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Sony Mobile sends word that a new software update is now pushing out for its leading European and Asian handsets, the Xperia T and Xperia TX. Very similar in design and specs, we recently reviewed the Xperia T, while we met the Xperia TX briefly at IFA in Berlin, Germany a couple of months back.

The biggest feature added in the new software update is Miracast sharing over Wifi -- a feature you might remember from the Nexus 4 and Android 4.2. This allows the phone to wirelessly mirror its screen onto a Miracast-compatible display over a Wifi network. However, as we've discovered during our tests with the Nexus 4, your network infrastructure, as well as your TV or monitor, will need to be Miracast-friendly.

The latest update also includes an optional extended standby function, which can disable data connections after a set period of time, while keeping text and call features working. Sony claims this can increase standby time by as much as four times, which could greatly increase battery life for those who switch it on. The Xperia T's mediocre battery life, you may remember, was something we highlighted in our review of the phone.

Other changes include some Sony app improvements, such as interface changes in the Movies and Walkman music apps. Check the source link below for the full list of differences.

Sony says the update will begin rolling out globally starting this week, so if you've already received it on your Xperia T or Xperia TX, be sure to shout out in the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

Source: Sony Mobile


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Sony Xperia T/TX update adds Miracast streaming and more


Please correct your post.

First of all, Miracast works on top of the 'Wi-Fi Direct' technology which means it doesn't need a regular wi-fi 'infrastructure' network. As long as both sender and receiver is Wi-Fi enabled, Miracast functionality is theoretically possible.

Secondly, if Xperia T is Miracast enabled, then it means the miracast functionality will work on all miracast certified displays- currently all sony wi-fi built in TVs are miracast compactible. Sony wi fi dongle UWA-BR100 is already miracast certified. I guess with Xperia T we can start using miracast functionality on most Sony TVs and several other TV's when their manufacturers get them miracast certified (expected by Q1 2013).

Good to see Sony adopting Miracast standard for it's phones. Hopefully future TV's & the PS4 will also have it :)