Add another one up on the board, Sprint 4G is now in 62 cities across the U.S. Sprint announced today that the capital of Califonia, Sacramento, can now enjoy the wonders of 4G speeds. So if you live in the Sacramento area and you own a Epic 4G or EVO 4G, be sure to hit that 4G toggle button.

If your city isn't one of the 62 yet, don't feel sad. Sprint has also said that they are planning to bring WiMAX to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Denver and Washington, D.C. by the end of the year. Now where's that Speed Test app, hmm? [Sprint]

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Jerry-O says:

Still no word on Tampa... what is going on in this crazy world!!!

evoss05 says:

Sorry to dissapoint you but here in tampa is on. The problem is that the signal is a total crap. Look on sprint 4g maps to start crying.

Steb0ne says:

I'm kinda mad Richmond, VA and not in Hampton Roads area, which covers Norfolk, Va. Beach, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Suffolk

slbailey1 says:

I'll be glad when 4G comes to Fort Lee and Hopwell.

noszero says:

I am going to Tampa in a month..hope I can try my ten Buck a month premium 4g somewhere there...

Come on New Orleans!

dougeetx says:


redeye#AC says:

They say 4G is here in Tampa, but still no signal in a lot of areas and only 1 bar in most. Also did speed test in many areas and was getting only 1 mbps up and down. Even when able to get full bars, most time was still 1 up and down, but rarely can get 2 down and 1 up.

isnt this washington d.c's 3rd time to launch? they did it under xohm, then released under clear about a year ago, now again?

adam7425 says:

umm DC already has Sprint 4G.

tim242 says:

Come on Little Rock! LoL With Clear's money's going to be a long wait for a lot of us.


slayerpsp says:

3g download 86kbps upload 318kbps 4g download 4662kbps upload 988kbps
this is with poor to fair 4g. Anaheim ca

suavehouse says:

I live in the DC metro area and I get 4G popping up on my phone often. Is it spotty? Yes, but I get it. My last test on it I pulled down 8Mbps and that was on 3 bars. I would expect the official unveiling this year, but it's live now.

urbarrie says:

I also leave in the DC metro area and I have an EVO 4G. Most places I go around the DC area, I do get 4G in most areas. Some areas the signal is very strong and some areas it is not. Lanham, Hyattsville, Bladesburg, Alexandria and other cities around DC in MD and VA also have some sort of 4G signals just like Baltimore. Those that mean that we will get strong 4G signal all around DC? +1.

redeye#AC says:

Looking at the speed tests everywhere else, how can they say that it is on in Tampa. Was getting better speed tests when they were only testing it.

Keep on flipping those switches Sprint! Verizon still doesn't have one city with lte. Wimax 4g FTW!

urbarrie says:

How comes T-Mobile is claiming that they have the largest 4G network in the U. S.? Is that a true statement?

because they have "4G-like" speeds and feel they can issue that as 4G since sprint isnt really 4G niether unless they upgraded to wimax 2

tgrant1975 says:

Come on!!! What's up with BUFFALO. I know the bills r shitty, so at least give us some 4G action. Lol.

based on the photo, 3g looks like a more enjoyable experience.. lol

onixblack says:

I will never get 4G and if I do it will be when 5G comes out. I live where Phil lives so I can feel his pain.

slimshady says:

yea 4g in tampa is a joke I work in tampa and live in clearwater and very little 4g around I just gave up

shaundizzle says:

cant wait for 4g to be official in LA.

i go to cal poly pomona and i get 4g all over campus. for the most part.

even without it announces i get 4g nearly everywhere in LA. just went to dinner at the London for my mothers birthday and got 4g on top by the roof pool. 4g like a king. once its official ill be stoked./

bipoler#AC says:

I have 4G here in Columbus ohio....funny its not on coverage map though :-( but works great 8mps down roughly 1.5 to 2mps up steady not bad....

yay...finally get to see sacramento on 4g. now i don't feel so bad paying that extra 10 bucks a month. well, maybe not so bad. first clue was 4g was mysteriously activated two months ago, steady and strong. i knew something was up.

Was in Miami over the weekend and I had 4G there.