Xperia Z1.

Find out how Sony's Snapdragon 800-powered beast stacks up

We're in the process of reviewing Sony's latest smartphone, the Xperia Z1, but we've had just enough time with the phone to bring you a video walkthrough of the device. With a new aluminum-framed chassis, Sony's "Triluminos" screen tech and a 20.7-megapixel camera, the Z1 certainly has the specs to impress — but hardware alone doesn't tell the full story. So check past the break to find out more about the phone in our complete video guide. You'll find that, and a hands-on photo gallery after the break.

Got questions? Hit the Xperia Z1 Q&A thread in the Android Central forums.

Thanks to Clove Technology for providing the Sony Xperia Z1 for review


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Sony Xperia Z1 video walkthrough


I can't believe Sony is STILL struggling with their screens. Couple that with the bezel and I don't see why this phone would appeal to most people. I guess you would have to really enjoy Sony's skin.

The screen is fine. I don't get why people throw such a fuss over "viewing angles." Why would you ever not look at your phone straight on? Silly.

What about the bezels? I mean, it's clearly a dealbreaker. Who would EVER buy any device with a bezel >1nm? It's soooo ugly.

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So do you think no one will buy the phone just because of the bezels? That is such a stupid assumptions. I think the girls would even want this than wanting you LoL

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I returned my Z because of the poor viewing angles. At first I didn't think it would bother me because I thought I always looked at the phone straight on but then I realize that I do not always. For example, at my desk or in bed I never look at the phone straight on and the screen always seemed washed out. And I know if you still have the phone you will be constantly adjusting it in your hand to ensure you are getting the best view. So is it silly, no I think what's silly is Sony providing these sub standard displays on a flagship phone. This is Sony for Christ sake not a no name up and coming company.

I look at my phone at an angle ALL THE TIME. It's sitting on my desk, and any time I get a notification I turn it on to look at it, and decide if I'm going to act on it or not. And if I do decide to act on it, I type out a quick message or read a message, etc. I'm not sure why this is hard for you to grasp...

I'm sure the build feels great in the hand, but the thing looks ancient from the front compared to the G2. I can't get over how little bezel there is on the G2, it's truly awesome to see and use.

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I've ordered mine from Clovetech really worried they've received a buggy batch. Two resets in 2 days is more than disconcerting.

After seeing this, i really hope that Z1 mini ain't just gonna be rumor. I love this phone but can't really accept that much bezel at bottom/top of the screen.

Ditto on the bezels. I'd like the phone phone if they had done something different. Just seems like too much wasted space.

Double ditto, I loved the water and dust rating and specs on this phone but went a LG G2 because of those bezels. Even the loss of microSD slot on the G2 wasn't enough to make me put up with them.
Also having a phone with dust and water resistance makes me think rugged or at least durable, but then a glass back? While sexy, I am sure phone repair shops are rubbing their hands together hoping it sells like hotcakes now the iPhone has gone away from glass front and back.

I love my Z, and the viewing angles don not bother me a bit.

I will be looking hard at the PS4 integration before making my next phone upgrade, but the Z1 is on my list with the NEXUS 5.

I qualify for JUMP in January, but my wife qualifies now, so ...

Good looking phone but there are so many better Android phones to be had. My choice of Android power house is the Note 3, nothing this year or probably next can touch it. It has it all. I am a internal storage nut, along with the int storage it also has sd-card support. We can just keep going but every spec on the Note 3 has been improved over it's last years brother. The Note 3 is my next Android device, it's on it's way as I type this. Thank You Samsung.
PS Not only is this a great phone but the after market accessories will be just sick and more important the dev support will be fantastic. I will probably leave this beast stock but being a long time hacker if I choose to loose some of the crap I just may flash a custom rom.

When I get the Note 3 I will put a TW ROM and make it look stock, keeping all the features/get rid of any blot i don't want. Have free unlimited tethering! Can't wait!

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I tried the Notes 3 today at Darty in Paris Montparnasse. This phone I agree has everything you can dream of, on paper, expecially 2 x key features that are missings on Xperia Z1 that are 4K 30fps Video recording and USB3 port that allows much faster USB 3 charging.... Only problem is it is still UGLY looking crappy plastic, the false leather effect being as crappy as the previous plastics, and the front despite its best in class Full HD display, looks cheap and ordinary. I just can't buy such a ridiculous phone. Do a Notes 4 with an Xperia design and I may change my mind. But this Notes3 is not for me.

Bezel, bezel, bezel, cry cry cry. Who cares? It has been blowing away the G2, Note 3, S4, and all other "comparable" phones in benchmarks. ACTUAL performance. I don't mind the bezel, I'm not a nit-picky girl about it. Give me a high-end phone. Oh darn, I can look at the phone from a 15 degree angle and see my clock... darn! Its a shame that 98% of the time I'll be looking at it basically directly straight-on to actually use the damn thing. You guys sound like you own iPhones, whiny, entitled little twats. Appreciate the phones for what they can do, and do damn good at that.