Sony is getting set to launch a new smartphone that makes it easier to capture selfies. While initial details on the device are scant, a leak from earlier today revealed that the device will feature a front-facing LED flash module.

A picture shared on Sony's social media accounts shows a group of people posing for a selfie with the hashtags #GetTheFullPicture and #Tomorrow along with the tagline "See your #selfies in a whole new light." While Sony hasn't shared any details regarding the handset, a leak on Weibo claims to offer up live images of the device, which will allegedly be called the Xperia C3. The images showcase the front LED flash unit as well as a 2500 mAh battery, and the fact that the device comes in turquoise.

Would you guys be interested in a device with a front-facing LED flash module?

Source: Twitter (Sony Xperia); Via: Weibo


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Sony's 'selfie' focused phone launches tomorrow, leaked photos reveal front LED flash


Relax. Unless you are a "self-absorbed twentysomething", then don't take offense at a comment that was not directed at you.

I am self absorbed. I'm handsome, smart and generally awesome but I still greatly dislike selfies.

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You guys don't like selfies? Deal with it.
Welcome to the latest permanent trend of normal. It isn't going away anytime soon old timers. Even some of your own generation adopted it for Petes sake.
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Why!!!, any Android phone can take a selfie, now fb will be worse than it already is, supposedly a social media site, hahaha, try and find one conversation on it when you finally get past all the pictures and selfies "well done

I agree. While I don't take selfies, I see the trend has been for phones to put more powerful cameras for the front camera...A flash is naturally next. You put a five megapixel camera on the front, you want to see the details in the picture.

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Selfies have been around forever people just didn't call them Selfies

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The worst thing about this "craze" is that people are now referring to ANY picture as a "selfie", someone else takes a pic of you + some famous guy = selfie? No its not a "selfie" its just a pic!

You know a buzzword has been killed once mainstream media start using it (and using it wrong!).

The worst part is, this plague of selfie-phones is just starting. Microsoft also has one in the works and I think HTC too (and therefore Same-sung will also have one).

I rather we went back to pictures of food on Instagram. Specially because the food looks better than 90% of the people that take selfies.

Selfies is a fad that hopefully goes away soon. This phone, like that Facebook one, will be DOA. Although props to SONY for experimenting.

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Oppo already did this with the Oppo N1. It had a rear camera that acted as a front camera as well. Making it the first phone to emphasize the selfy.

Sony is just adding flash it seems which is only natural

We all seem to be discussing whether selfie are a passing fad or not, but nobody has mentioned how hart it will be to shoot said selfie with one hand on this massive phone. Selfies don't bother me nearly as much as oversized tablet phones that are the new norm.

I still don't get the point of "super-selfie" cams.

Most people just want a camera decent enough for selfies.

We don't need a front-facing 200MP 4-LED flash, blah blah blah. Just a camera with a good enough MP count and a decent set of optics will do the job.

I don't take many selfies, but when I visit a nice place I think it's more fun for my family to see a picture with me inside rather than always some sights without faces.

Also when I'm with my girlfriend I'd rather have a few nice photos of ourselves together.

So overall I wouldn't mind a better front facing camera and a flash, provided it doesn't aggravate the size of bezels. If kids want to take selfies good for them, I don't have to follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

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I've actually wondered why they haven't put even a simple small led flash on the front. Seemed like a no brainer.

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So what? No one is getting it in US. I gave up on Sony long time ago. What a shame for company that owns half of Hollywood, can't compete in cellphone market in US. Even shitt brands like Pantech and Alkatel has more impact to US market.
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They could have perfected it if they would have made one giant LED string around the entire edge of the phone. The light would be far more distributed and would make for some real nice ... #selfies.

This phone is officially endorsed by the NSA for their photo collection & facial recognition program.

I like finally being able to have full authoritative control over how I am photographed. I just got a new phone so I am not buying this phone. But I'm puzzled over the whole "selfies mean you're vain" theory. How is taking a "selfie" any different than taking a zillion pictures of a quilt they made, or a painting they did, the fancy gourmet dinner they just made in their own kitchen, or a flower garden they created? All are a form of showing off a part of yourself you want to present, IMO. Self-portraiture has been around since before cameras were even a thing. Now everyone can do it cheaply. Sounds good to me :) I think, that the millions of people who made "selfie" taking popular, probably are fulfilling that same long-repressed wish.