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We already knew that the Sprint LTE network was due to fire up on July 15 in selected markets, but it seems as though it's already starting to be seen across those lucky cities. 

According to various different reports in the Android Central forums, Sprint users are starting to see LTE data in cities slated for tomorrows turn on. We've got threads stating that LTE has been turned on in San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta, Kansas City and Houston, all the cities we were expecting to see fired up tomorrow. 

If you're seeing LTE yourselves, why not let us know down in the comments below, or head on over to the Android Central forums and join in the discussion.

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TheDonJ77 says:

This is an exciting day to be a sprint customer...............Keep up the hard work sprint, now light up DC :)

ReggieTee says:

I was at the movies in Frisco, TX and right before the movies begain, I looked at my phone and was surprised to find the 4G signal. It came on and off for awhile but since i've left, it hasn't connected again. Hopefully tomorrow.

bigtank says:

i was in Allen most of the day(121 & Alma)and kept looking but no luck

mike31082 says:

I'd be interested in seeing some test results of the network in these cites once it goes live. Both 4g & 3g.

Tests I've seen vary quite widely. Usually downloads in the 7-15mbps range, uploads in the 4-9mbps range.

Hopefully it comes to my neck of the woods in Texas (El Paso) soon, can't wait to try it.

briankurtz79 says:

Not sure how much longer I can wait in Orlando. If the iPhone 5 comes out (which the wife really wants) and there: s no lte in site I'm going to unfortunately go to Verizon. Really don't want to deal with tiered data and locked boot loaders but not sure what choice I have. I can't deal with 200kbps speeds much longer.

tailsthecat3 says:

I switched to Verizon a couple of weeks ago from sprint and it was well worth it. I couldn't tolerate sprints horrid network a second longer. Now instead of waiting for lte in the Boston area(south of) I have super fast lte and faster than sprint 3g everywhere I go. Not to mention the integrity of the connections, the voice and SMS network, etc etc. You get what you pay for.

mhmmdy123 says:

I had VZW And I dropped their service, Their service worst than Sprint inside, I did switch back to Sprint. At least Sprint cheaper and provide me with AirAve, which I can download 1.5 Mbps to 2Mbps inside on the 3g. Which is that`s sad, I`m in the area which VZW claiming it`s 4gLTE covered area. It`s all comes down to one thing, depend on the area you`re live in.

smalltank says:

depending on who you talked to at Verizon and ANY carrier is a YMMV..Sprint was THEE worst 4 years ago..sent me a $700 bill..why?! suckers..very happy with Verizon IMO

ReaganDee says:

Switched from Verizon 2 years ago ... Their network is meh at best. VERY pumped to be on the Sprint network these days. Never had a problem over here.

jgrmsmith says:

You get 200kbps!? I'm such a hater! I wish I could get that!

lmao when i even get 5 mbps down i get disappointed because its so rare on my at&t one x.

dv220s says:

I can get 2-3 Mbps on 3G! Sometimes it'll drop to 1.5 but it's still not bad for 3G.

briankurtz79 says:


Sit tight, Orlando isn't far off from getting lte

I believe Orlando,along with the Tampa-St.Petersburg,FL Market, are among the metro areas listed for second wave of Sprint's LTE rollout this Fall.

installerman says:

LTE on near Eldridge Road & Alief Clodine Road West Harris County, (Houston Metro Area)...

xorg says:

Sprint now shows LTE coverage on the official coverage maps. KC, ATL and several TX metros.

mike31082 says:

Those are some promising results. I hope Sprint has their LTE network up and running soon in Boston (currently expected be live between late August and October from what I read).

n.o. droid says:

can the state of Louisiana get some love

jonyah says:

Nothing here yet, southeast Houston. Sporting the EVO LTE and S3 (wife). Can't wait till tomorrow though.

Nextelian says:

Atlanta just came up. WOOO! Getting a pretty steady 9Mbps down and 7Mbps up from inside my house.

FletchBerry says:

I have a 4G LTE connection with five bars on a Sprint G-Nex. Located in San Antonio I ran the speed test and averaged 2.2 mbps.

jimmiekain says:

22,000kbps is 22mb not 2.2. I've been looking all over youtube for a video of a sprint lte speed test. Has anyone found one?

briankurtz79 says:

22 down and 9 up is no where near 2.2

That damn Dewey and his decimal system.

Yo where in SA are you I'm not seeing LTE yet I'm in schertz.

FletchBerry says:

I took those three tests at I-35 and 3009 exit about 20 feet from the frontage road. I cycled the LTE/CDMA switch on and off a couple times then saw the 4G icon (pictured).

FletchBerry says:

So that was 22mbps and actually 4 bars of 4G LTE reception. *I have fat fingers*

brendilon says:

I think I'm done with Sprint. It's not the network, and definitely not the customer service, it's the hardware. I'm sick of the locked down cdma bs. I'm gonna get an unlocked Nexus and move to straight Talk or tmobile.

