This telephone is larger than a cat

First paws-on image

We've been hearing rumors of a 6-plus-inch Sony handset for a few months now, with the codename 'Togari' being closely linked with the alleged phone. Today brings some more nuggets of pre-release info surrounding this elusive device. Sources for VR-Zone suggest that the device will come to market as the Xperia ZU -- a good enough name, considering Sony's quickly depleting the rest of the alphabet. Purported specs include a 6.44-inch Triluminous 1080p display and a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU, which could make the ZU one of the first Snapdragon 800 devices to come to market.

Meanwhile an early alleged photo of the device has emerged, showing a small kitten balancing on its 6.44-inch screen. (For scale, we imagine, though we sincerely hope that stacking animals on unannounced smartphones will become the next Internet trend.) The shot seems to originate from the SEBBS forum on Chinese site, along with claims that the device will measure in at just 6.5mm thin. That certainly fits with earlier rumors surrounding the Togari.

Finally, Sony Mobile Germany has scheduled an event for June 25, leading to speculation that the 'Togari' -- or Xperia ZU -- will become official before the end of the month. That said, Sony's got lots of stuff in the pipe, including the 'Honami,' which is rumored to pack a 20-megapixel Cyber-shot camera.

Source: VR-Zone, Esato; via: PhoneArena


Reader comments

Sony 'Xperia ZU' allegedly pictured in kitten-balancing blurry-cam shot


The 'Phone' seems to be bending under the weight of the kitten. So does Sony have a flexible screen before Samsung has it or is this just a piece of cardboard?

I could see myself getting this phone. I'm loving my Xperia Ion and have become a fan of Sony's Android phones. So, does this confirm Android 5.0 is Kitten Lime Pie?

I feel like this would be adorable if it were better lit.

I'll bet this phone will have it all--you know, the whole kitten kaboodle. However, as arjen82 said, the way it appears to be bending under the feline's weight may give potential buyers paws.

I wonder, though...if you drop this phone, will it always land legs down?

Some have complained about the limited lifespan of some phones. Will this one be advertised as having nine lives?


1. Will the cape crew-cedar fall in love with it?
2. does it shed fur when you take it out your pocket?

That's what I immediately think now when I see any interesting device.
This would be awesome with minimal bezel all around, Wacom, and NUE

True. It seems like they reached the last letter in the alphabet and now are stuck, so they make different letter combos with "Z" in them.

The shot appears to originate from the SEBBS forum on Chinese website, in conjunction with claims that the device can live in at simply half dozen.5mm thin. That definitely fits with earlier rumors close the Togari.

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