Sony Xperia Z1s

This, folks, is how you launch a phone. Announced just last week at CES in Las Vegas, the Sony Xperia Z1s is now available on T-Mobile's website. It'll cost you $528 outright, or free if you're willing to pay $22 a month for two years. The Z1s isn't terribly different from its first iteration. Here's how we put it in our hands-on from the show:

The first difference between the two is the weight; the Z1s is lighter than the Z1, and it's a little more plasticky in construction compared to its sibling. The design remains largely the same, with the same power button on the side, magnetic charging dock connectors and SIM slot. Cosmetically they're virtually identical then, with only the headphone jack being noticeably different in location on the Z1s.

Be sure to check out T-Mobile's coverage maps if you're looking at making the switch.


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Sony Xperia Z1s now available from T-Mobile online


Hmm...not sure if I should get rid of my HTC One for this!?! I really like my One but I could use a better camera.

Hope we get it in white eventually.

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By the way, this phone can take full advantage of T-Mobile's upcoming 20+20 MHz LTE upgrade.

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How did they skip Qi wireless charging? The Qi site says it is included but I think it is missing from this version. I'm out as a result. What were they thinking?

My online order showed delivery on the 21st. I decided to not complete checkout since it should be available on the 20th in store. At that point I might as well actually see and hold the device before I pull the trigger.

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Your thinking of the Z1 Compact. The Z1s is a T-Mobile version of the standard 5 inch Z1.

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The device still requires tax to be paid upfront despite the 0 down payment. Do any of the writers actually have T-Mobile?

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What bands does it have? Does it have all at&t LTE Bands?

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Really like this phone. Curious if there are any improvements over the Z1 although unlikely.

Going to take at look at this once in store, don't think I'll leave my G2 for it though.

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No. He's confusing the Z1s with the Z1 compact.

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I'm getting the n5 through T-Mobile soon.

I talked to @TmobileHelp on twitter they said the n5 takes advantage of the 20x20 LTE. I was surprised

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That's nice to know.

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Wow, thanks for that tidbit. It was one of those things I meant to look into, but forgot about. My T-mobile Nexus 5 will be here Wednesday :)