Titanium Galaxy S2

This render of a color refreshed Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) hitting Sprint has just landed in our inbox, which you can see above. It's not the highest quality picture ever, but it's worth noting that it falls right into line with a leak we saw earlier today that a refreshed Galaxy S2 was hitting Sprint in the coming weeks. Put these two together and we'll bet you'll see this "Titanium" (we'll call it gray) model in Sprint stores for the holidays. A color refresh is fine and dandy, but we'd be interested to see if that's the only change in this model.

Previous information shows a retail price of $99.99, and smart money says there will be some holiday deals associated with that as well.

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Sprint readying refreshed Galaxy S2 in 'Titanium' for $99.99


Whats wrong with wimax? Sprint still has yet to turn on LTE everywhere, most people can only get 4g via wimax on sprint.

It's wrong because you are signing a 2 year contract. Where ever you live will have sprint lte within the next 14 months.

+9000 The Galaxy S2 is a very capable phone, but let's be real here. The S3 and Note 2 are out. It's the end of 2012, no one should be buying this phone and signing a 2 year contract. If you find this phone off contract for a decent price and go prepaid, then hook it up. But to buy this on contract, when Sprint is starting to get serious with it's LTE, is a moronic move at best and you deserve to be kicked in the canookies lol

Eventually Sprint will have to stop selling WiMAX phones since I think the cutoff for WiMAX is 2014 or 2015. So they can't lock people into 2 year contracts buying this device for long.

I agree. I have the S II and I love it and fortunately I have wifi and 4g so I am satisfied but that is not the case for everyone. It is a moranoic move for someone to sign a contact especially since LTE is the better network. Not sure why Sprint did not make this an LTE phone.

Sprint,... I can only ask.....WHY? [Very confused look]

If I sign up for another 2years I'll be doing it on "Black Friday" when the GS3 is $50.

Source: Engadget

It'd be interesting to find out more specs on this phone. It will be tough sell when the GS III can be had at the same price occasionally (when it's on sale).

Especially at that price. The only way I see this as practical is if you're in a good WiMax area and with good speeds.

They're still getting a hundred bucks for this phone, holy crap. I can think of a ton of phones I'd rather have for a C-Note.

Is this some sort of joke? When I saw this post I assumed it was going to say this phone has reached its end of life. Can't you sometimes get a Galaxy S3 for 100$-150$?

Yeah, and especially with it being the holidays, Bestbuy, Amazon, and even Wirefly will probably run promotions where you can get the S3 for $100 or less on contract. This is just fuggin stupid. The S2 is a year and a half old.. for someone to still have it already on a contract is fine, but to be dumb enough to buy it on contract??? I would take the Sony Xperia phone over this one in a heartbeat.

this will revolutionize the cell phone industry, changing the color of a phone more than a year old! what will they think of next?!?!


-WiMax, aka super fast battery drain, a total bore for nearly everyone
-2 year old phone...
-99 dollars poorly spent

FYI, the color is not new. The phone in the color called titanium is refreshed. Reading comprehension people!

Uh, no, it's only about a year old. Perhaps you're thinking of the Galaxy S (Epic 4G on Sprint) is more than 2 years old, and I don't think they sell it anymore.

Yeah, WiMax blows. +1 for renaming it SFBD connectivity. This is nothing more than a money grab on Samsung and/or Sprint's part.

Love my S2, and are they just calling it the S2 and not some silly name like Epic 4G Touch?

Eh, I'm going g nexus for my next device so it doesn't bother me.

I could see this phone selling for $39 on contract but not at $99, especially when you can buy the S3 for $149 or cheaper usually on Sprint.

Sprint needs to move this titanium version over to Virgin Mobile! THEN it'd be a great phone, tho I'm sure it would cost $300+ just like it does on Boost. But, as with Boost, it'd be the best phone available for Virgin. Why is Sprint messing around "refreshing" this phone for .... SPRINT?? Dear Sprint, I know you don't like to offer the same phone for both Boost AND Virgin but, c'mon, what other "high end" offerings are in store for Virgin? I was hoping the Moto Photon would be offered soon but now that Motorola has the Photon frozen in Gingerbread, that's no longer an exciting prospect. Maybe I should just jump ship from Virgin to Boost. All I know is, with prepaid phones trending upward in quality, I'll NEVER go back to Verizon again. Prepaid is the future, at least for good value ...

It won't be WiMax - Sprint dumped all their WiMax phones when they decided to make their 4G u-turn. The original plan to only support WiMax through 2015 has changed due to Sprint becoming a majority shareholder in Clear. Sprint's new plan is to let WiMax be the 4G option for all their pre-paid customers to keep the LTE network from being an over-subscribed cesspool like their 3G network is today.

Most likely it will have LTE, but the rest of the hardware specs will be the same as the original S2. This will let Samsung clear out their old inventory and let Sprint off the hook for the S2s they originally committed to buy but didn't when they decided to drop WiMax. Who would buy a museum piece like this? People who want an S3 but can't afford it. Remember, the $99 price is just their opener. Expect deep discounts on this as January approaches. It will probably be FAR and then free with a 2-yr extension and then free with a 2-yr extension for people still under contract before January.

Honestly I think they really only wanted to refresh the color to sell the rest of the stock, and to let the people who can change colors to so and for another option for kids. I know parents that are still getting there children the Galaxy S2 because its a simple phone, and they dont need all the extra stuff the S3 or Note or even the EVO LTE has. This is the next best smartphone to get for your kid if this is going to be there first smartphone.. I wouldnt let my kids walk around with a BRAND NEW S3 and have to deal with the problems a new phone always has before Sprint or even Samsung straighten out. S2's been out for what..? A year and a few months? This is gonna turn into the new "Original HTC EVO 4G" and basically sell JUST like that did in my mind. I mean, all the problems with this phone have been worked out since a year, rumours of guaranteed Jellybean already out, and still a great phone until LTE is released into more places and more "Kid friendly" LTE phones are dropped. Lets face it.. The S3 has to many features a kids not gonna end up using, so youll end up blowing 200 bucks out the window.. Samw with the EVO LTE.. Kids really only use there phones for texting, twitter, facebook, instagram, and maybe a few games, so why use 200$ to let them do just that. They dont even notice the processor inside the phone, and how much better this and that phone is.

Well, looks like this beautiful baby WILL be coming to Virgin Mobile afterall! This is fantastic news for all VM customers (and prepaid customers, in general) Add this to a pretty good Galaxy Reverb and Virgin has a nice 1-2 combo that offers a lot for two different price points. (The Reverb is avaiable for anywhere from $174 to $199 on several different sites and this S2 will be released on VM for $369, just as Boost charges for their S2, tho hopefully both phones will be on sale for much lower prices the closer we get to holidays. I'm going to hold off a while to see what deals are offered before I pick one over the other. I had pretty much decided on the Reverb but now I just might spring for the S2 if I can find a good deal on it. I've read that both the Reverb and S2 run silky smooth so either one is a huge upgrade for me.