Xperia Z1s

$0 down and $22 per month for the phone, or $528 outright

Right on schedule, the Sony Xperia Z1s launches today on T-Mobile in the U.S. Sony's latest handset costs $528 outright, which is split into 24 payments of $22 per month. As usual with T-Mo it's $0 down, and you pay for your service on top of the monthly device fee, so you're looking at total bills starting at $72 per month for 500MB, rising to $92 per month for unlimited data.

The Xperia Z1s is essentially an Xperia Z1 tweaked for T-Mobile, with a lighter plastic frame, some minor external differences and 32 gigabytes of storage versus the Z1's 16. It's powered by the same Snapdragon 800 processor as its international cousin, with 2 gigabytes of RAM, a 1080p "Triluminos" display and a 20.7-megapixel Exmor RS camera.

Our own Anndrew Vacca came away impressed following his time with the Z1s. From his review:

The Z1s’ design is striking and unique, and its UI is empowering without being overbearing. I love the display, despite its quirks, and the Z1s’ battery life is some of the best I’ve ever encountered. And though the camera stumbles in low light, it’s fun to use and capable of producing some really great results.

Picking up a Z1s today on T-Mo? Shout out in the comments!

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Sony Xperia Z1s now available on T-Mobile


It's actually Completely water-proof this time around, and not just water resistant like the original Z. Dump it in Water when you get it! :D

Picked one up yesterday from T-Mobile, and man, this phone is great! I upgraded from my new Nexus 5.

Everything that I worried about from switching from a stock Android device is gone. I was really worried that the Sony UI would really cause some lag here and there, but nope, this thing is extremely fluid. I haven't had time to test out the camera yet, I will do that today, but so far I am absolutely loving this phone.

Anyone know where I can get a good, but relatively cheap lanyard for it?

The biggest criticism I've seen is the viewing angles for the phone and colors not being as vivid as the Nexus 5 / GS4. Is there any truth to this claim when you compare the N5 and this side by side?

It isn't really THAT bad at all. That is something that is so blown out of proportion it's kind of crazy. I find the viewing angles perfectly acceptable, and fine really. I didn't think that it would be a problem to others. But then again, I'm not looking at the phone from the side either.

Also, the AC central mentioned that the speakers were lackluster, I Also didn't find that to be a problem either. But, coming from the N5, it's a total upgrade in that aspect.

Really, I don't understand the viewing angle issue. Why would I want to look at my phone from the side or at weird angles. Plus, I wouldn't mind someone not being able to view my phone from an angle. No need to get a privacy screen protector he he

Really, I don't understand the viewing angle issue. Why would I want to look at my phone from the side or at weird angles. Plus, I wouldn't mind someone not being able to view my phone from an angle. No need to get a privacy screen protector he he

I work for T-mo. And we had Sony on site with the phone the other day. I got to play with it. It's a nice phone. I'm gonna grab me one

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Ahhh nice man....just brought this baby home!!! Wow thought Moto X was fast this thing Flys I do see some weird color variations at different angles but overall not a big deal at all still playing with it though!!!

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$528 really isn't too bad for a non-Nexus phone of this caliber.

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I'm hoping we see more of that now that contract and phone pricing has separated. It's hard to sell a phone for $600. Hopefully we'll see more competition in pricing with the real cost of the phone being readily available now.

Every heard of reply

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Pricing is great and I would grab one if I wasn't still completely in love with my HTC One in blue. Excellent devices at excellent prices.......I really like the path smartphones are starting to take.

Only thing I dislike about the Z1s is how much of a fingerprint magnet it is.

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I got to say I did not like the HTC one at all. Just came from the Moto X and that was probably best phone Ive had....until now lol

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Different strokes for different folks. I looked at the X, tried it, didn't like it. That's what I like about Android.........choice. :-)

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I LOVE Sony mobile devices, I really do. But they Seriously need to learn to release them in a timely fashion or I will never buy them. = / Hopefully that all changes soon just like how they've finally started using IPS displays beginning w/ the Z1 Compact. You can do it Sony, you've got Style!

im glad its not as bad as everybody makes it. I'm coming from a nexus 5 and will get 2 sony z1s(wife and i). Doing the switch from sprint ;)

Got mine Monday at the T Mobile store near where I work.

Its faster than my old Z, and the feel in the hand and the feel of the buttons are much better.

