Sony Xperia Z Ultra

A quick heads up for those in the UK that retailer Expansys expects to have the Sony Xperia Z Ultra in stock starting Sept. 13. Priced at £639.99, the Ultra, of course, is the monstrous 6.44-inch more-than-a-phone-but-not-quite-a-tablet device we took a look at a couple weeks ago. Here's how Alex Dobie put it at the time:

Our brief time with the device has left us impressed. This isn't a mainstream phone, but just like the Galaxy Note line it's not really trying to be. Sony's aiming for a heavy hitter with the Xperia Z Ultra, a device targeted at the growing audience of buyers who want a sizeable mobile device — something larger than a phone yet smaller than a tablet. And for the moment, Sony's 6.44-incher is the best big phone we've seen.

Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean running on a Snapdragon 800? Yep, it's a beast. 

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TheDu9du says:

Am I wrong or could this be the first phone with the 800 chip available for purchase?

Well its not available yet, by the time its out there will be other devices with that chip available as well.

Ron Patel says:

Technically the Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced is the first Snapdragon 800 handset

frettfreak says:

Where can i pick that up?

Ron Patel says:

In Asia at present although some are now on ebay

dharmik28 says:

Pretty expensive

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gregmcph says:

I doubt I will buy one, but I am keen just to pick one up and see what it feels like.

Gekko says:

not a fan of that square top and bottom. Sony products used to have beautiful designs years ago. now they're just awful.

Definitely would like to see this on all carriers. But guess that won't happen. That's to bad.

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lightyear420 says:

£640 = $975!!!

Hey Sony...F**K YOU!!!


Yeah, and no camera flash is killing me. That's the one reason I can't/won't purchase this.

frettfreak says:

Not to mention ITS UGLY AS HELL! But yeah, thats why i stopped buying sony MANY years ago. They think they can charge more because it says Sony.

yankeesusa says:

At that price I'll stick with the note 3 or even note 2. Plus the note 2 I think is the biggest I will go for a phone I use on regular basis. Maybe as a dedicated work phone it would be good.

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Agreed. Prices, for the Galaxy Note 2, have been falling like crazy. I can find one, on Craigslist, for $400, sometimes cheaper.

NoNexus says:

Saw one yesterday for 350$, seriously thought of getting it to see if I can deal with the size. I am sitting on an upgrade and nothing really has caught my eye yet this year so I am hoping the 2nd half of the year has something. My hesitation on the note series has always been size


It's a BIG phone, to state the obvious, lol. I played around with one, at the T-Mobile store. I'm a fan of bigger phones, but I can honestly say, that it would take some time to adjust to.

If I were you, I would try to sit on that upgrade, until the holiday season.

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Im going to get one anyway. My contract is due for renewal in September any my carrier "3 UK" have already said they will carry it. Its been speculated it will be £49 upfront with a 2 year contract.

It's 499 pounds + shipping @ for US buyers...which is still pretty expensive...
I checked with my near by Sony store in US and rep said- 3rd or 4th week of august the Z ultra will be available UNLOCKED for purchase...

RaiderWill says:

At $975.00 not including VAT.. This will NOT be coming to my doorstep anytime soon.
Why not just get the Nexus 7-v2 fully loaded with Data for about $299.00? especially if it's packing the Snapdragon 600 & 1080P Res.. you can still make phone calls and the screen size is only 1/2 inch bigger.. And save $600.00 bucks.

lightyear420 says:

I just don't understand what makes Sony think this price is actually justifiable....even PlayStation 4 will be about half that price!! Why anyone should ever pay that much for a phablet is just beyond me!!

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