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In recent days we've seen the getting started and full user guides leak out for the Sprint EVO 4G LTE. And then of course, right on cue, we had pre-sale for the device starting up. Now, Best Buy are starting to take orders for the hotly anticipated device as well. 

The EVO 4G LTE is being offered up for $199.99 on a 2-year contract, with the regular price showing up at a whopping $699.99. Customers who pre-order through Best Buy will also get themselves a $50 Best Buy gift card when they activate their new phone. Interested? Hit the source link below to get your orders in. 

Source: Best Buy thanks cr33p!


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Sprint EVO 4G LTE pre-sale opens up at Best Buy


Too bad I have to wait till The first week of June, to be eligible for upgrade!. Them, I can get The phone for $199.99

Call Sprint, explain that your interested in the new EVO and would like them to adjust your renew date accordingly, 9:10 times they will do it. I've done it several times in the past.

I have to disagree, I also asked and on both attempts they basically said wait till the May 18th if your someone with June 1st upgrade like myself and the previous poster. Again not a huge deal but annoying since you can't go through Sprint to do it. So i just went to Best Buy Mobile put down my money and called it a day.

You can't disagree with something that happened. You can "not believe" the poster above you, or you can call them a liar, but it's not a matter of agreement rather it is an issue of dispute.

I have to agree with you. I have 2 lines that contact expires in July and they are both showing eligible for upgrade at this time.

Nope, it's true. I worked for Sprint, had customers that needed upgrades that could only get it done 2 weeks before. You are also comparing today to what. 2 years ago?

I got my epic touch 5 months before I was eligible. it cost me $75 extra dollars. They can prorate any contract if you ask them.

i loved THE OG EVO. bought it on launch day 2 years ago and used it ever since. but now i upgraded to the G-Nex and i'm never looking back. HTC lost me.

Some times we can witness a person who goes for non Sense, an inferior camera and display, poor reception in a cheap plastic slab. Why?

Now that you've blown your upgrade, (perhaps you have a few days remaining to turn it back in) you'll be regretting your foolish decision with continuous envy. I sure wouldn't want to feel like you.

Do we hear you now.. Gekko?

Everyone has their opinion. the gnex is half a year old and holds strong with a phone not even released yet. I won't be envying any of you while your sitting next to your iPhone pals all waiting for your phones to charge and I just swap and go! C ya!

If your entire argument is based solely on the removable battery, then it's not too much of an argument. This phone should more than cover the average user, not even considering that many people will have docks in the car, office, home, etc.

I'm saying the battery for me is a deal breaker with 2 phones that I think are pretty comparable. I've never had a reception issue. I don't care if the battery lasts for the average user. I play internet radio all day everyday at work. No phone can do that. plus GPS to get to jobs, 20-30 phone calls a day. Yeah I need an extra battery.

poor reception in a cheap plastic slab.... I just don't get it how can you get poor reception withcheap plastic, wouldn't that I'd anytHing help reception? I'll never understand the Samsung mind

Well, I have no idea what other people experience, but my reception has always been perfectly fine (on Verizon, anyway). My dBa's have always been within 1 or 2 of other phones when held up next to them.

Can someone tell me what the benefits are of getting a smartphone from Best Buy? Isn't there some sorta warranty you can purchase through Best Buy for your smartphone?

The Buy Back is such a big rip off.

The insurance isn't terrible, but I've gotten back refurbs with more problems than the phone I traded in.

Correction. Buy back on everything but phones is a rip off. For phones its amazing. its based on the retail price of the phone not the price you paid. Galaxy nexus for instance retails at best Buy for 800,
0-6 months you get $400
6-12 months you get $320
12-18 month you get 240
And 18 to 24 you get 160

the buy back starts the month after you but it so when you're eligible for Ann upgrade at 18 months you Getty 240 back for the phone you paid 200 for and everybody knows how fast Android phones depreciate so yes

You could sell a GNex for at least $600-700 within 6 months, $400-600 after 6 months and $300+ after a year. So, no, it's not not a rip off.

edit: forgot to mention the $60 you pay for them to buy your phone back... yea...

