Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet bringing all that bezel to Verizon in 2014

What you see above is a render of a Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet with surprisingly restrained branding from Verizon. The LTE variant of the 10-inch tablet with its wide bezels is apparently coming to Big Red later this year, according to evleaks.

As best as we can tell, all we're looking at here is a version of the tablet with Verizon's logo slapped onto the back. It's actually a fairly restrained branding job that's been done here, especially when we know that Verizon has a propensity for putting their logo all over devices. Perhaps they looked at the Xperia Z2 Tablet and realized that this is an attractive and relatively unadorned device that maybe they shouldn't slobber the big Verizon check mark and 4G LTE AMAZEBALLS all over it.

Regardless, there you have it. The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, on Verizon this year.

Source: evleaks


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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet bringing all that bezel to Verizon in 2014


I don't see the problem with the bezel, I mean how would you hold the tablet without touching the screen if it had small bezels?

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what is the damn difference? its about the screen size
if its 10 inches with a 2 inch or 1 inch bezel how does that change that your viewing your movie on a 10 inch screen still?? Stop finding something to bitch about

I didn't realize I was bitching... I just said "I PREFER".
Geez... calm down, crazy.

For me the bezel being larger is adding unnecessary weight and overall size to the tablet that I already need to be mobile.

I could not give half a damn about the bezel argument, but I do understand to carry around less and by cutting down the bezel size you get there.

Personally I want my stuff to work, don't much care about a bit more bezel anywhere...

To bezel or not to bezel. That is the question?

On a phone I like as little as possible but in a tablet I want something to hold on to. Those on the Sony look pretty big but id have to actually hold it in person to make a judgement for sure.

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The bezel is a good thing. Holding my Z2 tablet now and didn't even notice the bezel size until this moment. The tablet is awesome!

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#2. I need that bezel not to accidently touch the screen. I have mine for 2 months now and its awesome.

Bezel is good. It helps you keep the tablet in hand. That's one of the reasons I sold my Nexus 7 2013.. it had too small bezels, was a pain in the a$$ to keep it in my hand..

yeah that'll be the day,that's all I need is a Verizon tablet that doesn't work, I live right in the middle of 4G territory in the city and the reception is so poor I can't even get a video to keep from timing out Verizon tech says that the tower on the lake shoots the single up and down the lake shore so I don't get any signal a couple miles from the tower, thanks for the great service Verizon como what a joke!
what a joke!