. #itllhappen.

Sprint's data speeds are s bad by me that i can hardly stream music. i don't think i would stay with Sprint now even if they gave me a new GS3 for free.

That's certainly an option for you, and I don't know where you live in the country, but Sprint still has some of the best pricing plans and the Network Vision upgrades they're doing is more than just LTE. 3G speeds here in Houston went from 100kbps to 600+ kbps over the weekend. Even if you don't have an LTE phone, you could well be seeing some big 3G speed boosts in the near future.

Fortunately, I've got WiMAX, but I could never leave Sprint's unlimited data. I put about 18gB/month through my phone :)

I enjoy reading comment about no LTE service in LTE cities.

You have to know how to use your phone well enough to recognize it is a on / off setting. Personally I like ON and am getting 9 to 10 MB/s down since last Wednesday.

Sprint sucks, just sucks less as of late.