Disagree. Best Buy is giving me $280 for my Evo 3D. Currently, the Evo 3D is going for about $180 on eBay, PLUS I'd have to sell it and deal with other hassles (like shipping, etc).

So, in my experience the buy back program has been amazing.

best buy really is a rip off. they will refuse to fix your phone even if it is a manufacturer defect if you didnt buy their crappy expensive warranty. the only reason i bought my nexus s from them is that they were the only ones selling the att nexus s and it was a penny

Retailers are not in any way responsible for manufacturing defects after the 14 or 30 day "money-back guarantee" window. If you have a problem with a device, and you didn't bother paying a little extra for peace of mind from the retailer, then the only reasonable course of action is to contact the manufacturer, who often provides better service than the retailer would have if you shout politely enough.

I have a Nexus S4G from Sprint. My phone refused to boot up on day (about 4 months after I bought it). I took it to a local Sprint store and explained my issue. The "technician", and I'm using the term loosely here, told me that I knew about phones and that I had corrupted it. I said no, he stood his ground (and I hadn't done anything to it, no rooting, unlocking, etc). I called corporate and they send an over ride. Long story short, call technical support, be polite and calm. You will find out the people will actually want to help you when you treat them well. So, for any issues, I would try the carrier first.

Wait...I just read the end of your comment. You bought a phone from someone for a PENNY, and you have the gall to be pissed off that you can't go to them at any point in the future for free repairs and replacement? You know how much a penny is, right? It's a penny...

You can get Black Tie Protection for $10 per month. If does not cover the phone if it has been lost, stolen, or completely submerged. I believe the limit is 3 junk outs per year and there is no deductible. However, you do get a refurbished phone back and sometimes (often in my experience) the phone has issues. Pricing wise, it's better than most offer.

Don't get the buy back though. Do the math and you'll quickly see it is not worth it.

A friend of mine had the Black Tie Protection on his last phone. He always had a piece of crap loaner phone for 3-15 business days while he waited for another phone. Is that still the case?

Usually no more than 5 days now, but I've only seen 2 bad phones in the past 3 months. And that's a lot of phones. And don't listen to the people taking about buy back, it's the best way to go if you like to upgrade every period. Good money back, usually costs the upgrade and an accessory

Best Buy buyback costs $60 to enroll and you get at MOST 50% of the cost of the phone back. And that is if it is in perfect condition.

So say you went to sell back your One X in 6 months, the maximum amount you can get is $300, but then you have to remember the $60 you paid. So that is $240 back. And again that is assuming you have no scratches, dings, dents, etc. If your phone is in that good of shape, you could easily get $400 for it on amazon, ebay, or Craigslist. Easy.

Plus, whatever Best Buy offers you for your phone is non-negotiable, so if they say a tiny scratch loses you 20%, it is either take it or leave it with no refund of the original $60.

And whatever Best Buy chooses to offer you is in the form of a Best Buy gift card, which means you have to use it at Best Buy. I don't know if you have looked recently, but Best Buy prices out of contract are about $100 more than through the carrier or amazon.

All in all, if you want to trade in your phone in 6 months and buy a phone out of contract, using Buy Back you would end up eating a $200-$300 difference.

Not worth it at all.

The retail price its usually 700 for NeW back its best when you're holding onto your phone until next upgrade at 18 months which gets you 210 for your phone. Android phones depreciate really fast. 2 year old Android phones are no more than 150 on Ebay and 100 on craigslist.

I got $180 for my original Epic on CL when I bought my Touch in Feb. That phone was 18 months old. And you don't get 210, you get $150 (You paid $60 at the outset, remember?)

The funny thing is you wouldn't even get that much. You get 20% of the original purchase price (not 30). So you would get $140 for a $700 phone and then subtract $60 that you paid and end up netting $80 for your used phone. And that's if you managed to keep it looking like new over 2 years.

