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As part of its new "Made of Imagination" ad campaign, Sony asks kids to imagine how its new Xperia NXT smartphones work, and brings the results to life with acclaimed director Wes Anderson. The first ad, imagined by 8-year-old Jack Ryan, shows us how tiny robots, not chips and circuitry, power the recently-launched Sony Xperia S. They drive around in tiny cars, and can fly through the air to send movies, music and pictures to other devices. Makes more sense to us than any of this nonsense about electrons and radio waves.

Sony's latest series of commercials is a far cry from the creepy Xperia Play ads it produced last year, in which one hapless tourist lost his thumbs to a giant Bugdroid. The new ads form part of a global marketing campaign, which aims to establish the Sony brand in the world of smartphones following last year's Sony Ericsson buy-out.

We've got more tiny robots in the first of Sony's "Made of Imagination" ads after the break. There's also a look behind the scenes in a second video, which shows how these commercials were produced.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

YouTube link for mobile viewing
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socialmuse says:

I seriously love children

icu says:

Oh come now, when are we going to see some professionalism! That title is completely misleading and unprofessional! I really expected more professionalism from the greatest Android professional site in the world. For shame! ... professional shame.

Alex Dobie says:

no u

icu says:

Was making a (n apparently horrible) call-back joke re:

Sorry, I expect everyone reads every AC article. I guess I could/should have added a ";)".

Mac58 says:

Ad is great! Now if only Sony would grow some balls and release a phone made from my imagination :)

n0obpr0 says:

Too much whining going on lately. This is fun.

Neat commercial... will be better when they pare it down to the 30 second version.

msgnyc says:

bet none of those kids got a cent....

j/ks aside, cute commercial.