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If you are on Verizon and have had a hard time deciding which device to get, it seems like things are not getting any easier as yet another device has leaked out along with some specs. The LG Enlighten, a mid ranged QWERTY slider has appeared, and apparently it is set to release on August 25. The device will be running Android 2.3, Gingerbread, and will be powered by a 800MHz processor, not the fastest we have seen, and all of this will be displayed on a 3.2" HVGA display. While it may not compete spec for spec with some of the other upcoming Verizon device, is the LG Enlighten something that you could consider owning? Full spec sheet after the break.

Source: Droid Life

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Specs slip out for Verizon's upcoming mid-line slider, the LG Enlighten


LG does make a good keyboard. Look @ the enV2/enV3 feature phones & even the Ally (last year's mid level Android.)

Microsoft has only just now listened to what QWERTY fans have wanted from the beginning with the keyboard they put on the D3.

Not really sure how this is considered a mid level device. Other than GB the specs are basically the lowest of any current VZW Android handset. Screen resolution is horrible, barely any internal memory, slow processor that may not even support Flash. Can't help but feel VZW is looking to exploit customers that have been demanding a handset with a keyboard but don't want Motorola. This should be a 49 dollar phone at launch.

why is an 800Mhz processor not good enough? do you think every phone needs dual core 1.2 ghz and 1gb ram plus a 4"+ display, here is a news flash- every carrier tries to exploit its customers

In a word YES. YES. and did I mention YES? ... The more speed and processing power the better. If a 1GHz DX running Gingerbread is a laggy mess, then one can only imagine what slug this phone will be. Nice little phone, just don't ad lots of apps...

I'll bet this phone will be FREE ($49.99 w/ $50 MIR) with a two year contract and it's only purpose in life is to rake in that extra 30 bucks a month for VZW. This phone is the LG Ally Part 2.

Yeah about GB being a "laggy mess"? One of my devices is a DINC Running CM7 2.3 and runs beautifully. I have no real "issue" with it at all. Regarding price point it will prob be a $99 or possibly $149 (for 30 days or so) not as a rip-off but rather a alternative to those who want a smart phone for e-mails and FB but not the users who read forums and wait to spend $300 on a phone..My mother would be proud to have a phone that ocudl do the basics and not worry about the browsers ability to render etc. (she is rocking a EnV3)

I have a Droidx running "Stock Gingerbread" and its wonderful. Most people don't know how to properly install a new version of Android on their device. The way I've gotten the most success is to back up my important data via "My backup" or another app then wipe data in recovery before the update. Also unchecking the 2 boxes in privacy, which in froyo updates reinstalled old settings over the new ones and caused problems. If you update like this you will also have a great experience.

Depends what you mean by good enough. Like I said, this phone should be 49 or even free with a contract. It's basically an Optimus with a keyboard. The optimus is a solid handset, but in now way is it mid level. Trust me I had one and the screen is not that good and the apps fill up the memory very quickly.

At free, then its a good phone. At 149 pass.

The proc is not slow. It is probably the same second gen snapdragon in the Desire Z. It is a good midrange proc. Its the poor screen resolution/size and memory that drag it to low end.

cough cough optimus slider? cough cough

Would be a better name considering it looks like they crossed the rumour touch with the optimus line and got this