I got $180 for my original Epic on CL when I bought my Touch in Feb. That phone was 18 months old. And you don't get 210, you get $150 (You paid $60 at the outset, remember?)

For a 2 year old device, you get 20% of the original cost.

Back to the One X example, that would be 20% of $650, which is $130.

Now, subtract the original $60 you paid. That leaves you with $70.

And that is only if your phone is in perfect working condition. Even you said, you can get more than $70 on Craigslist or Ebay.

Honestly that really depends on the store you go to. You really want to go to a high traffic store because they send shipments out to geek squad city a lot more often. (Not sure if you have the option of multiple Best Buys, but the biggest one in your area is where you would want to go). The 3-15 days thing is pretty accurate. I've seen (and had) phones come back in 3 days, I have seen (and had) them take two weeks. It really depends.

Btw, I used to work there and still talk frequently with a ton of workers and managers at a handful of Best Buys.

I've always gotten my phones from best buy and I've never had a problem. I think they are a better deal because usually there is the extra incentives (in this case an extra 50 bucks off or a 50.00 gift card) Another perk is their black tie protection for 10.00 a month. Again I've used this several times with no problems at all. Only draw back is waiting 3 weeks for it to get shipped back but I always have an army of "last years models" to fall back on.

For 10.00 bucks a month they will fix practically any situation that befalls your phone, you don't have to pay 100 or 150 like you'd be charged with the carriers insurance or another 3rd party insurance.

Also if you're a regular best buy shopper like me the rewards points are pretty good to add up.

In the end it's a matter of preference and it's obvious that people get different mileage at Best Buy. I don't know if it's that i simply have done business with better stores or I have a more realistic approach to how the system works but it does work for me!

I pre ordered yesterday in money down. I'm returning my Galaxy Nexus for this. Hopefully, I don't regret it :|.

Great decision. It's good you still can return the Galaxy Nexus. You won't regret it like GEKKO. What could you possibly regret? You've obviously read the reviews of their respective capabilities and performance.

I pre-ordered a HTC One X (you know the phone that came out last Sunday) and I still don't have it. I was #1 on the pre-order list at the Best Buy store where I purchased it (several weeks ago). There are several stores in my area (Central FL) and none have received their shipment yet. When I called yesterday, the representative did say they would knock $50 off of the price however, making it only $149.

I hope you have better luck than I.

Keep in mind, activating the phone at Best Buy get's you an additional $50 gift card which can be used toward the purchase of the phone. This is NOT the gift card you get when you pre-order. So in a sense, this makes the phone $149 from Best Buy.

And, if you trade in your old EVO, they will give you an additional $50 gift card. Assuming your existing EVO checks out and isn't damaged in some way.

And if you signed up for the phone freedom thing at the beginning of the year through best buy, that's an additional $50.00 off meaning you only pay $50.00 for a new EVO, I preordered mine yesterday and plan to benefit from this deal. :)

I'd like to know how the Best Buy insurance plan is different from Sprint's where I am able to get immediate in store replacement or repair at Sprint.

I preordered the new EVO LTE on Sprint's website and paid $199.00 with NO TAX and Free Shipping. I understand Sprint is paying $70. 00 for good condition original EVO 4g's.

Remember activation of all new phones on a Sprint account costs $35.00.

The biggest differences with Sprint's insurance and Best Buy's Black Tie Protection is the fact that Sprint will charge you 100.00 for a claim, and you can only do it 2 or 3 times a year.

Best Buy doesn't charge anything extra for a claim (however there is the wait time) and you have practically unlimited claims for practically anything that could happen to your phone. It doesn't have some of the claim restrictions as sprint. It is 10.00 a month so it's 3 bucks more than Sprints unless you pay for a year up front then it's the same price at about 7 a month.

Keep in mind, insurance through Sprint is going up to $11 a month on these phones. There was a blurb about it a couple weeks ago here on AC. I believe it's all phones over $549 are $11 and phones under will remain as $7. Also, the replacement fee is upped to $150-$200 for these phones.

