Full range of high-end products and plans coming to nearly double the number of Costco stores

Sprint announced today that it will be expanding its retail partnership with wholesale store chain Costco, bringing its phones and service into 100 additional store locations across the US. Sprint currently operates wireless kiosks inside of 106 Costco locations, which are managed by a third party called Wireless Advocates, and offer a complete range of Sprint's high-end phones and plan offerings.

This third-party group brings better trained professionals versed in the Sprint product portfolio and offerings into the stores to help customers make the right phone choices. The expansion marks a huge partnership between Sprint and Costco, which should be mutually beneficial to both parties.

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Sprint to expand sales in 100 more Costco locations nationwide


"operates wireless kiosks inside of 106 Costco locations..." Great. I just love those kiosks; nothing like being harassed about phone service when all you wanted to do is buy 10 gallons of 3-Bean salad in a can.

(And yes Sprint can open a kiosk in every business - but until there is LTE in my area (and until their 3G is better than dial-up speeds) it still will not matter)

My 3G is actually good again. Ping around 60ms and 1.7mbps average stream. It's topped out around 2.8 at night. Used to be dial-up like you said.

LTE is better but not by much. They seem to be throttling the 4G. It can't be load; I'm in a small town. LTE used to get around 12-ish here and now it's only about 4 or 5.

I think their 4G is just 20x faster than their 3G. It makes sense as I usually get 75kbps in the stretch I was in.

From my understanding, the same people who run the mobile phone area in the stores will be handeling the Sprint phones. Just as they do with AT&T and Versizon.

I'm sure Sprint will have reps there to train and update them on the phones and the network. But I'm sure that will be a temporary thing.

I for one am glad to see Sprint devices being sold at Costco. Just hoping they come up to the stores in the Chicago area.

Good for them for expanding. But honestly, until they announce the Note 3 I could care less where they're selling their phones. My SGS2 is on its last leg and I've been holding off my upgrade for the N3. All I want is an announcement, is that so much to ask?

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Lots of Sprint haterade here. Sprint's entire network is in the middle of a rebuild. The Sprint LTE is getting better. Check Sensorly for real world performance.

Love sensorly.. Arizona has "no" 4G but love seeing it popping up in Phoenix metro and south of Casa Grande.. c'mon Tucson!!

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Let the haters hate. Seems like everytime there's a Sprint post the mouthbreathers come out of the woodwork to gloat on how much better their network is. Seems like a lot of wasted energy to me.

Granted the NV rollout has been slower than expected. Hopefully some of this Softbank money will find it's way to speeding up the rollout.

Hey sprint! Maybe some LTE first, then worry about Costco!

A dissatisfied customer
(And not the only one)

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Sprint did not do the rollout in our area (Philly-Harrisburg-Baltimore) a third party did. That is why ours is better and got here faster than everyone else.

I am not complaining, just sayin'

For whatever it's worth, Sprint used to be the ONLY cellular service sold by Costco. That was when Costco managed the sales and inventory process themselves.

Later, Verizon was added to the mix and after that, Wireless Advocates took over the kiosks within select Costco Warehouse locations. About the time AT&T was added to the mix, Sprint was dropped. Later, T-Mobile was added.

Costco locations to my knowledge never sold any Nextel product or service.

For some time, Sprint service plans and devices have been available for sale through costco.com.

Go to: http://membershipwireless.com, and click on the Sprint tab at the top of the page.

To me, the device/phone/handset selction for Sprint is rather limited.

If you do not have some sort of corporate discount that waives the activation fee directly with Sprint or a Sprint dealer, by virtue of being a Costco member this waives the activation fee, and a few accessories are thrown in as well.



Sprint screwed up my signal to where I automatically roam even though I have roaming turned off. My time zone keeps changing. Lastly, I can barely place a call or send a text.

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