Sony Xperia Z1 Mini

Very similar design purportedly holds high-end specs and same massive camera

IFA 2013 has come and gone, and while Sony lived up to the leaks and released its latest flagship the Xperia Z1 a rumored "mini" version of the handset didn't make an appearance. While details of a smaller handset have been sparse, an image has surfaced showing off a purported "Honami Mini" — aka Xperia Z1 Mini — next to the full-sized version of the handset.

The image, which you can see above, shows that the mini version has many of the same physical features as the Xperia Z1, with a glass back, large camera lens and silver accents, in a smaller package. The similarities are more than skin deep, and this latest leak continues the assumption than an Xperia Z1 Mini will have the same Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and 20.7MP camera sensor as the original.

The differences begin with a 4.3-inch display at 720p and a drop in storage to 8GB — rather than 1080p and 16GB — on the smaller handset, which you'd expect for the smaller (and presumably slightly cheaper) version. The leaker postulates a CES 2014 release, but we're going to wait until there's a bit more information on this one before we can speculate on that.

Source: Digi-Wo (Chinese); Via: XperiaBlog


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Sony Xperia Z1 Mini leaks in image next to its larger sibling


Brilliant i hope we see this smaller version soon, the Z1 is far too big. Sony did ask me which product i liked from their new launch and i said their headphones and tv. The Z1 is too big, im hearing this from existing Z users.

Can it be? A device with high-end specs and a display UNDER 5"?
The only drawback I see here is the storage... Sure, SD card expandability is a plus, but 8GB... Dangit.

Seriously, more and more I am not getting the big phone complaint.

No, I am sorry, smaller phones will not have the highest of the high end specs for a myriad of reasons (probably mainly having to do with sales potential and engineering)but with the One Mini and the S4 Mini I think people that want a smaller phone have some pretty nice options.

You are wrong my friend the zr had the same specs as the z except the screen was 720p and internal memory was 8gigs that was the only difference so sony has always been making mini phones with great specs just not many ppl pay attention to them.

Engineering? Nope. See this one or the Droid Mini. You do not need large phones to have high end specs.

Sales potential? Nope. The S4 Mini outsells in my local Amazon the cheaper S3, despite being worse *everywhere* but the Ram. And, of course, the size (at least if you value smaller as better) and weight.

The One Mini and S4 Mini being good options? Nope. You might as well argue that we do not need the (non-mini) S4 and One because the S3 and 2012 One are "good options". If you want a high-end phone a phone with last years technology is not a good option.

I have my doubts about phones which can really last years technology nowadays.
It seems to me, most phones are outdated quickly.
I would not chase the latest possible performance, but the phone which have what you need.
Dimensions are important, you use your phone so often, that if you can not feel comfortable with it, it makes no sense to me that you can be proud how powerful it is :)

Forget it, with all the great phones coming out to date who is going to buy a new phone with a pathetic 8gb of internal memory? No one. They wasted Their time and money. Stupid, stupid and stupid.

While it's hard for me to disagree with a fellow Pats fan, I disagree. If I can get this thing for 99 bucks I'm on it. It has micro SD.

Yeah but does Sony have an implementation of apps2sd like Samsung? If not the SDcard functionality is seriously cut down. No Samsung's implementation is not perfect but its there.

On a better note, storage aside, it is nice to see those kinds of spec on a Mini. The ones from last year were way underpowered compared to the siblings. HTC changed the game there.

Another bummer is for those that want it, you will not see it until February or March

"Another bummer is for those that want it, you will not see it until February or March"

Thats what will stop me from buying this one. It will be in the end just the same thing as with the other Minis really, a smaller phone with last years technology. WHen the Z Mini comes out the original Z will be out since around one year.

This is speculation, not official. I honestly would wish my Nexus is only 8gb with micro SD slot.

And I do like reasonable sized phone with good specs, they seem like a niche now.

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The weird shadowing on the Xperia's (the purple ones) kind of makes me think this is a fake.

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why should we listen to someone that still uses a thunderbolt????

I kid, I kid :P I used to own one, thats why i kid

Really ? Your think the z1 isn't coming to the us?

So wrong you are

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You're so childishly argumentative, it's hard to take you seriously sometimes.

If he's "so wrong" then maybe try backing that statement up with some facts of your own as to why he's so wrong. Oh wait, you can't? ..... hmmmm

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I can back it just as much as the statement that it isn't coming to the US. One thing I do have is that there is now a growing market for the smaller phone market and I am sure Sony doesn't want to miss out. Then again, they have screwed up the US market so much maybe they don't care all that much

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Oh and as they said at the show. It is a worldwide release. The US is a major market that I am sure they will not miss and would be included in a worldwide release.

That is about as solid as you can get without an announcement.

Sound to me that your comment was just a bit argumentative

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I agree with you, and already assume that it's going to have a US release. That doesn't negate the fact that when you say something like "so wrong you are" and leave it at that, you come across as an argumentative child with nothing to back up your statement. I wasn't saying you were wrong. The dude you commented on initially is clearly wrong. Just merely pointing out how you come across sometimes with your comments.

There have been comments that I've made in the past the you commented on in a very childish way, also sometimes making it quite clear to me that you didn't fully understand my comment before you reacted to it, and it gets old after a while. That is all.

I wish it would come out this year. Just switched my wife to T-Mobile and am trying to decide if to lte s3 or xperia z. The z1 mini would be even better. Maybe the s4 will start going down in price soon.

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Sony is increasingly on my radar. If the new Nexus is a dud.. I may be looking at Sony for my next handset....

Sure I don't get the latest version of Android when it drops, but Sony has an almost stock experience and they have been pretty good with updating lately. Plus the camera is great. Plus they seem to have a pretty good relationship with T-Mobile.

My only gripe so far has been the screen quality on their devices. But they are making all the right moves so far...

not a leak. more like a timed release to coincide with a certain other 4.2-4.3 inch phone's release..

Ya the iphone 5s is here but dont forget about the sony z1 mini!

@Andrew Martoni

Thanks for the post.

Sony Xperia Z1 Mini is a real mini version than HTC mini or Samsung S4 mini. Because of the specification.

Thanks in advance

I'll probably still be going with the Z1, but only because it's coming out sooner. The only thing that would concern me about a mini-Z1 is battery life: the battery is going to take a large hit if all the other components - especially the camera sensor - remain the same. I'd gladly sacrifice the camera if it meant I could get a 4-4.5inch screen with a snapdragon 800 and awesome battery life.

Bring it on! More choices among "small" screen devices with high end internals are needed. Not everyone wants or needs a screen that's 4.7"+ while still wanting the horsepower found in the flagships.

I would love to get the Sony device on Verizon.
Not going to happen.
Looks like the LG G2 later this week for me.

8GB is too little. I thought Sony was gonna get it right for once with this mini stuff.
I know what they're all thinking.. "Let's make a mini version that parents can buy for their kids." WRONG

Mini versions should be about fitting better in your pocket and using it with one hand comfortably. Give it the same price if you will. Just make 'em right.

Love the idea, Hate the 8gb. Come on Sony you can make this a great device.

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Finally. A proper mini version of a flagship. Just hope the price will be much lower like the gs4 mini compared to the gs4. But I'm glad to see this device entering the market, wish it had a 4" display though, it's much more comfortable in the hand and easier to use as you are not constantly switching your hand position.

Up the storage and the Honami Mini becomes the perfect phone, unlike all these giant monstrosities manufacturers continue to shove down our throats.