This goes into affect in June. Our phones come out in May so whether the fee changes in June for us, don't know, but it could be terms for early cancellation possibly.

You obviously read these articles. Why didn't you do the right thing and tip them to the news? Where to people honestly think the bulk of these stories come from? That's the beauty of the internet: crowdsourcing.

Was it posted on this website? If not, then that's why it was posted now. Not sure why you thought that pointless comment was important enough to type...

In fact, yes, Best Buy's presales were available Monday (not Tuesday) and it was discussed heartily in the forums Monday. My comment is more about the timeliness of the Blog entry (being a day late and somewhat incorrect to boot).

By the way, there's a plank in your eye. You may not have noticed it with your Troll-sized eyeballs. ;)

I buy all my phones from best buy. They will match any local or Internet price. Wirefly. 119 best buy will match plus. 50 gift card not bad

I got Best Buy to price match Radio Shacks $149.99 and got a $50 giftcard applied to my One X purchase. Ended up paying $99.99 plus tax. Worked out really well.

I'm doing BB also because of the automatic $50 credit from "phone freedom". $149 for the EVO LTE not bad.

I had completely forgot I signed up for the phone freedom thing and when they signed me up for service the coupon for the giftcard automatically printed out. It was great.

I'm sad. I remember the Phone Freedom thing, but I can't remember if I actually signed up for it. Anybody know if there's a way to tell without actually buying a phone?

Wow, a $150 premium over Sprint's full price. They definitely don't want you buying an unsubsidized phone.

I'm waiting until somebody steps in and stops the obvious price-fixing to lock people into contracts.

I took advantage of the buy back program at best buy. Cost only 30 if you bought insurance through them. So bought an evo 4g for 199.99 plus tax. Year later got 240 for my used Evo applied it to brand new nexus with 50 upgrade they were offering. Then prepaid for insurance for 169.99 which by the way is better than sprint which comes out to 7 a month. And also got the 10 plus 40 with Google wallet. 120 final cost with buy back, new nexus, and screen protector NICE!!

Unfortunately, I can't pre-order unless I knew the date it was being released...I won't have less than 180 days on my T-Mobile contract until mid June...if I wait until then, my ETF will only be $100 as opposed to $200. But, I want this phone so bad!

Yeah, but then you'll have the advantage of all of the people who use it. They'll be posting on XDA and everywhere else, and you'll get to see if there are any unexpected bugs, or if the battery life is wonky, or if it hangs up if you hold it wrong... :D

In essence, everyone else gets to be your guinea pigs.

To those of you arguing over Best Buy policies on their protection and buy-back.... here's a quick run down..

Best Buy Mobile Geek Squad Blacktie Protection
Regular Smartphones: 9.99 per month (there is an outright 2 year option)
iPhones: 14.99 per month
No Deductible
-Unlimited Claims
-Does not cover lost or theft (however free subcription to Geek Squads Lost & Found Service)
-Covers accidental damage like cracked screens
-Covers liquid damage
-Turn around time is literally down to 1-2 days to get a replacement device. (excluding weekends)

Buy-Back Program on phones
Regular Price: $60
When purchased with their protection plan: $30 (so 50% off)

Buy-back is designed for individuals who do not WANT to hassle with selling their phone. Plus it is a gauranteed returned value based on the retail price, not the subsidy price.

Let's look at the Galaxy S2 Epic touch for Sprint..
Retail: $699.99
Current 2 yr Contract Price: $149.99

In good condition:
0-6 months: $350
6-12 months: $280
12-18 months: $210
18-24 months: $180

So someone who doesn't like to sell their stuff online would essential get back what they paid for the device when they're eligible for an upgrade (149.99 + $30 buy back w/ protection). Better than getting $50 bucks for trade-in in two years...if not less... right?

Remember, the average consumer does not want to deal with selling their phone on CL, Ebay, etc. In our day and age we would rather sacrifice some money for convience and time.