Yes leaving Verizon and it's CDMA LTE NETWORK has been a blessing to me. I always hated Verizon and their handling of the Galaxy Nexus with it poor reception and horid signal strength. Now on Tmobile and it's HSPA PLUS GSM NETWORK i am extremely happy with it's network. My Galaxy S3is wonderful and it works in areas my Verizon Galaxy Nexus never worked. I am now looking to enjoy my next Nexus come November it will be a GSM bought Galaxy Nexus from the Google play store. Verizon is just overrated and overpriced.

squiddy20 says:

Wow. You definitely need some more reading and comprehension skills. Brendilon made absolutely no mention of Verizon. He did however, mention Sprint. You know, that OTHER CDMA carrier that you bailed on for what you called a "pimp slapping" Galaxy Nexus? What a dope.

Channan says:

You know, when you insult someone else's reading and comprehension skills when you're the one who didn't comprehend properly, it looks really bad. Brendilon said he's done with Sprint because he's "sick of the locked down cdma bs." Richardyarrell said he hated Verizon because it's also CDMA.

ReaganDee says:


squiddy20 says:

Thanks for that. I guess you didn't read my second to last sentence.

Reading has NEVER BEEN his comprehension...This poor Samsung Moment guy...He makes me laugh...

squiddy20 says:

Wow. Given that your first sentence makes absolutely no sense and the fact that I've told you multiple times over the past 2 months that I no longer have a Samsung Moment, guess I'm the one "laughing".

illdini says:

It took me about 5 minutes to to get S-OFF (used LazyPanda, not HTCDev) & about another 5 minutes to unlock my Evo LTE.

disturbed1 says:

I have a video showing lte in action!

angelblas17 says:

No LTE in Downtown Kansas City. Hopefully tomorrow.

stopsign002 says:

Man I cannot wait for the launch in southeast Michigan... The speeds are decent in my city (Ann Arbor averaging 500kbps down), but more than anything else I want to support Sprint because I believe they are trying to be progressive compared to AT&T and Verizon. The whole Google Voice integration is a great example. Lets go Sprint! Beef up that network!

mhmmdy123 says:

Man I have the Galaxy Note on AT&T and the Galaxy S3 on Sprint, I didn`t see any much different. I live in Canton, MI.

stopsign002 says:

In network speeds? Not totally sure what you meant lol. But if you mean network speeds, I know AT&T destroys me around Ann Arbor for the most part. They seem to always be over 1mbps if not up to 2.

kenmid says:

I'm in Fort Worth I got as 25down, 9up. It seem that coverage is pretty good.

jeisenlo says:

Wife has EVO 4G LTE and I have Galaxy S3... no LTE signal in southeast Houston yet.

Sh3ngLong says:

I hope the Bay Area gets LTE a few months ahead of schedule. :P

dizzle16 says:

6 cities? Congrats if you live in one. And to the other 44 states and countless cities within, sorry. Kiss my ass sprint. I pay $200 a month to stand in line.

stopsign002 says:

Gotta start somewhere

Masheen says:

NYC, LA, Miami? Who cares about middle America.

Dillon007 says:

Working great here in Hurst Texas.. Posted A screen in the forums..
13MBPS down 4MBPS up.

Unobtanium says:

As a Verizon customer I say, "Good." It's about time, because hopefully competition will help with future Verizon and AT&T price increases/fewer service choices. Especially Verizon, since Sprint is also CDMA on the 3G side.

idoc21 says:

My galaxy nexus connected to it yesterday in Kansas City (Olathe) ...I got 10mb download and 3 uploading... I haven't been able to connect today though

skiskilo says:

Houston at 288/Elgin is up! 13 Mb Down and 3 up!

So hows the 3g connection?

skiskilo says:

3G is much improved at least Medcenter area. 1.2 d down, .6 up.

That's awesome

I want upgrade to a nexus but I'm reading that battery life is terrible

Battery life is everything but terrible. I love mine.

FletchBerry says:

The battery is working great on my G-Nex however its only seven days old. The sooner you root the sooner the battery life goes south.

skiskilo says:

I went with the S3. Great battery life and now with LTE its living up to everything I expected.

spectre1971 says:

Using a S III living in Douglasville, GA on the west side of Atlanta and just got 9.6 mbps down and 1.3 up...can only get better once they get everything tuned up and worked in

spectre1971 says:

UPDATE....10.1 download and 3.2 up

Pages are loading super it

jsherm10 says:

I got a g nex and live in north Atlanta. I am averaging 12 down and 6 up.

Cap335 says:

Yep, getting LTE here in Stone Mountain, GA!

mateo2012 says:

Nothing in SE Houston Hobby.

k2ldc10 says:

I'm in San Diego and holding out a bit longer to get either the EVO 4G LTE or an S3. I'm interested in hearing how battery life is on these phones using LTE. I have time before LTE shows up here, but ready for a new phone now!

l00natic71 says:

Their "network vision" upgrades are working. I used to get less then 400kbps at home before, ran speed test app and now I get 1.5MBps. Not that it matters much, since I'm on wifi at home, but gives me a good feeling about other places. I'm going to Las Vegas next month. Anyone in Las Vegas can say what their speeds are like on the strip? in the past it was unusable for me. And sorry for being off topic.

