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Despite no official announcement -- still -- of an incoming 32GB version of the Google Nexus 7, the evidence continues to mount. Following on from the recent, accidental, shipping of a 32GB tablet to one lucky Japanese customer, the Spanish leg of Carphone Warehouse has posted a registration page for the device on their website. 

A registration page is all this is, yet is another valuable piece of information about the device. While rumored to be replacing the current 16GB version, at this time this is exactly that. A rumor. What we do get from however is an indicative European price for the 32GB Nexus 7. They've priced it at an all round pretty reasonable €279 (£224/$360.) It's a slight bump on the current Euro pricing, of around £25/€30 which, if true, isn't a bad price uplift for doubling the storage. 

But, until we have something official, we have nothing official. We know it's coming, we just don't know where, when, and how much Google might end up charging. Sit tight folks. 

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Spanish Carphone Warehouse showing registration page for 32GB Nexus 7


Laughing out loud at how excited everyone is getting over a bit more storage on the N7. This is very Apple-ish to under deliver in one area only to shortly thereafter offer a new version with a bit of an improvement in this one shortcoming that gets everyone in a tizzy like their doing us such a huge favor.

Thank you for giving us the option to have a media consumption device (that only includes WIFI) that can be used offline.

For me, it all depends on pricing. I'd probably be fine with the 16 GB model, as I still have more than 4 GB free on my EVO LTE and nearly 27 GB left on the 32 GB microSD card in it. Granted, I don't currently have my music stored locally, but that would still leave plenty of space. Besides, it's the phone that takes 8 MP pics, not the tablet. Android Beaming stuff from my phone to my tablet for temporary usage will probably suffice. I'd probably have to have Jelly Bean (read: CM 10) on the EVO, but that's not a bad thing.

A 16 GB Nexus 7 (or money to buy it myself) is probably what I'm gonna request for Christmas.

to a certain extent we are at a loss of ssd.. apple has purchased over half the worlds supply of ssd manufacturers chip sets.. so it's kind of difficult for other companies to purchase in bulk, when apple has everyone locked down...

I'm sure google wanted a 32 from the start, but could not obtain the ssd from the manufacturers..

ever wonder why there was a delay with the n7 release..

something to ponder.