The power plug cover easily twists 180 degrees to get of of the way, instead of interfering with me trying to get the plug in before it flips back like it did every time on the Z.


Checked one out in the store, it really is amazing how much lighter the phone is without the aluminum frame. Although I'd love the extra 16gb of storage, I'm kinda glad I just got the international one.

Still loving my N5 until M8(HTC one+) launches. Good luck with Sony and software upgrade, hopefully Z1s will get kit kat by 2015

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It may not be for you or me(also a launch htc One owner and lover waiting on m8), but it's still an incredible device in it's own right and just as stylish imo. Let's not try to kill others spirit and excitement for the device.

The Z1 will be getting it in the next two months, I doubt the Z1s will be far behind unless T-Mobile really dicks with things.

Then again, you're just trolling anyway.

I just picked mine up over lunch. The display is gorgeous! The viewing angles really aren't as bad as it is made out to be. You can see the display fine, but the colors just wash out a little. Really not a big deal IMO. Looking forward to playing with the camera when I get off work!

Best of all, coming from my GNex with Big Red, I'm saving over $100 per month. What a fine upgrade indeed!

My wife and I are switching and I'm getting this phone and coming from att we'll be saving 50 and getting true unlimited and free tether! We were grandfathered in but with a 5gb cap and wont let you tether unless you switch to family rape plans, I'm looking forward to it even if coverage can vary... Don't care.

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How do you get free unlimited tether? I have unlimited data with 2.5Gb tethering included, need to pay for more tethering. Do you mean after rooting?

I think they were referring to not free on Att. It was an add on to his current package.

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Yayyy! A Vzn defector! Always happy to hear about those! I left Vzn on 4/29/13.

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Getting it Friday, sucks that in order to get the bundle PS4 promotion ($100 visa card) you had to get it shipped. Switching from Moto X, like that so far the switch from other users has been positive.

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Been eyeballing this since it was announced. Part of me is afraid to switch from sprint as I want save anything in doing so. I think tmo is decent in my area. Maybe I'll go grab one to try out coverage for a few days. Sprints data is so bad and I need data mostly.

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Locked boot loader. No thank you. If I can't ROM it then it's not for me.

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Yeah, Sony will never gain any traction if theit smartphones always reach the U.S. market late.

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6 years ago, none of the carriers gave Nokia's S60 OS a fair chance either, it was a fine OS, and the N95 was ahead of it's time. But both S60, and the N95 were never given a chance in the U.S.

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Have had mine a week because I ordered online. First one had to be returned because battery was running hot and screen intermittently refused to acknowledge long presses.

Second one is fantastic....I love the display, headphones sound great after tweaking audio settings, and battery life has been wonderful , especially after I set up stamina mode.

Only gripe: it attracts dust like catnip does cats.

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I really want this phone :( but I upgrade to the note 3 when it first came out and still haven't paid the phone off yet! Is there a way I can get this phone without adding an extra 20$ a month because i already have to pay 30$ for the note 3 D: I wouldn't mind trading in the phone straight up for it!

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Just so it's clear, the $528 is with a service. It's actually $559.99 w/o and that's how much I paid plus CA's stupid 9% tax so $610+ out the door. I use my $30 5gb plan and it works great. Had to use the included SIM for the ISIS thing though.

So,T-Mobile and Sprint have the same plan price for the unlimited? $92.0 @month. That's what I pay one Sprint for my Note 3 no contract.

So,T-Mobile and Sprint have the same plan price for the unlimited? $92.0 @month. That's what I pay one Sprint for my Note 3 no contract.

Its $70 for unlimited, but to pay off the phone its $22 a month for 24 months making it $92..

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It is not $70, if you switch, you can only get unlimited which is $60+ &$20 text + $10 jump and insurance. Phone payment not included yet, then tax. It's actually around $98 per month

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Texting is not extra, it's $70 for Truly Unlimited Everything calls, Text, non-throttled Data. Not sure where you're getting your numbers from.

I was considering the Z1s as I just dropped Verizon for T-Mobile a week ago (clearly I couldn't wait) because my friend had a Z1 imported (and he loves it). I decided to go with the LG G2, and man, I couldn't be happier. The biggest issue I have with the Z1s is the size of the phone, specifically the bezels. If the body of the phone was more akin to the G2, I probably would have held out for the Z1s because I like what Sony is doing with their minimal skinning. Either way, the choice of excellent devices is far greater now than it ever has been.