If you haven't yet made the jump to the "red hot" Android device of the moment (hint, hint, it's SSSuper…) then you might want set your calendars and come back here tomorrow at 11am EST sharp when we'll present you with an absolutely great offer with the lowest price available online for this phone that comes in multiple flavors on the big red network.

This offer is presented by the Android Central Phone Store in association with Best Buy Mobile Solutions and will be limited to the first 100 people who place their order.

The additional bonus is that thanks to Best Buy Mobile's new "Buy it today, get it today." capability you will not only be able to buy it online quickly and at a super price but even (in most instances) be able to pick it up on the very same day!

So set your watches and get ready for 11am EST tomorrow …


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Special Android sales event starts at 11 a.m. EST Tuesday


You can use the hotspot feature if you pay for it or get one of the new family share plans. Or there is an app in the Play Store that does not require root. So there are options to use it as a wireless hotspot.

Hey y'all,

You probably oughta change the time in the article to either "11 ET" or "11 EDT" since "Tomorrow [...] at 11am Eastern" is not the same time as "11am EST tomorrow."


Very true, the entire East Coast is on Daylight Savings Time (EDT) right now, not Standard Time (EST)...

The article states 11am EST. We are currently on Daylight Savings Time. So is it to start at 11am EST, Eastern Standard Time (12am EDT), or 11am EDT, Eastern Daylight Time (10am EST)?

I'm assuming the author(s) can't post much more info than has already been posted, but are we looking at deals on contract pricing only, or full retail pricing as well?

Stop drinking the paint Pete! Good question tho. So how bout it are they gonna be excellently priced with or w/o contract?

I checked pricing yesterday, and the phone with Contract was 249.00 for 32GB its now 179.00 W/Contract.. no discount for NO contract..at least as far as I can see..

Just tried to snag this phone. Am on Verizon with a grand-fathered unlimited data plan of the 29.99/mo type. The phone is 129.99 plus the 35.00 activation fee and if I spring for the upgrade, Big Red will force me out of my grandfathered plan into a plan that costs minimum 40/mo for 400MB shared data. Sorry Big Red, not falling for this upgrade. Will try searching for this phone without contract and with a discount. Will someone please post when they come across a discounted/no contract/verizon capable phone?