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The Xperia P and Xperia S have been available for some time in Europe, and today both phones make their debut in the United States. If you want either phone, you'll have to stump up the full SIM-free price, as neither is available subsidized on-contract. The Xperia P selling for $479.99 in black, silver and red at the Sony online store, while Newegg offers it for a slightly more reasonable $388.99. The Xperia S (in black and white) can only be found on Newegg at this stage, and comes with a similarly eye-watering price of $469.99. Meanwhile, the Xperia Sola, which has yet to launch in Europe, is available for $299.99.

We'll be honest here -- we don't think either phone is going to be a smash hit at its current price points, especially in a marketplace where Sony isn't well established as a smartphone manufacturer, and where consumers are used to subsidized phones at the $100-200 level. It also doesn't help that Sony's charging top dollar for what amounts to last-generation tech -- the Xperia S and Xperia P feature fairly low-powered dual-core CPUs and run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. In addition, you'll only be able to use them on AT&T's 3G and HSPA+ network in the U.S., due to radio limitations.

In any case, if you absolutely must have a Sony smartphone, and the Xperia Ion doesn't float your boat, you can now pay an inordinate amount of cash to own one of your very own. Just make sure you check out our reviews of the Xperia S and Xperia P before you part with your cash.

Source: Sony Store, Newegg; via: XperiaBlog


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Sony Xperia S, P and Sola arrive SIM-free in the U.S.


Well even if it would have been 4G, odds are it wouldn't have worked. You guys in the U.S run your networks on other frequencies, so the iPad(3)didn't work with 4G here in Sweden and in Australia they are facing the courts for the same reason. Now sell it as "high speed internet" or something, since they can't say it has 4G. At least not the kind that works "down under".

That's the problems you get when standards aren't that standard after all ;-)

Few points to be made about this article.I have the phone and it is available in Canada through the Sony stores but tied to Rogers wireless. It can be had through upgrade or full price. The article seems to make it sound like this phone is only available in Europe but its readily available here and in Asia as well.Low powered seems a bit of an exaggeration as it is a 1.5 dual core from last year, hardly a slouch.Also stating it is running 2.3 Gingerbread is wrong as the upgrade to Ice Cream has already taken place. Will it be able to compete, just coming into the US market now? Probably not, but I don't regret the purchase. It fly's through everything I throw at it, screen and camera are amazing. To each his own. It's a hell of a lot better than the Iphone 4S I use for work in every way. The only thing I do on the Iphone now is answer calls and I wish I could can that part too as the call quality on my Sony is so much better.

The dude probably works for Sony that's why, his speech is very biased. Either that or he's at a honeymoon period with his phone.