Sony Xperia Z2 box

Following a somewhat staggered rollout across some UK mobile operators, independent retailer Phones 4u has today launched Sony's early 2014 flagship, the Xperia Z2. The 5.2-inch rectangular behemoth costs around £540-550 outright. It's also available on contracts from Vodafone and EE through Phones 4u, for £37.99 per month and £49 upfront (for this weekend only), and on EE, Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone through the Carphone Warehouse, with prices for a free Z2 starting at £42 per month.

Phones 4u says the Xperia Z2 is available through its 720 brick-and-mortar stores across the UK as well as through its online presence. It's also offering 50 percent off the Sony Smartband when purchased with a Z2, along with up to £80 worth of Sony entertainment content. And you'll also get Michael Jackson's new album, XSCAPE, for free.

Meanwhile in the U.S., Sony has committed to releasing an unlocked version of the Z2 in the near future, though with the launch delayed until June in some countries, it could be a while before it arrives on American shores.

Update: Vodafone UK sends word that the Xperia Z2 is also available in its stores from today, priced £42 per month with an upfront cost of £79 — a 4G plan with 3GB of data.

Update 2: Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that the Xperia Z2 is available at a cost of £549.95 SIM-free. Additionally, Carphone Warehouse is offering customers who trade in their old phone when purchasing a Z2 £50 in addition to the trade in value of their current device.

Stay tuned in the next week for our full review of the Sony Xperia Z2.

Source: Vodafone, Phones 4u, Carphone Warehouse


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Sony Xperia Z2 arrives at UK retailers today


I hate the fact that this phone could be in the USA as well today but Sony doesn't want to deal with this huge smartphone market. It's sad in my opinion..

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Along with hating the fact that the phone isn't in the US, I hate that there are no major stores like carphone warehouse in the US that give huge deals on new phones and what not.

It's sad, but I can understand them. When I was at the T-Mobile store buying my Xperia Z1s, a couple walked in looking for new phones. The sales rep greeted them and asked, "What phone are you interested in?" Their response? "We want a Galaxy or an iPhone." and this despite the fact that the Z1s just came out and there were large banners in the store advertising it. That about sums up the US market, unfortunately. Sony is sticking to markets where they have a strong sales presence. Nothing shameful about that.

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Maybe if they released it earlier it would have gotten more attention but they always release there phones here right before the newer version is about to be released around other parts of the world.
When they released the Z on TMobile the Z1 was weeks away. When they released the Z1 on TMobile the Z2 had already leaked.

If they release it here at the same time as other parts of the world they'll be much more competitive because there product cycle will be on par, if not better, than HTC and Samsung. The Z2 next to the S5 is a win for Sony.......but not if it waits to release it here until the S6 is being talked about.
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Working in sales in the UK - albeit for a network, as opposed to CPW/P4U - I can assure you that customers ask for exactly the same thing.

I try and guide customers in the direction of HTC and Sony products, but word-of-mouth has too powerful an impact.

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But Sony has crap marketing unlike Samsung. Their phones suffer slow delays on release unlike Samsung, their updates are slow, unlike Samsung and sticking to only certain markets shows that Sony has little ambition. Also Sony doesn't have the same kinda money to spend on marketing like Samsung has.

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Sony and Samsung have the two biggest marketing budgets of all android carriers...

Sony chooses to focus on other markets where buying blocked devices is more common and is easier than working with the US carriers.

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The thought of there being another Sony flagship in 6 months turns me off. Still in the market. 1+1 top of the list but will reserve judgment until I actually hold the phone. But who knows when the 1+1 2 will be out. Hope it's a yearly cycle, not 6 months
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That would only make sense of they were holding back on hardware or features for the next phone... They are just bringing the newest technology sooner, I don't see how this is bad....

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Two of the same phone with a smudge of updates twice a year and that's not bad? It makes sense with Galaxy S and Note but not the way Sony does it. Even the yearly upgrades are minor as is.
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I always saw that as Sony playing catch up with the rest as there was always something missing or something that put them behind. But now I could see the 6 moth cycle being, Z# flagship at MWC then the Ultra and Compact version announced at IFA

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Sony is losing momentum as far as the Z2 goes. They should have waited to announce the Z2 right before release. The hype of this device is long over and people like myself have lost interest and gotten either a GS5 or M8. I have to admit the Z2 was my personal top contender but to have to wait for a summer release is too long I have gotten an M8 and no longer interested in a Z2. I can understand it won't be available to major US carriers but why isn't it available to purchase unlocked right now? There's really no excuse. You lost my business Sony better luck next time.

Unlike Samsung Sony doesn't have the luxury of releasing devices late. You can't even remotely compare the two when it comes to sales. Samsung crushes Sony right out of the gate.