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Sony's update bonanza continues, as the Xperia Ion gets its Jelly Bean update

AT&T and Sony have released Android 4.1.2 for the Xperia Ion today, but so far we've heard no users getting it the normal way. Instead of pushing out the update over the airwaves, it looks like users will need to use the Sony PC Companion (the the Mac equivalent Sony Bridge for Mac) to update their handsets, at least for the time being.

The download and installation will bring the Ion to Android 4.1.2, build version 6.2.B.0.211. While there is no official changelog just yet, the expected things like Google Now and Project Butter should be on-board and available. 

There's no word that this will remain and update-by-wire situation, and it's possible that this limited test precludes a normal OTA push. Either way, if you've been waiting since you heard Jelly Bean was coming, taking a few minutes to use Sony's software won't be too much of a burden. 

Anyone try Jelly Bean on their Ion yet? Sound out in the comments and let us know what you think.

Source: Xperia Blog

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Lord Vesra says:

Been waiting very impatiently for this. Welcome news, hope this fixes the issues i have been having with my Ion. Second one from ATT, same issues the first had that all started shortly after the last update. I know someone who is eating his words with a side of crow.

::edit:: nothing here as everyone else is saying. Looking around the web i see the other international versions are releasing today and yesterday. Looks like i got happy to soon. Are you guys sure the ATT version is out?

I don't think the AT&T model update will be released with the unlocked international models. The carrier models are always held back because of the carrier. I read a rumor, and this is just a rumor, that AT&T weren't gonna release the update. But take that with a big grain of salt.

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buckwild says:

Nothing here yet??

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ProAm500 says:

I got nothing

Starchild72 says:

Not getting anything here either

nickmiller71 says:

Well that's good to hear that it's getting an update. Maybe it'll improve performance. In my opinion, that was one of the worst phones released last year on AT&T.


When the jelly bean update will come in the Philippines? I've tried several times this day but update is not accessible and not yet available here.

its not showing any update by pc companion in india...... once showed an update but after udating it is still 4.0.4 ..... f#$ked up

ya it was a stupid firmware update..i lost my root because of it and now its not rooting back :/

i check the pc companion and the update center there's nothing on it do you guys think they releasse it on at&T version i have a unlocked at&t ion version.

Lois Bernard says:

ATT ION NO UPDATE as of today using pc companion

Timothy Wai says:

I didn't get the update. I conncect it to pc companion nothing happend

Jeff C1 says:

Nothing yet.

Abdul Baseer says:

To upgrade xperia ion manually if the update is not showing in PC companion

use the below link

Mohd Zamri says:

My xperia ion at&t is not update to jelly bean in imei number 352268052661714

Mohd Zamri1 says:

Recently the build number 6.1.C.1.111 appear my ion at&t.update with pc companian is ice cream sandwich.when to jelly bean??

gharleyjr says:

2 weeks now -- nothing. I call BS on this! I switched back to my old iPhone 4 so I can use Google Now. Three times burned with updates to #$%@!ng Android phones (Motorola), two times burned with upgrades Windows phones (Samsung & LG).

Anyone else LT28 locked at&t Ion in US get the update?? I'm becoming impatient!

I have the AT&T Ion as well, and still nothing. I'm in California. I contacted Sony Customer Support and had a live chat with a representative. According to him, all Ions are getting the JB 4.1.2 update, but he didn't give me a release date for the AT&T version. Usually it's 3-6 weeks after the international update is released. It's been three weeks, so I think it'll happen anytime soon. So hang in there brotha!

Once the Sony i1 Honami is released, I'm totally getting the unblocked version!! :D

Ramakumar says:

HI anyone pls help me, I updated my ion to jb. It's good but I have a problem after this update whatever application I download from Google play is saying in valid file and my mobile stuck..,, and off or restart what can I do for this, same thing happens when I log in to Google messenger also

Marianna Em says:

Hi Ramakumar,

where did you get that update from?

Ive been trying for past several days, but there is absolutely nothing available and the PC companion says, that all apps/software are up-to-date, even though Im still on 4.0.4...

Many thanks...

Jzenasasi says:

mine sent me the update availability directly to my phone bout 2 months ago, and updated through my PC. too a good 2o min. it works well, taking time to adjust, also is sucks down the battery juice... i'm looking into energy saving...

seems dandy!

I'm still waiting for the upgrade.

I was hoping I would get surprised today like I did last year getting an update on my birthday but nothing .... Thanks att