We're live at Sprint's event in New York City, where Sprint says it has "something up its sleeve." Illusionist David Blaine is schedule to appear, as is Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. What will we get? Find out in our liveblog after the break. The show gets on the road at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST. Join us!


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Sprint event liveblog is .. LIVE!


A magician at a live event? Are they going to make sprint disappear, what that's already happening...

Sprint Announcement = Epic Fail

I never again will want to know what is up Sprints sleeve. Why?... All that it is going to be is another let down.

Hey ... there are 6 patents for the hinge!!! Don't think they will have any patent infringement lawsuits ... this thing is STUPID!

Leaving Sprint because of a phone? Just make sure VZW doesn't put you into bankruptcy with their stellar tiered data plans.

Locked in for another year ... but if this is the best Sprint can do over the next year ... yes, I will be moving!

Don't look now, but Sprint's plans are coming closer to VZW and ATT, now that the $10 fee applies to all phones ... yes, it is still cheaper, but only because of the unlimited data, text, GPS, any-mobile, and nights and weekends at 7. I see all these things in-play over the next year ... especially if Sprint gets the iPhone.

If this is the ONLY phone Sprint puts out this year I will be disgusted with you. But you, I, and everyone else, whether they admit it or not, know that Sprint will release more and better phones this year.

Yeah they are coming a little closer. But still not the same. Do the math over a 2 year period and there is no comparison, especially when you add in all the "unlimited" features.

lol dont be a FOOL.

have you been paying any attention to VZW lately and its policy changes,price hikes, upgrade changes and so on?

the prices are going up, the data plans will stay limited, the policies are going AGAINST the user...

sprint never looked BETTER.

wow what's better than a 4.3" screen? 2x 3.5" screens!! not

worst idea ever

better ideas:
evo with dual core
evo with qhd
anything really

I hope this thing looks better live because I think that in these photos this thing looks very unappealing, ugly and bulky. Definately unrefined.

Better signup for preorders! These things are gonna go fast ... back to Kyocera, that is!

Total failure by Sprint.

Makes me want to switch to another carrier ... the Horror!

Wow - it is lamer than I thought. I want to watch a "dual" screen with a big old space in the middle. Could they have dropped the ball any worse on this deal?

I'm hoping Dan Hesse gets fired for being stupid enough to think people really want this device. I'm guessing they will only sale maybe 50,000 of these things!

I hope someone at the event can get some news on the Epic froyo update... I need at least some satisfaction out of this event..

Updates might be impossible, Engadget says 2.2 was put there because they had to do some heavy customizations for dual screen support, sorta like what Motorola did with i1 to get iDEN working right.

I waited to see if I should upgrade to an EVO - I could have had my EVO a full month now. HOW LAME Sprint is. Someone forgot to do a little thing called Consumer Research. I'm betting it isn't even 4g so it will take you a week to load two screens of data.

lol they called a special event for that? They should have just released it quietly on the website. Sprint really needs help in marketing

Well, everyone knows Sprint has some highly priced, highly educated guy steering that marketing ship. The proof is, well, sorely lacking.

Why would they have David Blaine open for this? Could there be another announcement after? Please! This phone is horrible... and why not a dual core processor? How long will it take to get Gingerbread on it if there are so many custom APIs for the dual screens? High hopes... smashed.

I really never thought I would wish someone lose their job but it's rapidly becoming apparent that Sprint needs a new team. One bad choice after another just isn't good.

They are really reaching. "It has good battery life but just in case you need it here is a second battery" Sounds like good marriage advice from the divorced marriage counselor!!!

Not that this phone isn't tragic but if people really think this will be Sprints flagship phone then their as crazy as Dan Hesse. EVO2 FTW @ MWC.

No 4g, 5mp camera, no front camera, only a 1370 mAh battery...what a p.o.s. I mean with that battery & 2 screens, you might make it to lunch before needing to swap to that 2nd battery!

I can't believe what a huge let down this was.

I really can't believe that this is what it was. I missed the news for this? I mean AC did a great job but Sprint...you really need to get a clue.

Engadget: "Unfortunately, third party apps can't be run in any of the new modes and just fill the entire display for now -- Kyocera and Sprint say an SDK is coming shortly."

I can see where there might be some use but with all the high end devices popping up everywhere this phone won't be a seller. Sorry Sprint, who the heck is running their sales dept. What a big time let down. Im waiting for the Pyramid from T-Mobile to be the next big thing from my carrier. Still sporting my Nexus One and the MyTouch 4G getting some kick ass speeds.
Thank You T-Mobile

What a joke - They can afford to hire David Blaine but can't hire the right people to get Froyo Source Code working on the "SAMSUNG EPIC FAILURE"

I hope that Dan Hesse realizes how angry some of us are over this ridiculous delay. Samsung takes the initial blame but Sprint has had the source code for long enough to get Froyo out.

Probably not be renewing contract w/ Sprint
Will never ever buy another Samsung

Epic owners want their FROYO!!!!!!!!!
We better not have to wait forever for Gingerbread


I can't believe that's it. What an disappointment. That's it????

This says it all in a nut shell

No 4g, 5mp camera, no front camera, only a 1370 mAh battery...what a p.o.s. I mean with that battery & 2 screens, you might make it to lunch before needing to swap to that 2nd battery! (Ejthedj)

I mean people traveled to this event a long distance. Imagine their disappointment.

How can you hype this up and bring nothing to the table. At least make another announcement to make it interesting to everybody but Dan Hesse.