Leaked photos show slightly taller Xperia with familiar design

As we approach the announcement of Sony's next major Android phone — expected at Mobile World Congress in just over a week — even more details about the device are starting to leak out. Photos of the upcoming Sony D6503, codenamed "Sirius," have today appeared on Chinese site Digi-wo, where it's been compared to Sony flagships past and present.

The first shot reveals the D6503 in black and white, showing a couple of the hardware features we'd seen from earlier leaks — apparently stereo speakers at the top and bottom of thie display, a familiar button setup including a shutter key, and reduced horizontal bezels. The second image, which lines up the new phone with the Xperia Z and Z1, shows some subtle physical differences — despite the reduced bezels, the "Sirius" is a bit taller than the Xperia Z1, perhaps due to a larger display size. (A 5.2-inch panel is rumored.)

Based on these images and other leaks, it seems pretty clear Sony's next handset will retain the blocky, angular design and hefty vertical bezels of its current lineup. The source of the photos suggests an April release is on the cards for the phone, making it reasonably likely we'll get an announcement out of Sony at MWC in Barcelona later this month.

Source: Digi-wo; via: XperiaBlog



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Sony Xperia Z2 'Sirius' pictured alongside Z and Z1 in latest leak


Reduced horizontal bezels, you say? People will probably still harp on about them in reviews and comment threads alike...
...just like I am right now. Oops.

I wonder if it will come at the expense of the dust and water resistance

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

as long as they use the space inside the device (ie larger battery etc) I'm fine with them.

The sony devices are starting to look really good, if they up the ante on software updates I might consider going back to them.

LG 2x = doesnt trust LG anymore
Xperia Play = Doesn't trust Sony anymore
Nexus 4 = content...until the battery runs out at leats

Dude, if you're basing your judgment of these companies based on such extremely early generations of their phones, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Things improve over time. For instance, who do you suppose made the Nexus 4 that you're content with? LG did. LG makes some amazing products now, and they really cleaned up their game with the Nexus 4/LG Optimus G release. I'd agree with you on Sony... they have the unique features down, but the core quality of the screen, the huge bezels, the so-so camera... it's not good enough. Sony is relatively good with the software updates. LG is horrible. You can expect 1-2 updates in a 2-year period from them if you're lucky.

So, I wouldn't judge a company by their phones that came out in the dark ages. Companies survive only if they make improvements to their products.

Yes, they have 6 month release cycle, give or take. Announcing a phone and releasing a phone usually happens on different dates. The Xperia Z1 released in September 2013, so March 2014 would ideally be the release date in a 6-month cycle. The Ultra and Compact/Z1s lines are on a separate release cycle, so I'm not going to factor them in here.

I know the industry doesn't slow down for no one but Sonys moving fast I wonder if they will address the supposed "viewing angles" that reviews whine about

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I think it's time for a design change. This is getting a bit old. All these phones look exactly the same.

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So do people. We all have the same basic design we've had for thousands of years, but I'm sure you've run into some eye candy over the years, despite how old and over-done our design is.

Lol Agreed

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Z1s on the us didn't drop but maybe a month ago so now the z12 well ill wait to see what the z13 looks like cause my z1s is a bad phone

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Really? The z1s is really just the American variant of the z1. How is it a different product line? It has the same exact faults as the z1 and this phone is the z2.

Since the Z1 Compact already has an IPS screen, I think it's safe to say the Z2 will also have it.

Will we see a global release this time instead of having to import from Canada? Or waiting on the Z2s from t-mo will a bs locked boot loader

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I'm glad Sony is taking their mobile division seriously and I'm glad they are concerned about improving their phones.

But honestly, launching flagship devices every 3 months will not help them. Consumers will be confused and often frustrated that they buy a phone and 3 months later, it's been replaced.
I think Sony would do better in going the way others are going: wait one year, see everything they have to perfect from the older version and correct it in the newer.

Like this, you'll see the Z2 with most likely the exact same specs as the Z1 but with maybe 3GB of RAM and an IPS screen. Is it really worth it to launch a new phone just to increase it by 1GB of RAM and a different panel? It would be cheaper to allow consumers who want the extra GB to go to a Sony store and deliver the phone to have it upgraded with an additional GB of RAM than to produce yet another phone, thus not allowing the proper growth of each flagship device.

And I bet as soon as the Z2 is announced, we will start seeing leaks and rumours about the Z3 to be launched by the end of the Summer.

Thinking about such a fast release cycle, to buy a machine which is 2 generations before is the best method economizing money.