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Performance tweaks and camera improvements for Z Ultra among changes in latest Sony firmware

Sony had previously promised that the Android 4.3 rollout for certain Xperia phones would begin this month, and now the first two devices on the list are being updated. Android 4.3 for the Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra has started rolling out today, bringing an update from 4.2.2 and some Sony software improvements.

Among the changes are enhanced performance and updates to Sony's suite of built-in apps, such as Messaging, My Xperia, Smart Connect, Small apps, Track ID, Sony Select and the media apps, including Walkman, Album and Movies. As of this release the Xperia Z Ultra also gets access to Sony's "Smart Social Camera" feature from the Z1, which lets the rear camera use Sony's downloadable camera apps. The new firmware also supports downloadable themes through the Xperia Themes system, a feature Sony says it'll expand upon in the future.

Update: Xperiablog also reports that the Z1 camera issues for bootloader-unlocked phones has also been fixed.

The update should be available now for some Z1 and Z Ultra devices, though Sony points out that as with all updates it'll take time to roll out to all regions and carriers. (We're not yet seeing anything on our unlocked UK Z1, for what it's worth.) If you're updating your Xperia Z1 or Z Ultra today, hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

Source: Sony Mobile blog

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Mpearce25 says:

Anyone know if this will include the xperia tablet z update to 4.3

Posted via LG G2

Installing the update now on my z1 (India)

Hey did u get ota update or you are updating it from pc

we are getting it only through pc companion and ota update centre doesnt show any notification !!

Saran Raj1 says:

Hi any changes or improvement noticed on camera grains issue???

yankeesusa says:

This is great for those that have the phone. I got my 4.3 update on my tmobile xperia z couple weeks ago. I would have probably kept it if it was the 4.4 update but I am going back to my Note 2 that is rooted and has a kitkat rom on it. I wish the z1 was in the states already.

Amir47 says:


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jessie1775 says:

How did you get 4.3 on the Z? My bro has it on tmobile and its still at 4.1

Ecoteric says:

I have the Z Ultra in the States right now on AT&T LTE and it's tremendous

macgam says:

How did u get. 4.3. I still don't have it and have tried both PC companion and ota and nothing I check every day

Man I love Sony's design but still like my Nexus 5

nbell978 says:

Updating now on my unlocked US Z1. No update when I checked on the phone, but connected to PC companion and it popped right up.

mathiasjk says:

PC companion? What is this 2010?

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At least Sony gives you a choice.

crispybbq says:

This is true, but I couldn't get it OTA. It makes sense in a way, assuming OTA updates actually happen later down the track, somewhat like Google's updates being "WiFi only until ". I think they do, because my Xperia T got Jelly Bean OTA (I was late to the party)

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I still haven't hot my 4.3 update for gs3 in the UK yet wtf

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jessie1775 says:

This is a Z1 update.

toonhead85 says:

updating now!! WOOT WOOT (ZU)

TonyHove says:

Update coming through on my Z1 in South Africa. Good stuff :)

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I am not seeing it via OTA. On wich network are you?

Amir47 says:

They should have skipped 4.3 and go straight to 4.4

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Guys on my z1 update stops in between giving error code 10.(in India ).any one having the same problem do reply me soon.

Posted via Xperia Z1 smart phone.


if you update via pc:


That should solve the error

Project Butter makes this already buttery smooth device even butterier yet.

Dare I say smoother than my N5 on 4.4.2.



Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I hear that a lot from the Nexus people.

The N5 is a great phone, don't get me wrong, but it is also still a $350 phone.

NoNexus says:

Damn, don't say that in the forums. You will get banned, beaten up, burned at the stake and throw to the darkest depths of mordor

In no particular order

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Pretty much.

People don't realize the Nexus devices aren't built to be speed demons. They're rarely optimized as well as a non-nexus device.

Why? They're just there to demonstrate the new OS.

That's why you see people loading the dalvik lib from the Moto X onto the Nexus 5.

Moto optimized and tuned that thing.

Nexus devices are awesome for the money, and people should remember that fact. They're not the end all device for everyone, nor are they ever perfect.

jessie1775 says:

lol you are spot on.

raziel says:

Photo taken with Xperia Z1 with the new update:
Photo taken with Nexus 5 4.4.2:

You be the judge!

Amir47 says:

one looks real one looks fake.
The nexus one looks fake

Any news about the other xperia devices?

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crispybbq says:

Sony's blog post says they'll announce the rest (T, TX, V, Z and Tablet Z(?), and whichever else) as they come soon.

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crispybbq says:

The best part about this entire update is the custom (?) xxhdpi "close keyboard" nav button. Before, they used the stock xhdpi one.

crispybbq says:

Can't edit comments from the app. Darn. It also seems that the Small Apps panel is one sliding row, rather than being paginated.

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jessie1775 says:

I just updated via Sony PC companion. I'm in Texas.

After waiting a week for the over the air update to become avavailable on my Z Ultra, I decided to look for another way to update. I thought that maybe by using the Sony PC Companion program I could update early, and it worked perfectly. If you're still waiting on an update due to carrier and location, try downloading the Sony PC Companion!

Gwinyai Mash says:

How do I disable the "update via WiFi only" on my Xperia Z1 phone? I don't have a WiFi connection and would like to update using mobile data. I keep getting the messages "Pending network" or "Download is only available via WiFi"

stanstefano says:

I got a new Xperia Z1 in Germany two weeks ago. Even though Sony rolled-out 4.3 and it says on their website that it is available I still can't get the 4.3 update. Even with PC Companion it updates to 4.2.2. My roommate has the same phone and already running 4.3 - mine is still stuck at 4.2.2. HELP!