Sony Xperia Z2 teardown

The Sony Xperia Z2 is easily one of the more anticipated phones of the year — bezels and all — and as such it’s time to tear that sucker down. Mobile China’s done the deed, stripping the phone down from its fully assembled form to something that looks like, well, it looks like a smartphone that’s been taken apart.

Source: Mobile China (translated); via: GSM Arena


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Sony Xperia Z2 gets torn apart, insides examined


I just bought the unlocked version from Taiwan. Should be here next week! The UK store is taking pre-orders, but it seems the only place to get it right now is Asia. I suspect the US won't see a release until late May or June. It sounds like their rollout will be slower than expected due to some manufacturing hiccups.

The version you want is the D6503 model. That will work in the US and pretty much everywhere else, unless you have Verizon or Sprint. You can see the differences in frequency below. AT&T uses the 850/1900 frequencies for GSM and 3G service. It also uses (or someday will use) the 700, AWS (1700/2100 paired), 1900, and 2300. It is converting some of its 1900Mhz GSM frequencies to LTE service and it is also converting some of its 850Mhz frequencies to 3G service. 2G is being phased out.

The core frequencies you need for LTE on both frequencies is 700, 1700/2100. That will work on both AT&T and T-Mobile. Anything else, like 1900, will give you additional AT&T coverage in some markets, but that's not a primary frequency. 700Mhz is the main one.

eBay. Go to this link, I set it up to sort it for you and get rid of unnecessary stuff like cases and other accessories. There's a guy in the US selling it for $770, but his ship date went from 4/4 to 4/20 last week. I didn't buy from him because of that. Some of the ones in Asia are around $860, but they ship NOW. Just read through the description to make sure that it says in stock. I bought mine from a seller named 23port. He confirmed that he has stock, and you can get a slightly better price if you use the "make offer" option. He would only go down to $860 for me, but at the time, that was $20 off. There's another seller in Hong Kong who is selling for $820, but you'd have to check his inventory by sending him a message.

I haven't been able to find it in stock anywhere else. Good luck!

Wow, what a helpful reply! It's good to see someone take a few minutes out of their day to truly help another member and give a precise, useful answer! Good on ya, man!

No problem! I spend about 2-3 hours a day reading about consumer electronics, so it's good to be able to put that normally useless trivia to use lol.

Nice! I have the unfortunate problem of not having a lot of people I interact with who enjoy talking about phones. It's a blast when I get the chance, though!

Exactly! While it seems like there are a lot of us who are passionate about phones/the mobile industry because we are all gathered here, it's hard to actually find people offline who share the same knowledge and enthusiasm haha.

Offline people don't know what they're missing, that's all I'm sayin'! I might post a review when I get mine. It may arrive by Saturday, but it's more likely to arrive next week.

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I literally just grabbed it from DHL. I'm in the middle of a huge snowstorm (6-14 inches expected), so I'm going to head home before I dig into it. Will post more later!

Not a problem at all. There's no reason anyone else should have to go through all of the hassle I went through to put this all together! I spent a few hours on the research alone before I was ready to pull the trigger.

Wow, thanks man. This is awesome. I had already pre-ordered from one of the places that was offering it here in Aus, I got it for $895, and the ETA was set to May, then I saw your post and I was blown away that I could get it for $100 cheaper within the next 2 weeks. This saving has allowed my to purchase phone insurance which covers all damage. So thank you again, so much.