Xperia Z3

Sony took to IFAyesterday to announce the new Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact. The new smartphones have been priced in the UK at retailer Clove and while they're sat on a premium price point, the user experience is set to be butter smooth thanks to included components. The Xperia Z3 will set you back £520 and the Xperia Z3 Compact is currently offered for £432.

Both devices are expected to be in stock later this month. The Z3 (see our hands-on coverage) is available in black and copper, while the Z3 Compact offers slightly more choice with black, red and white. It's worth noting that these devices are indeed unlocked and SIM-free, meaning you won't be required to pick up a new contract when purchasing one.

Clove also expects to stock the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 too with pricing to be confirmed today. Who's looking to pick any of these devices up?


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Sony Xperia Z3 and its smaller sibling have their pricing confirmed for the UK


I'm excited that it's coming to tmobile. I just think it's stupid that certain phones a exclusive to certain companies.

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Buy it unlocked from the Sony store online. Then it isn't locked down. Unless you're on a CDMA network, then we will have to see if they release one for Sprint/Verizon. I know they have partnered with Verizon on the Z2 Tablet, and Verizon said more Sony devices were to come soon, so there may be an opportunity yet on CDMA.

BTW, it's not Sony giving exclusives, it's the U.S. carriers being unwilling to stock their phones. AT&T carried Sony phones for a while, but discontinued them, citing a lack of interest by their customers, and haven't allowed Sony back. Same with Verizon.

Cool. Let me know when I can do a payment plan on the Sony website. T-Mobile and Moto does it. That's when I'll buy it unlocked. Everyone doesn't have $700 to drop on a phone right away.

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If the Compact comes to the US for $500 this will be my bday/xmas present! 2 day battery life here I come...

That's $920 and $760 Australian.
Ahh well. I think there's going to be more affordable options.

Would have been nice.