Xperia Z2 Tablet

The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is headed to Verizon, or so says serial tipster @evleaks. We've already had word directly from Sony that its latest tablet would be headed stateside – costing from $500 outright. There isn't any other information provided like when, or how much, but presumably it'll be coated with a giant Verizon logo and support for the carriers 4G LTE network.

We'll have to stay tuned for more. Any Verizon customers got a hankering for one of these?

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Source: @evleaks


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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet reportedly headed to Verizon


$500, are they for real, you can have the LG G PAD 8.3 for half the price. No wonder Sony is bleeding money.

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After reading the most recent financial report I could find, from earlier this year, Sony is losing money. Less than the year before, but still significant

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They're mostly bleeding due to the TV business and from the sale of the PC one... Their mobile and gaming revenue is what is making them money.

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Not from the report I read. They lost 13bn yen (or whatever) down from 21bn from the prior year in the more space.

Your right though, the computer business is really killing them

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What he's trying to say is that overall, yes, they're losing money as a company but they're making a profit from their mobile and gaming divisions.

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Yup, that is exactly what I wanted to say. I think it's a great shame that they don't directly sell their phones in the US as they would get a significant part of the market easily whether It is at low end, mid range or high end... All their products in the 3 ranges are excellent.

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no they are losing money, my comment below this shows the financials.

You are right though, they need some carrier distribution here in the US or some kind of better sales channels. Globally I think they have less of the mobile space than windows phones (3%)

Sony's mobile division losses were mainly caused by 2 things, as says on the report: 1 - the PC division (which Sony will meanwhile sell to a Japanese consortium); 2 - the cost of the complete acquisition of control over Sony Mobile after the end of the partnership with Ericsson. Still, sales and operating revenue increased 102.0% year-on-year which means now that the VAIO division is out and the complete acquisition of Sony Mobile is done, Sony will be able to start taking profits out of the Mobile division.

Sony's Mobile division is doing well along with their Pictures and Financial division. Actually Sony's Mobile division is the one that's selling more from all the Sony divisions. The Gaming division should also see a reverse in the decrease of sales with the launch of the PS4.

Yeah if the company wasn't so god damn pig headed and would release the Xperia Z2 here in the US and no limited to just one damn carrier they would see a huge increase in there revenue. There are alot of people interested in that phone but it's taking them forever to launch the damn thing.

Yeah but i wouldnt compare the LG G Pad 8.3 to the Xperia Z2 Tablet spec wise they are on 2 different levels and yes i think Sony priced this a little to high but i would rather buy the Wifi model for $399 then to get the carrier branded model.

TFA says 500$ outright, meaning in full. More than likely $99 on contract, to start, $0 after a month

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I'm sure it will be closer to $300 down seeing as the Nexus 7 is $250 down, $350 outright.

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Wow I just looked it up. Even the crappy ellipsis is $50 on a contract so I am guessing your right

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I exaggerated a bit, but I wouldn't put it past the greedy cretins at bid red to actually do it. They're were some tablets that they only discounted $100 for a two year commitment

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Even though I'm not a Verizon customer and it won't do me much good, I'm hoping that this will show other carriers to carry more Sony phones and tablets. T-Mobile has been pretty good, but I'd love to see Sony's $400 phone next to the flagship.

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It's so nice to see you guys calling out the ugly Verizon logo stamped on devices. I'm not sure how anyone can look and tolerate that ugly logo. Too bad Verizon users don't have a choice other than using only devices sold by them. GSM unlocked FTW.

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Yeah another person complaining about bezels, If tablets where to follow in the footsteps of smartphones how in the hell would you being able to hold onto a tablet with no bezels?

True. Most of the apps are not optimized for tablets on Android. iPad is def better when it comes to that.

VZW Moto X

I bought an Ipad air for that reason, and it's true that the tablet ecosystem is better. But I became so frustrated with navigating the interface. Just using the YouTube app was painful, with no back button it became exhausting. Multi tasking is terrible and slow and the share options between apps was laughable. I couldn't believe how shit and antiquated the whole experience was. Needless to say I have sold it now but the Android tablet situation has meant I am tabletless

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Aaah, Apple. The only company Verizon can't rub their grubby hands all over. Wife loves them but a little dull for my taste.

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I'm actually excited for this. I picked up a G Pad prior to knowing Verizon had one in the works. I really like the G Pad and I want to replace my 4G Xoom. This Z2 might just be perfect. I just can't see buying another G Pad.

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I live in New Zealand where you can buy any phone, any tablet with no catches, no deals. You can choose any teleco you want, any service you want.
I purchased the Z2 tablet 2 days after its official release. It works well with my other Sony products and I love the openness of Android after the confines of Apple.
I'm considering the Z2 phone after the restrictive iPhone, who the hell needs a trillion ios apps.
Mmmm maybe I'll check out the new Lg or HTC or Samsung or......

Ya,that will be a great experience! I live right in the middle of Racine Wisconsin, right in the middle of 4G territory and I can't even get enough signal strength inside my house to keep a video or youtube going ,I've tried working it with a Verizon tech and he says the tower shoot up and down the lake shore so I don't trip for a signal inside my house, thanks a lot verizon,what the heck kind of coverage do you call that? THANKS ALOT VERIZON

yeah that will work out great, I live in the middle of a city right in the middle of Verizon 4G territory about a mile or two from a tower and I can't get a strong enough signal in my house to keep a video from timing out the Verizon tech says the tower shoots the signal up and down the lake shore so I'm just out of luck, thanks a lot verizon great service!