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It's been a while since we've had reliable leaked details about Sony's upcoming 2013 torch-bearer, codenamed "Yuga". The device had been rumored to sport a 5-inch 1080p display of the kind set to become increasingly common at the high end in the next twelve months. Back in November, the first set of leaked photos showed an unassuming slab-shaped design with Sony branding.

Today a couple of fresh images have emerged, showing what seems to be the exact same device. There's the same unique earpiece design, and the same back cover which, like LG 's Optimus G and Nexus 4, seems to be coated in glass. The source of the leaked shots, Russian site Mobile-Review, says the device will be powered by "the latest chipset from Qualcomm." presumably a Snapdragon S4 Pro. The site dismisses other recent rumors of a Samsung Exynos-powered Sony flagship.

The back design happens to match up closely with an FCC filing for the Japanese variant of this phone, which carries the model number SO-02E. That listing suggested the device would pack a 2330mAh battery.

For the past several years, Sony Mobile has used CES as a launch platform for its new high-end stuff. So, with the pace of leaks increasing, and FCC filings starting to appear, we think it's likely the "Yuga" could be revealed in just a few weeks in Las Vegas. Whatever Sony shows at its CES press conference, we'll be there to cover it live.

Source: Mobile-Review (Russian)


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Sony Xperia 'Yuga' prototype revealed in leaked images


It doesn't stray much at all from other high end black slabs... Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Its also nice to see that Sony is finally stepping up with some top-notch specs, while they're still actually top-notch

This phone needs to come out now or in a month. Otherwise the Samsung Galaxy S4 or who knows what will be out. But since we're talking Sony I expect this phone mid 2013 by which time it will be way too late.

The Moto HD Maxx has 3300 mamp - imho it is the Thinkpad of smartphones right now (not much to look at but, big power and stable performance.

I would love to see that type of power, and a sick (to be released processor) on a Sony phone.

I still laugh that my Vaio Z (only 18 months old) doesn't have usb 3.0. Classic Sony and shame on me for not verifying.

I've never owned a sony phone, but the design of this looks good, and the specs sound nice as well. I'm just not sure I trust sony when it comes to OS updates, espescially after reading the article on here about some of the phones they released this year not getting any more OS updates.