DBscrilla1 says:

I have an HTC EVO 4G LTE and my wife has a GS3 and she has been getting a 4g signal since yesterday mine started today both phones have been off and on speeds have been 20 down an 9 up hopefully they stay that way.

goadiroth says:

If anyone is curious, my 3G connection is getting 26kbps down, 21kbps up, and 2264ms ping. I live about 20 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles. No 4G where I live either, unless I drive 2 miles away to the next city. I hate Sprint right now.

IAmSixNine says:

I'm about a mile outside downtown Dallas and still on 3g.

Drove by a tower north of me and saw two white trucks and some boxes labeled Ericsson. The tower was also offline so I'm sure it's getting its network vision upgrade.

eventer289 says:

I'm seeing LTE in Kansas City. Max speeds I've seen have been 15 up and 14 down.

alexanderith says:

You lucky bastards!!! but on all I am glad its rolling out cant wait until LA gets it

FletchBerry says:

Yesterday I got 22mbps download speeds with fewer people on the network. Today is the big day Sprint flips the switch. Will we still see these speeds? Will they slow dramatically? Will they improve?

ex)I never thought that I'd see LTE living in Newnan, GA., a suburb south of Atlant. saw the article on Android Central, checked it out, turned it on (rooted GNex) & there it is! All my years as a Sprint customer have paid off. I don't yet know my speeds but they load MUCH faster, feels like close to my wifi speeds. I'm excited that my whole route from home, work & family shows LTE!

feeth says:

I was at the Sprint store near walmart last week and LTE was not working on the store phone. I turned the wi-fi off and nothing. Maybe I needed to cycle a setting? The store employee claimed it was not turned on in Newnan yet.

Bagdemagus says:

I'm getting 10 down and 2 up in Decatur, Ga. Went live yesterday afternoon. Couldn't be happier with the Galaxy S3. Upgraded from an Epic 4G and the new LTE speeds are a great improvement.

palo117 says:

I live in Newnan but I was in Duluth yesterday and averaged about 30 down and 12 up.!

Lito187 says:

I have been a Sprint customer for six years now. When they launched simply everything I thought it was the best value on the market. When 3g launched it was good. For the past like 6 to 8 months my service has been lack luster. However I have confidence that Sprint will finally begin to deliver. I heard that the 3g connection will also be updated. So let's just all give Sprint another chance. Id be happy with anything above 5mbs download and 2 up.

jtexans says:

Though I don't have an LTE phone, I'm getting 4G Wimax signal inside my home in The Woodlands, TX on my NS4G...but I was never able to receive the signal before.

sipimpin#AC says:

Atlanta up getting around 13mb down 3.8 up

emerilnut says:

Hear hear for Atlanta!!

I saw 13 Mbps down and 12 up!! :)

mhmmdy123 says:

Anyone have any idea if Detroit going to see Sprint Lte sometime in the future?

pstarrobbie says:

9:55 am July 15 in dallas TX no lte here same crappy 3g and no bars .24 Mbps down 0.42Mbps up ping 123 ms

jeisenlo says:

Nothing in southeast Houston yet. Disappointing...

rsa says:

No 4g love in Carrollton Texas, yesterday they were testing it but today nothing!

NateBoii says:

wow! loving hearing all of the positive feedback from satisfied sprint customers. im still rocking my og epic 4G. do for an upgrade later this year, so im excited for what the future holds. just hope a new badass device running jb stock is out by then. hahahaha! lets go sprint.

beanznrice says:

I live in west atlanta. Getting 11.5 download and 8mbps upload. It runs incredibly fast and im impressed. Evo 4g lte.

Klotz says:

Being a long time Sprint user is about to pay off when my friends are saying,"Awe Man I wish I was with Sprint before so i could get grandfathered into unlimited hispeed data." Cause thats what its gonna come down to. Those who ride out the storm are gonna have the best smartphone plan available.

DBscrilla1 says:

Test Date: Jul 15, 2012 1:22:59 pm
Connection Type: Lte
Server: Houston, TX
Download: 4.12 Mbps
Upload: 1.37 Mbps
Ping: 108 ms
This is all I'm getting I live in NW Houston BS what the hell sprint

jtexans says:

zip code?

pstarrobbie says:

Better than dallas went to sprint store today they told me wait till the 18TH

Dillon007 says:

Still great here in Hurst,I hear no LTE in west Fort Worth yet.

Anyone know why they dropped Baltimore?

volksvagn01 says:

I have been getting 4g LTE on galaxy S3 in somerville, Malden and other surrounding suburbs of Boston. One speed test showed 13.5 megs down, 7 megs up! not bad for not being officially released !